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  1. Coating prep is one of my favorite products. You would never want to go straight from a polish to your LSP (last age product; not to be confused with liquid paint sealant) without using something to remove the oils and residue from the polish. In fact “Coating prep” is not giving this product the recognition it deserves. It’s great as a cleanup step no matter what your LSP is going to be; sealant, wax, just doesn’t matter.
  2. I use a 3:1 mix of carpet & upholstery cleaner on mine for daily type touch up jobs. After X amount of drives, just sprits a few sprays on a cockpit brush and gently comb the seats and the steering wheel. My interior looks 10x better than same guys with 1/2 the mileage. Now that I've typed that, with 9K miles, mine still looks day one!
  3. Whole lotta first world problems up in thread too! LOL.
  4. One other thing I’ve had good luck with when needed, is spreading out the steel wool across a mild (white) foam pad and go at it with my polisher. Just as safe to the glass as any other method, but puts some muscle behind the wool to cut through the bad spots.
  5. I’m always perplexed when I see discussions about drying aides on ceramic coated cars! I get it if your objective is to get down a layer of Boost, but what are you guys doing otherwise? When I sheet the water off my ceramic vehicles with a flat stream of water after washing, there literally nothing there to dry. I’d have to do 10X the wiping to get the drying aide off then if I just hit the few beads of water sitting around somewhere.
  6. My route...since it’s already done....don’t get too wrapped up over the term “removing/stripping”. the current CC. It’s coming off during the polish anyways. In other words, two processes are not needed (removing CC and fixing the damage). Just fix the damage. Polish however and with whatever will fix the issue to your standards. If it’s not spray CC, you may have some left on the surface depending on how much polishing is required. Only you will be able to telll this. But anywho... polish the damage, a quick wipe down with costing prep, and a layer of spray CC. If you haven’t used the spray yet, you’re gonna be blown away anyways, especially on that color. Someone on hwre was sven making mirror tags for when you go the shop that basically (and politely) says DO NOT touch this f@#$ing car! I even tell anyone everywhere ,I’ve goes not to even clean in their own mess. I don’t mind; if they screen up and have an accident, make a mess, get it dirty, whatever—I’ll fix it later. DNR!
  7. Whole lotta first world problems up in this mutha!
  8. Done it! Funniest conversation I ever had with a neighbor...this lady was waking her dog and walked by while I was using the leaf blower (one just for the cars) to blow the water out of the trim/cracks. She looked at me and said “well that’s neat, I’ve never seen one of those used for that before”. Without missing a beat, I looked at her confused, looked at the leaf blower, looked back at her, and with a very puzzled look on my face I said “what else would you use it for????”
  9. Yea, I used anchors. Don’t know how heavy, but it’s not going anywhere. I just thought it was funny that the screw holes were that close, LOL.
  10. You had one job Adam!! Hahahhahaha...so close! Standard 12” stud spacing....
  11. Toootttaly not trying to be an ***, but please note you guys resurrected a Veterans Day thread on Memorial Day.
  12. Another way awesome under hood trick is to use interior detailer. Got that off the forum here too. It’s my new favorite.
  13. I’d trade you 6-8 gray edgeless towels. Probably a $30+ value.
  14. Yea dude, this **** rocks. I love this stuff. Easy to use, and can’t believe the “pop” of this product.
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