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  1. Another way awesome under hood trick is to use interior detailer. Got that off the forum here too. It’s my new favorite.
  2. I’d trade you 6-8 gray edgeless towels. Probably a $30+ value.
  3. Yea dude, this **** rocks. I love this stuff. Easy to use, and can’t believe the “pop” of this product.
  4. This is what I used to do eight wheels and one medium sized sports car (late model Mustang). I was not conservator either...I was getting it on pretty heavy.
  5. I would agree, feel is subjective, but... heres a single beside a well used double (meaning the double is probably even lost some of its loftiness). I have no idea how you would be hard pressed to identify the difference between these two towels, even in the package. Not trying to be a jerk, but that’s a huge difference to me. Shucks, I could fold and separate every towel in my inventory blind folded, LOL 😂
  6. Single vs double should be clearly distinguishable from each other, even through the bag, just by feeling the bulk/mass of the towel. They’re not even close. So that should be a dead give away to start with. They’re both double, just some tolerance in manufacturing would be my guess. Would also guess there are zero issues with the towels. Open them, give them a try, and sleep well at night young detailer.
  7. Ceramic spray is A-amazing. I’m scared to put ceramics wax or even boost on top of it. Scared it’ll take away.
  8. Since this got no traffic, I went ahead and did the car in this technique. I enjoyed it. Like I said, I probably wasted some product getting it on that thick, but the other side of the coin is it made it super easy to visualize full coverage. And as easy as this stuff is to work with, a little heavy did not add anything to making difficult to remove. Would recommend. I’d be willing to bet I didn’t waste any more than I would have spraying enough into a towel to ensure a good even spread.
  9. Yes, one step of claying using whichever will do the job. I’d want to handle each to base a decision on.
  10. Uuugggg...I have a whole tub of paste, but I just did my car in the ceramic spray for the first time. It looks soo amazing and I’m sooo impressed, I’m literally scared to put anything on it. Scared the wax or boost either one will take away from it, LOL.
  11. I don’t think I understand this thread. Any quality rotor with a high iron content will flash rust with just water. It’s not the cleaner you used, there’s no cleaner that’ll get it off, there’s nothing you could have done to prevent it, and the ONLY thing that’ll take it off is driving it off. I just washed mine. Happens every single time. This is nothing but water! You’ll have to go for a drive and then dust the wheels back off again, but that’s the worst of it.
  12. What’s yours? What are you guys doing or doing different that works for ya? I ask because I did this... ive used mine one to do the wheels while off the car. Absolutely love the product. With the spoke and small areas of a wheel, I decided to use a normal ceramic coating applicator. I spritzed a small pump of coating directly onto the wheel and then used the old regular coating applicator pad to spread it around really even. Everything after that was normal normal. I enjoyed it so much, I was actually thinking about using this technique on the whole car. I’m sure I waste product this way, but with how long a bottle is going to last me anyways, considering how far the product already goes, I’m not too conserned with a little waste at the cost of good complete coverage. Anyways...thoughts?
  13. This! I’m an older school guy too. Loved my polishing to get that perfect paint and waxing all the time. But...life goes on. My biggest take away from coatings is how the paint just doesn’t get those light swirl like scratches (for lack of a better description) that you’re just gonna get with normal washing and touching the surface. And I gotta admit, I’m enjoying the lighter maintence more than I did the hours polishing chasing perfection.
  14. So I got a new tv (for other reasons not related to this thread). Samsung Q80. It doesn’t rate the HDMI connections like my other tv did; @30hz, @60hz? Guess it doesn’t matter??
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