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  1. Do a sacrificial test spot on YOUR wheels. There is not a clear, straight answer, period. Just because it worked on a 100 set of other wheels doesn’t mean it’ll work on yours. Not trying to be a negative Nancy, but attached it what happened to my wheels, and yes, I did everything right.
  2. As mentioned, I called the manufacturer. We spoke for a while and they were great to talk with. Very informative. He even mentioned they don’t ship their products until they “age” for 21 days post production to try to avoid occurrences such as this. He had me send in these before and after pics as record/documentation. I’m still gonna give the re-polish and coat a try, but if that doesn’t work, I’ll pursue a refund. I have some carbon fiber mirror caps from a different manufacturer that came delivered clear coated and are utterly immaculate. Albeit this manufacturer is quite a bit more expensive. So, pick your poison I guess.
  3. Yea, that's what I'm gonna try. I also called the manufacturer. They use a marine grade type gelcoat as the final layer to provide protection and UV protection since most people leave carbon unpainted. He said it is possible that since mine had been sitting indoors for so long (no heat or direct sun), that it's still off-gassing from the resins and manufacturing. It easily polishes right back to perfect (I re-did a small test spot), so I'll do that and get it coated. Gonna let it have a few more hot sunny days first. Last thing I'd want to do is clear coat it and then have it fog up under that...ugh...that would suck. See what the ceramic does.
  4. Yup, give it a shot. Is it needed for soup? Meh, probably no better than regular carpet cleaner as far as any cleaning ability. Will it hurt anything? Nope.
  5. So I have this carbon fiber wing that was delivered in it's natural resin, as constructed state. Needed a little refining, but it turned out gorgeous. It turned out sooo good, I figured I was going to get away without getting it clear coated. Here's some before and after shots (but in the opposite direction. The before shots are the gorgeously polished, mirror finish. The after shots, are after taking it out in the sun and spending one day driving around. After this one drive, the wing flashed over somehow and developed this haze, fog like appearance. Very odd. Will not hold the perfectly polished appearance. I wonder if ceramic coating will protect it any? Otherwise, IDK.
  6. Mega foam still safe on your wax or coatings? It's not intended to be like a strip wash or anything like that, is it?
  7. Well, I thought this would have been asked, but a quick search didn't find what I was looking for. So what's the diff on mega foam vs ultra foam? Use which one where? When?
  8. Ugghhh...that's my knee jerk reaction too; is that they've changed it to cut corners or reduce costs. I usually kick myself and try to remind me that "not Adam's". They have obviously made some improvements that weren't significant enough for some additional fanfare! LOL. BECAUSE...if they did announce every little improvement or update to a formula, I'm also the type, at least with Adam's products, that I just have to have the lates and greatest...and that induces other problems! Again, LOL!
  9. I would even argue that anything (for the most part) the iron remover would remove, you got off with the polish / paint correction. If you used it, I think you'd find it not doing anything. It's best to use this product before polishing as it gets the contaminants off chemically, and then washed away. That way you're not removing these deposits mechanically with the polisher/pad, which can clog and dirty up your pad and risk light scratches as you continue polishing.
  10. OUCH! It better be good. That hurt just looking at the price, LOL.
  11. I was almost tempted to not even share these pics, because I am the reigning world Champion at forgetting to take Before-and-After shots! But I bought this carbon fiber rear wing from a reputable manufacturer, but when the piece came in, you could immediately tell it was not clear coated. The wing was delivered in it's natural resin finish that they use to manufacture carbon parts. It still looked descent. Not great, but descent. Was reeeaalllyyy leaning towards getting it cleared so that it looked perfect. It had a pretty descent haze about the whole piece (best way I can describe it), and you could even see some pretty good sanding marks still in the resin. Had this level of sanding marks been in something painted, especially a dark color, I would actually call them horrendous. But in the resin on that carbon color, you had to have the right lighting and angle to make them out. Plus the natural haze of the resin itself muted the sanding marks...but I still knew they were there, so that was enough. With the plan of getting it cleared, I figured nothing to loose and a great opportunity to play around with some products/pad combination. After a couple rounds with some Heavy Correcting Compound on the areas with the bad sanding tracks, a once over with the new Compound, and then a real slow once over with the new Polish, here's a couple cool finished shots. There was very minimal difference between the old Heavy Correcting Compound and the new Compound (I think that's a good thing), with a slight nod, IMO, to the old Heavy Correcting Compound on its correction ability. It knocked those sand marks out of the park and left very little to be corrected. I don't think the new Compound tackled it as easy, maybe to say it's just slightly less aggressive with the benefit of being more versatile, maybe. Both still great products. I will also caveat those results are in a resin and not a clear coated surface, so, take it with a grain of salt. Long story short, This sucker no longer needs a $300 clear coat job.
  12. Same here Rich (for me personally...no wife). At one point I was going to create a separate thread on this topic but decided not to. I know we have a lot of members that rant and rave about Adam's forgetting his roots and getting too far off topic with all these other products and gimmicks, but I'll say this...all these products, just like the car products, are the best I've ever used. Period. The hand soap, the hand cleaner, the surface cleaner, all of it. Incredible. And I'd rather spend my money here for these products than on similar, and inferior, products from the grocery store!
  13. Oh yea, I knew not to buy a cheap one. I would use a descent pressure washer for other projects, but I would not buy one that didn't produce the absolute best foam and I know the specs are important for that. And I want electric for use in the garage in winter. I think from my minimal homework, you need a really really good (read expensive) electric one to make excellent foam. I seem to recall some posts/threads in the past that the Adam's one maybe wasn't that great? Not sure. Or peeps were pissed it was made in China or some drama.
  14. I had been interested in the Adam's pressure washer due to simplicity and the "ready to go" factor. Are the specs on the Adam's washer just sufficient to make great foam, or does it really get the job done. I'm sure like most, we've all seen videos of great and amazing foam, and we've all seen "meh, good try" foam. I'd guess the specs on the washer is what makes that difference.
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