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  1. galaxy

    Issue with tire shine

    These guys are right. The compound of some tires just don’t like some dressings. I’ve got a situation right now where my two front tires don’t like TS but everything else does. Drives me bat **** insane. Gonna try VRT on those the next time they’re cleaned good. But, that’s just how it goes. Don’t know if it’s the compound/silica in the tires, mold release, or whatever, but some tire/dressing combos are just not gonna go together.
  2. Seriously dude? It’s a bone stock 2002 IS300.
  3. A beater car! Yup. I got a little, pretty clean, ‘02 Lexus IS300 that needed some tuning up and some TLC. And after about six months of ownership and rolling into winter now, it dawned on me. Hands down the best detailing item I’ve ever purchased. I have noticed the detailing and the “contact” time on my main vehicles surfaces has been significantly reduced. Initial estimates (as an example) are The beater car will probably reduce polishing to once every few years instead of once a season. Now yes, I do agree half the joy is working on your pride and joy, but I have found a greatness to the balance in the force. The sheer joy of not having to maintain them from the perils of DD service has been life altering, LOL. Having a car you don’t care if it gets dusty, or road grime, or all those other DD items has been quite liberating to say the least. My goal was not to turn the nice vehicles into garage queens by any means, but just getting away from the effects of the one simple act of sitting in a work parking lot has been utterly amazing. My office bldg is in an industrial area right beside a major railway yard/intersection. Anwyay...if you can swing it, I highly recommend it. Has changed my life! Hahahhahaha.
  4. galaxy

    All of our latest work

    @shane@detailedreflections Meh...looks OK! Hahahahahaha. Beautiful. I actually think the overcast adds to the photos. I’m no photographer (and typically can’t get a good pic of my car to save my own life), but seems to me that sometimes bright sunshine can prevent you from seeing the deepness of the shine/surface. Reflections are better and deeper too. The overcast adds a touch of drama to the target. What a great car! On a separate note...if you could please pass along to the owner...his front splitter is not properly installed. This is a epidemic issue with this car and dealers doing piss poor work during initial set up (the front splitter comes delivered in the trunk to avoid damage on the truck during shipping). If you look just above the splitter (just above the SHELBY) and below the white bumper skin about dead center of the front end, youll see those two visible slots in the white...you should not be able to see that. Those are slots for the tabs on the back side of the splitter. It isn’t snapped in place good or something.
  5. galaxy

    Clay bar after sealent

    Curious...why are you claying so soon? Did something happen, or can you feel contaminants? Or did you not prep the surface the first time? Unless there’s a specific reason, that’s pretty soon to be claying if you just did a full prep. Just a thought.
  6. galaxy

    Spray Wax ???

    I'm actually excited about this one. Some folks with the eye for it can tell the visual differences between a carnuba and a sealant. My guess is, this will be a counterpart to the G&G for the carnuba fans in the audience. Looking like it has more of the water consistency (as opposed to being so thick like G&G), I'd say it'll be easier to use, especially when used as a drying aide. Look how well DS displaces water when used as such! Heck, I may even give this a go on my ceramic coated car! Also my guess, I bet it's very similar to a DS but with a much higher carnuba content that will affect the visual cues and stick around much longer than DS (since DS has no rated "durability" anyways).
  7. galaxy

    All of our latest work

    Can’t wait to see the before/after on the Shelby...and I will judge you! HAHA!
  8. galaxy

    Official Garage or Detail Shop Picture Thread?

    I wouldn’t call it a dream garage, but it’s roomy (~26x36), well lit, clean, and laid out for year round detailing. I have plans for spring though which includes paint, new flooring, large tv, fridge, etc.
  9. galaxy

    Eco vs Old APC?

    Are you guys diluting either of these? My current APC is half the price of Adam’s and I still cut it by 1/3 for even the tough grimey jobs like tires and engines.
  10. Did a quick search and didn’t find a comparison on this, but what’s the diff? Thought if this since the old APC is back. Is the old one stronger? I had a bottle of eco (from a mystery bucket) that I finally used yesterday and it did a darn good job. I was pleasantly surprised. Also kinda asking if either is your go to APC for al those needs. At $30+ a gallon, neither one of these has been my go-to APC on a daily basis. Had been using something else that does the job and is substantially cheaper. Is there a reason to spend the money to have this as a daily APC for cleaning tires, engines, undercarriage, and other daily grimy jobs?
  11. Thanks Jake! Guess I’m 0-2 on this product though. Ran a second test yesterday. This time on my truck with coated wheels that had been Boosted not too long ago. Truck had been DD’d for a week with no touch up jobs and driven in the rain several times. Did one side of the truck with the eco wheel cleaner and nothing on the other. Again, I saw nothing the wheel cleaner accomplished. Oh well.
  12. I think you guys aren’t getting my question. I know people use it; got that. My question is what does it do exactly? I’ve seen nothing.
  13. I went to what was my first car show in quite a long time this past weekend. Small town, but some pretty darn nice rides and some top end jobs. But what kills me is the folks that will bring some nasty, dirty, non detailed **** and stick it in a show. Flippin hilarious. Now, I’m not talking about the guys that don’t have a $200K resto job or anything like that. Not talking about the guys that have no taste and you can’t believe someone would like that. I’m talking about the guys that bring their **** with the wheel barrels that have never been touched, open the hood and it’s got 50,000 miles of dirt road driving and never been touched, and craziness like that. I could not believe some of the (detailing) junk I saw. And they open their hoods and stuff just as proud as can be. That’s hilarious to me. I was blown away. And I’m not even picking on the guys that at least try, but maybe don’t have the skillz some of us have, or the guy covering everything in armour all. They try. I’m cracking on the guys that enter shows and don’t do squat. And there were multiple.
  14. How are you guys using eco wheel cleaner and what results are you seeing? What is it you’d say it actually does around here? It does not have the iron removing capabilities so after a couple uses, im struggling to see the result/benefits/necessity. I cleaned a car car for a friend a while back that’s not very well taken care of. Typical half *** job on cleaning the wheels (barrels never get touched), a pound of brake dust, etc, etc. I used eco on one wheel and nothing on another wheel. If placed in a corner at gun point, I’d say the ewc wheel mmaaaaaaayyyyyybbbeeeee lifted some of the brake dust off. Either way, that wheel still required a mitt wash. Washing with the mitt with soap and water was no easier than the other wheel that didn’t get any ewc, and when finished they both looked the same. I did not see where it aided my process in any manner. I used it on my garage queen coated wheels after a week of driving (coated wheels) and the results were the same; I saw zero benefits from using the product.
  15. galaxy

    Nav Screen Scratch Removal

    It looks like scratches. There’s nothing peeling off of it. Stock Nav. I don’t think a warranty will cover self inflicted damage. This doesn’t even remotely look like a faulty product; it looks like scratches from owner abuse to me.