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  1. Trying to determine if I want to ceramic coat that car or just do a full prep and top with Patriot? The reason I ask is that the car doesn't see any adverse elements. If rain comes, in the trailer it goes. I have been reading up on Adams ceramic coating and if I understand correctly, detail spray will cause it to break down over time. This car will be completely wiped down between each and every round. Any suggestions?
  2. Try ALLGARAGEFLOORS.COM A ton of usefull information on there.
  3. 19.5 Dually

    NFL Draft.

    Excited! I'm getting to the airport early just so I can watch as much as possible......and I'm a Lions fan!
  4. I believe season three currently has 1400 different plots with no conclusion in sight.
  5. Someone had asked for a couple of pictures of the GTO. I have also included a picture of my Dually. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome
  6. 19.5 would be the wheel size. However, the truck did go 14.88 in the 1/4 The GTO in my avatar has gone 8.90's @ 151 All Motor on a true 10" tire. I will post pics of both soon.
  7. Been lurking for awhile now. Great site with awesome tips. Got my original Adams detail kit a long, long time ago. Bucket is so old that it has black trim instead of the red.
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