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  1. H20 Guard & Gloss - How Much?

    I haven't experienced that much soaked into the towel, but yea, this product has a bit of a learning curve steeper than some other products. Like any other wax or LSP, minimal is best and a little goes A LOT farther than we typically think it does. You're going to spread it around the surface before buffing out, so practice will teach you to not use much. Great thing with this product is that it's so user friendly, it does't make it a bear to use if you overdo it. You just end up wasting product. Practice with less and less; you'll get there.
  2. Tax Experts...Live/Work in Separate States?

    And at this point, I'm not too worried about how to file at the end of the year...I've got until NEXT April to figure that out. Main homework right now is mainly which state to claim on the paperwork, and it sounds like it should be the state I live/residence of vice the one I work in. And thanks Rich...it's exciting.
  3. Tax Experts...Live/Work in Separate States?

    Turbo Tax fan here...been using it forever. Very familair. Meh, it's not that bad. Just a little homework. I apply my golden rule to taxes like I do anything else in my life...if it's going to affect me, I'm going to become an expert on the subject. I've done my own taxes over some complicated years; divorce, rental properties (with shortsales), insolvency, bla, bla, bla. This will be a stroll through the park once I get it down. Turbo Tax is quite impressive also. There's some glitches with some of the complicated stuff, but for the most part it's about 98% spot on. Funny story...the year I had a short sale and insolvency I got pretty stumped on one item that I just couldn't wrap my brain around (For the record, Turbo Tax covered me that year also). I got to a point where I didn't necessarily throw my hands up, but I decided to pay a real tax person to help me out with this one hurdle. We did a phone interview and long story short that phone interview ended with no fee, no office visit, and him asking me "why the hell did you call me?" because I had it down pat to begin with, LOL. In fact, now that I look back on it, I think he offered me a job, LOL. But know this about some of these tax locations...those ****ers working in there around tax season are not tax experts or CPA's...they're some college kid or (fill in the blank) that took some crash course on the basics of filing. Granted when you pay someone you get the liability protection, but you can get that in Turbo Tax as well. Sorry...back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress....
  4. So I'm starting a new career next week and doing my initial W4 and other paperwork, and I'm stumped.I am a resident of, and physically live in one state and will be driving across the border to work in another state. Who do I pay state taxes to and how do I file at the end of the year? The employment form seems like it lets me choose. It asks "indicate which State tax is to be withheld for". So I need to input a state here and not sure which one.And then how do I file at the end of the year? Do I have to file for both states? Does Turbo Tax account for situations like this?There are others at my company doing the exact same thing, so I will be asking them as well, but thought I'd see if there's a tax expert floating around here as well. Thanks guys
  5. Matte Black Wheels Cleaning.

    I’ll go take a few, but don’t know what they’ll be worth. I don’t have before/after pics. To my eye, the difference wasn’t subtle, but opinions and eyesight vary. I am coating them once it warms up here, but not expecting much in the appearance department, but we’ll see. That just based off the fact that coating my anthracite wheels made no difference in appearance. But I’m optimistic.
  6. Ceramic boost?

    Chris...add a 4) to your list...ease of use. G&G blows Boost away in this category.
  7. Matte Black Wheels Cleaning.

    I love what G&G does to my satin black wheels (stock, GT350 10 spoke). Makes for a nice touch. But I’m sure this is subjective and more personal appearance than anything. I coated a set of anthracite colored wheels on my other car and the coating/boost made very little noticeable difference in shine/sheen/appearance. i think the big picture on a topic like this would be this point...if you want really satin, flat, no gloss black wheels, then don’t use a coating, Boost, or G&G. FWIW, I’ve found G&G does more for immediate, visible, difference in shine than Boost does. (Sorry Oz...we must have typing at the same time, LOL)
  8. I’ll give the finishing polish a try. Guess you do that by hand also on the stripes? Oh yea, not my first time with the coating or the polishing. Still debating what I want to do with this bad boy since it’s not a DD nor exposed to rain and outside abuse. May do the coating just because I have a Brandon new bottle that’s never gonna he tused if I don’t put it on something. And then I may try around with glaze to see how deep it makes it look over the coating. Yes, I know all about diminished qualities with putting something over the coating. Way I see it, I can experiment with appearance products and still have that amazing base layer. Not like putting anything on top is going to strip the coating.
  9. Revive didn't do a darn thing for marks in the stripes. This was doing by hand with a foam applicator.
  10. IphoneX Screen Scratches

    I ceramic coated mine!!
  11. Man's Best Friends...Lets See Your Pets

    Yup, Bengal. She’s awesome. And she’s even great in a car for a ride.
  12. Man's Best Friends...Lets See Your Pets

    I'm a man's man like any of us with guns and gadgets and beer and fast cars, but this little girl here is the love of my life!
  13. I have raw aluminum wheels coated and it has been a wonderful experience. These wheels have been the bane of my existence to care for...prior to this coating. No winter driving yet, but no degradation thus far. They are less than perfect from years of just being difficult to care for, but they’re not bad. But, since coating they have not digressed again. I have yet to need Wheel Cleaner on them. Soap and water during normal washes and WW for inbetween touch up jobs.
  14. Gloss / Depth Only

    Is paint sealants immediately topped with glaze a good combo then? Then G&G for touch up maintenance?
  15. Gloss / Depth Only

    I didn’t need to talk polish/prep cause I got that part down woah...surprised about the overwhelming support for brilliant glaze. I expected some paint sealant responses and/or some G&G thrown in there. How would you combine these two with the glaze?