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  1. galaxy

    Defective paint

    Not much to think about. Looks like s***. From the photo, not much can be done in the way of detailing/polishing. Take it back. Make them do it and do it until it meets your standards. But that's gotta be redone, again.
  2. Come on dude, it’s not even October yet, hahahahaha!!
  3. galaxy

    Lifted truck undercarriage

    Not for me, but that thing is sweet. Great detail. Bravo. I have a lifted truck, but nothing that fancy underneath. Best thing you can do is just treat all your powdercoated part so underneath like you would any other painted surface. A lot of work, if you already knew that. Not much else to it.
  4. Thanks guys, but don't think I have anything to trade at the moment. I was mainly curious if others had experienced the same satisfaction with this particular flavor as I have...or am I on crack?
  5. galaxy

    Inside of Windshield

    How often are you guys reapplying? Anyone doing the exterior glass as well?
  6. I...NEED...A...GALLON...of this stuff! I saw an add or a post or something when it first came out stating something about it being a different formula or something to that effect. Of all my DS collection flavors, this is hands down my favorite, and it absolutely is different. I don't know how to quantify it other than it just feels "lighter" or something. Just easy to use. One wipe/pass and it blends away, no buffing or dry pass or anything. My results have been that it is a different formula and I'm gonna need some more of this stuff! You guys notice the same thing with this one?? In similar fashion (and not to change the topic), but my chocolate mint has always been the worst. Love the smell, but you gotta watch its tracks when using and make an additional pass as necessary to leave it streak free. Point being there truly is something different amongst them.
  7. galaxy

    Suede seats

    I have what I like to call Upholstery Cleaner (and Leather cleaner) Lite! I have an extra bottle I dilute 3:1 for maintenance, non-cleaning events. On my alcantara, I take my Lite spray and spray a few squirts directly on a cockpit brush just to make it damp and then give it a light scrub. Not only does this maintain the cleanliness, but the brush will keep your material from getting matted down and help keep it revivied.
  8. So a bit of a fun thread of sorts...have you guys found a product that you like to use, or have had great results with while using for something other than what it's primarily intended?? I know several products can be a cross-over product of sorts on any day, but...I'll go first... I have found that I enjoy and get better results using straight up Waterless Wash for outside glass than I do glass cleaner! I've almost eliminated glass cleaner from my arsenal. I don't use it on the outside cause I like the WW better, and I don't use it on the inside cause there's no need with the BG on there; a clean dry MF handles every inside duty just fine. Your turn...
  9. galaxy

    Thoughts on ceramic coatings.

    Setting durability aside, how do you rack and stack Adam’s coating (with and/or without Boost) against other ps in other qualities; shine, depth, appearance qualities, etc?
  10. galaxy

    Ceramic Coating

    Is there a question forthcoming? It’s not the coating, it’s the boost and it’s most likely your technique. Are using Boost 1.0 or 2.0? 1.0 is infamous for streaking if not used properly.
  11. So I’ve been to two or three Line-X shops to get estimates and interviews to do the bedliner in my truck. But after visiting these shops, I’m seriously having second thoughts about doing it at all. Every shop I’ve seen, they have these giant quilt type blankets that they use to cover/protect the entire vehicle from overspray. These big *** blankets get drug off an on from vehicle to vehicle day in and day out. When not in use, there’s a huge pile of them laying in a corner somewhere. When the next vehicle pulls in, they grab one out of the pile and throw it across your ****. So how do we do this? How do you approach the shop guys and not use those dirty *** blankets. What are some other options for overspray protection. There’s no way that’s not gonna scratch the surface. Sorry...just can’t do it.
  12. galaxy

    EDC Wallet

    ‘17 350.
  13. galaxy

    EDC Wallet

    Scudo. Just google MGW wallets.