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  1. I wasn’t gonna ask about the wheels, I was gonna ask how you can do half of a vehicle and live with yourself?? LOL;) on a serious note, I’d never be able to do that. It literally drive me completely insane (reason is irrelevant).
  2. Just the word glaze in the title tells me No! You should not apply any coating (or IMO, was also) to ANYTHING. Like Chris said, use Surface Prep as your very last step just prior to applying any wax, coating, etc.
  3. You don’t. It’s trash after use. The coating is going to harden and crystallize.
  4. My $0.02 1) Brilliant Glaze is still a neat, handy tool to keep around. It will level any high spots or bad spots that you may not like, or if you have any goof-ups from installing the coating. Plus you may have heard it's amazing on inside glass. Just an all around handy tool to keep in the inventory. 2) I would. CS3 is amazing and easy to use. I've never liked HGG anyways, but I personally see zero need, and would never use it on a coated car. But that's just me. 3) Can you? Yes. Necessary? Probably not, but I always prefer the appearance of the sprays over the
  5. @falcaineer yea man I agree, but that’s why I said once I do it, I’ll put down another layer of the spray coating. I’d be hard pressed to believe a very light once over with Finishing Polish is gonna eat away at the existing coating. I’ll be glad to maintain with CS3. But still not a factor. Even if I do a light polish/Surface Prep/CSC once a year (or even more often than that), I’ll be happy and it’ll be worth it to me.
  6. @Dan@Adams Yeah, I think since I am in need of a refill anyways (and I just want to try it), I’m gonna go with the Graphene spray coating. I like the fact there’s a matching DS. Gonna remove Boost from my arsenal for now (unfortunate) and use that DS and CS3 for maintenance. Wear and durability on my coated vehicles is a secondary concern anyways since they are almost garage queens. They get driven, but never out in the weather or other elements. If I were a betting man, other supporting Graphene maintenance items are probably enroute anyways. LOL. But if
  7. I think with my current level of dissatisfaction on my recent coating job, I’m gonna run over the surface real easy with Finishing Polish, surface prep, and then re-do the last layer CSC and stop there. And I think I’m not necessarily totally bagging on Boost, but it’s more so that the CSC is just that good, anything after it, including Boost, is a step backwards. @Dan@Adams Dan, whatcha think about that? I don’t think a light easy polish will damage the base layer of coating. Just get the Boost off and revive what I had. I know some of you may love Boost and f
  8. Nope. Don’t like it. At least not from my mobile device anyways. Used to be so easy to jump right to the threads I stared, or commented in, or anything like that. Can’t figure it out now. Is it just me?
  9. Oh that’s funny. I never thought to search for this one.
  10. Just stop at the spray coating. Don’t top it.
  11. Tire and Rubber cleaner on a cloth, fairly wet. Rub clean, then buff dry with a clean cloth. Works for me.
  12. Anyone have the APC eating through your spray bottles and causing leaks? I had a bottle that sprung a small leak out the very bottom of the bottle. Was making a slow mess everywhere. I didn't think much of it and got a new Adam's 16 oz bottle. A week or so later, the new bottle is now leaking out of the bottom making a mess all over the cabinet shelf. Can't be a coincidence.
  13. Some random questions here...drinking a few beers and the mind is wandering, LOL... So, I think maybe I've noticed that I'm not the only one that's had better luck with spray coating than regular coating. Every time I use spray coating, the results are amazing. It just "pops" sooo much better and different from regular coating. Hard to quantify. Thinking about ditching any regular coating and just sticking with that. Which brings up a couple questions... - I couldn't find anything, but seems I recall reading that spray coatings are less "in need" of Boost as say the
  14. Ugh. Boost. Does anyone truly, truly love Boost? hahahah! I don't. I tolerate it. I didn't start a thread over it, but I recently ceramic coated my white truck. I have had the most excellent of results with ceramic spray coating on several occasions, so for this last truck detail, my recipe was one coat of normal ceramic coating and one coat of spray coating. Truck came up absolutely gorgeous. I went over it for two days; 50+ hours of cure and inspection time after the spray coating. Not a blemish. Then, against my better judgement, I decided to Boost it. Wrong move. I swear it mu
  15. Yup...that works too. I've done that a few times. Main point being, store with the original cap. I've got sooooo many sprayer nozzles from Adam's built up from shipments over the years that it's literally not worth my time to clean one, LOL!
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