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  1. galaxy

    Windshield Glass issues

    Another vote on steel wool on glass. Amazing tool. I’ve worked wonders on glass with it. BG or even a mild polish also makes a good lubricant depending on the severity of the job. Just use something.
  2. galaxy

    Which Side of the Towel??

    I am referring to any towel type that has the two different sides (long/short, fluffy/flat, etc); sorry.
  3. Just a curiosity, conversation question...which side of the towel (long vs short, or whatever the correct terminology is) do you use and for what duties?
  4. galaxy

    New Ceramic Spray Coating and SALE!

    interesring. Ordered two days ago and it shipped today. Curious to see what happens.
  5. galaxy

    New Ceramic Spray Coating and SALE!

    And don't forget, I've got my tub of ceramic wax to use up also. So...1)ceramic spray 2)ceramic wax 3)Boost.
  6. galaxy

    Waterless Wash

    Actually the main point of the WW is that it doesn’t have any waxes or anything in it. There’s other products for that, like DS. The whole point of WW is to be a better cleaner than DS and not leave anything (wax) on the surface. This even makes it a better option for coated surfaces. WW is one of the very few products I actually need/use by the gallon! And don’t forget if you’re so inclined, the WW towels are just a mini waffle weave drying towel.
  7. galaxy

    New Ceramic Spray Coating and SALE!

    The video and description lead you to a yes on that one. If it still flashes over like the bottle does, then yes. Like Chris said, this is still a true coating. You are trading a little bit of longevity for ease of application. Everything else (methods, application, maintenance, etc) I'm guessing remains the same.
  8. galaxy

    New Ceramic Spray Coating and SALE!

    I'm gonna get mine and go this route too. My vehicles are already coated, so here's my plan. Come warmer weather, maybe an iron remover (we'll see...these cars don't live a rough life, LOL), a quick, light clay bar (after checking the surface), and then Coating Surface Prep for sure. Then this, then top with my ceramic wax the following day. Thoughts??? Curious if there's any shine/depth difference when compared to regular coating?! I would venture to guess your towels will be trash after this product since it's a true coating vice a maintenance product (e.g. Boost).
  9. galaxy

    Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating

    Interesting. I’m curious to learn the intended use. Example...look how tiny a bottle of coating is and look how far that gets you! Is this more of a maintenance product, kinda like Boost? That’s a big bottle of stuff if not. Theres also a small, very small part of me sitting here thinking “oh great, another damn product to try to fit into my lifestyle”. I already have ceramic wax that I can’t use fast enough. First world problems, right?!?!
  10. galaxy


    If I understood, also intermixing/alternating G&G and spray wax is not ideal. Sealants go with sealants, waxes with waxes, silicas play well with other silicas, and so on. No offense, but make sure you’re not trying too hard. Keep it simple. Obviously no harm (and lots of fun) in experimenting to see what you personally like best, but don’t get carried away with multiple layers and such. There is certainly a point of diminishing returns and too many stacked or mismatched products can achieve the opposite effect of what you were after, and irroneously leave you thinking that’s product wasn’t any good. Can actually leave you with a cloudy, or less than ideal surface. Just some things to think about.
  11. Soap and water brotha, soap and water. There’s a thread running around right now comparing wheel cleaners; check it out. I posted my $0.02 in it. But especially with your brakes productions little to zero dust and deposits...soap and water!!!!!
  12. Meh. Great video (and I am head over heels in love BTW...but that’s a separate topic), but still, eco is a lost in the middle product. I get what she’s saying in the video, but...it still doesn’t “do” anything. And that’s my hang up with the product. If your wheels are in horrible shape or need (iron) decon, this is not the product. If your wheels are relatively cared for and just need a tune up, it does nothing. It doesn’t decontaminate, it doesn’t lift or loosen the stuff on the wheel, it doesn’t create a no touch cleaning situation, etc. Now you’re in a situation where you need to mit wash anyways. If you’re doing a soap/water mitt wash anyways, this product buys you nothing. It’s a wasted step. I’ve ran several experiments at home under different conditions, different levels of brake dust/driving debris and it has never made a difference. Even if I used it as a pretreatment to my bucket/mitt wash, it still didn’t make the wheel any easier to wash than had I not used it. Look, I’m the biggest Adam’s fan as the next guy, but gotta say, for me, this item is just a placebo. I guess the only use/benefit I could see is if you are using it at face value like she does in the video, and using that in place of a soap bucket/mitt wash. I didn’t try that. But still, it still won’t do any better than soap and water on cared for wheels.
  13. I gotta agree with beemer. If you didn’t see the color transfer, then any contamination you know you had on the car wasn’t iron. Just kinda really that simple. Not completely accurate or fair to say it didn’t do anything. Just because it was sitting outside for a few months doesn’t automatically mean it has (iron) contaminats. My vehicles go a year and I get very little, if any, iron bleeding during spring cleaning.
  14. Minimally effective how? Are you sure you just didn’t have much contamination and therefore much of a true “need” for it? This happens all the time on well cared for, garaged cars. Just curious how you made that judgement.