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  1. What Nick said. I’d even go as far as to say not only was DS not needed, but it was a mistake to use it. Coating prep is your best friend. It’s probably my favorite product and arguably one of Adams most overlooked product for preparing a great LSP surface.
  2. There’s not a lot of things I roll my eyes at that people do, and I totally understand the foundation of our hobby is trying new things to discover what works best for each individual on their car. It’s what we do. Having said that, one of the things I do roll my eyes at and have no clue why people do it, is using a drying aid on a ceramic coated vehicle. I don’t know about you guys, but if I just finished a wash bucket method and sheet the water off with a hose, there’s about as close to nothing left to dry off as you can get. And while your drying aid may be a lubricant, what exactly are you drying off? Your spending more time touching and rubbing you’re paint when the exact opposite should be your goal. If you sheeted the water off, you’re not drying anything. You gotta be only wiping off the drying aid you introduced. Anywho...no flames intended. Just hope I added something to think about.
  3. What are you guys seeing for rates on your 16 year old drivers?? On your policy or do they have their own policy? What kind of car, and does the car effect rates extremely? I’m about to have one and drifting into these waters. Want to mentally and emotionally prepare myself, LOL
  4. Sorry if this one has come up already, but is the Adam's pressure washer currently on the site a good, viable option? Is the right flow/pressure to make good use of a foam cannon? I'm kinda tired of shopping for and deciding on one and this just makes life easy, LOL. I'd probably use it for other stuff, but that's a minor concern. Main concern would be foam cannon performance as I know the specs of the pressure washer can make a huge difference in the foam quality. Thanks guys.
  5. Long story short, if you are happy with the finish and don’t need/want any correction work, I’d personally go over it real quick with finishing polish, then Coating prep wipe down, then coating...and call it good! Yes, it is that simple.
  6. First world problems...is the term you’re looking for, LOL ...and these threads lately are full of them!
  7. Same thing to my wheels a while back. Also polished out, but took some work. Not the end of the world since they ended up looking great from the polish job, but was still upset. Valuable lesson; test a spot. Must be something with this black, non-paint type surface. I’ve never had it spot paint either. Oh well.
  8. Why can I not find gallons of products on the new site? I've been search for a solid 10 min and cannot find gallon size products?!?!
  9. Same difference. I have a layer of ceramic wax over my coating. Your wash/water is going to react to whatever the top layer is. In this case if you have ceramic wax over the coating, the coating becomes irrelevant. My statement still stands. You guys are rubbing on your car waaaay too much. Water reaction difference between ceramic coating and ceramic is by all accounts indiscernible.
  10. Coating prep is one of my favorite products. You would never want to go straight from a polish to your LSP (last age product; not to be confused with liquid paint sealant) without using something to remove the oils and residue from the polish. In fact “Coating prep” is not giving this product the recognition it deserves. It’s great as a cleanup step no matter what your LSP is going to be; sealant, wax, just doesn’t matter.
  11. I use a 3:1 mix of carpet & upholstery cleaner on mine for daily type touch up jobs. After X amount of drives, just sprits a few sprays on a cockpit brush and gently comb the seats and the steering wheel. My interior looks 10x better than same guys with 1/2 the mileage. Now that I've typed that, with 9K miles, mine still looks day one!
  12. Whole lotta first world problems up in thread too! LOL.
  13. One other thing I’ve had good luck with when needed, is spreading out the steel wool across a mild (white) foam pad and go at it with my polisher. Just as safe to the glass as any other method, but puts some muscle behind the wool to cut through the bad spots.
  14. I’m always perplexed when I see discussions about drying aides on ceramic coated cars! I get it if your objective is to get down a layer of Boost, but what are you guys doing otherwise? When I sheet the water off my ceramic vehicles with a flat stream of water after washing, there literally nothing there to dry. I’d have to do 10X the wiping to get the drying aide off then if I just hit the few beads of water sitting around somewhere.
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