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  1. galaxy

    Firearms Thread

    Question....if I have a Glock 19, is a 17 worth it? Looking for something a little more OWB and tactical for some upcoming classes/training. I’m thinking not enough of a difference to justify. Anyone own both. My gut is split 50/50. The other half is saying use the 19 cause they’re too close and just get a new gen5 34 instead spesking of which...on the new gen5 website, if you scroll down through the new features, it only references the 17 and the 19. Why doesn’t it mention all of them?
  2. galaxy

    Repeated Use of G&G

    I like G&G so much, I'm more than likely going to try it on my coated car. It diminishes the qualities/properties of the coating....got it! This car never sees rain any darn way, so "water beading qualities" are moot to me. All I care about is shine.
  3. galaxy

    Ceramic "Crazy slick"

    I agree. I have two coated vehicles and they were never as “slick” as any wax or coating. However, this never ever seemed to have an effect on performance. Not at all. A towel just doesn’t glide across the surface like with other products. Nature of the beast I guess. However, ceramic wax fixed that. It made it feel more like what you’re looking for.
  4. galaxy

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Yup...my personal favorite also.
  5. galaxy

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Most people would be surprised what a brand new car needs when you have an eye for it. Paint corrected (correction and finishing polish where needed), ceramic coated, boosted, and ceramic waxed. I’m a horrible photographer with only a phone, sorry.
  6. galaxy

    Iron Remover

    I haven't had a need to re-do the iron remover on any of my coated cars, so I'm not sure. I'm skeptical though. I'm no chemist, but I find it difficult to wrap my head around how a product can remove iron particles imbedded in the surface (be it the coating, paint, whatever) and not have an impact on that sacrificial outer layer of protection. I know this...I will not randomly try or use iron remover simply as part of a spring cleaning or normal maintenance routine. On my coated cars, I won't use it unless I visually see a need for it. My (coated) cars are both white, so the iron deposits typically show up pretty darn good when present.
  7. galaxy


    I know many people do it, but I am not a fan of the whole IPA thing. Why not just use coating prep? Coating prep is labeled/sold that way because it removes polishing oils, buildup, and anything else from the surface leaving it completely clean for your favorite LSP. It contains the lubricants your paint needs. Alcohol does not. I personally think Adam should relabel it, because this is a great step (and perfect IPA replacement) for inbetween polishing and waxing regardless of what product you're putting on. It is not specific to coatings or SiO2. If you're going ceramic wax...1) Prep the surface (clay, polish, coating prep, etc, etc) 2) Ceramic Boost 3) Ceramic Wax 4) Stop.
  8. galaxy

    Iron Remover vs. IronX

    I've used both. Same darn thing. I use Adam's due to brand loyalty since everything else is Adam's. But at the end of the day, this is not the product to overthink.
  9. I too am against wheel cleaner all the time. At least the new eco one has no iron removers, so that may be a better alternative for more frequently. I’ve never noticed anything on my wheels necessitating a strong wheel cleaner. This has been validated by my once a year spring cleaning where I will use an iron based wheel cleaner on the wheels and I get little to zero color change indicating iron. Good old soap and water with Waterless Wash for the touch up jobs in between any full on bucket wash.
  10. So I’ve always waited 24 hours from costing to apply Boost, but how much time is needed between Boost and ceramic wax?
  11. galaxy

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Wheels and calipers all coated and boosted!
  12. I think I just got the worst set of tires ever with unbearable mold release!! I’ve scrubbed three times now with T&R and cleaned twice with my APC tire cleaner and they still look like ****. My TS is all blotchy looking and crap. So annoying. I know after a few cleanings and heat cycles, it’ll wear away and they’ll eventually get broken in, but I hate them right now. Just curious info you guys had any other tricks to try aside from what I’ve already done.
  13. galaxy

    Interior Detailer

    Agreed. No VRT inside. I use leather conditioner on leather and my dash. Detailer on everything else.
  14. So I know it's been asked a couple times about coating over new/fresh paint, but what about powder coating? I would think that's save to do right away considering how it's applied and baked.