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  1. Trying to determine if I want to ceramic coat that car or just do a full prep and top with Patriot? The reason I ask is that the car doesn't see any adverse elements. If rain comes, in the trailer it goes. I have been reading up on Adams ceramic coating and if I understand correctly, detail spray will cause it to break down over time. This car will be completely wiped down between each and every round. Any suggestions?
  2. 19.5 Dually

    Wanting to epoxy my garage floor - Help

    Try ALLGARAGEFLOORS.COM A ton of usefull information on there.
  3. 19.5 Dually

    NFL Draft.

    Excited! I'm getting to the airport early just so I can watch as much as possible......and I'm a Lions fan!
  4. 19.5 Dually

    Sons of Anarchy

    I believe season three currently has 1400 different plots with no conclusion in sight.
  5. 19.5 Dually

    First Real Detail Job Complete

    Very nice. Truck looks great.
  6. 19.5 Dually

    New Member from Vancouver, WA

    Someone had asked for a couple of pictures of the GTO. I have also included a picture of my Dually. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome
  7. 19.5 Dually

    New Member from Vancouver, WA

    19.5 would be the wheel size. However, the truck did go 14.88 in the 1/4 The GTO in my avatar has gone 8.90's @ 151 All Motor on a true 10" tire. I will post pics of both soon.
  8. Been lurking for awhile now. Great site with awesome tips. Got my original Adams detail kit a long, long time ago. Bucket is so old that it has black trim instead of the red.