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  1. galaxy

    Picking A TV

    OK, since you guys did such a good job helping with my other Apple TV, HDR question, the gears are now turning. Now that I realized I do not have a HDR TV, I've changed gears. I'm remodeling my garage this spring anyways and putting a TV up. Now that this happened with the main TV in the house, I've decided to go this route. I am going to move this non HDR TV in the house to garage duty; was going to be buying a new one either way. But here's my question for today... As good as I am with technology and things (no better than the next average guy), TV's to me are like buying a mattress. It's downright overwhelming what's available and the capabilities are impossible to keep up with. Add to that every manufacturer has their own catch phrases, options, and features. I loose ground on Hz, refresh rate (and all the variables there of), etc. So my question for you guys today is not what brand or what TV, but maybe help decipher through some of the garbage. Is it a matter of the more you pay, the better the picture is going to be? Is that always or never the case? Kinda like with HDMI cables, LOL. I know two things...I can only fit a 65" and my #1 pick is Vizio. I am completely committed that this is the best bang-for-the-buck you can get in a TV. I would consider Samsung, but when comparing apples to apples between the two, Vizio is half the cost. So, money not being a limiting factor in the 65" range (I figure $2K or less), what would you? What features are a must; HDR obviously? Other tech specs? Thanks guys!
  2. If you are ever claying, polishing, paint correcting, etc, strip wash is an unnecessary step.
  3. Let me ask this since we’re here...do you guys believe the uber expensive silver lines cables and all are worth the money? I’m thinking maybe, maybe if my tv was HDR, but for now I can’t tell the difference. Any recommendations if so?
  4. While I agree with everything said here and follow that practice, don't overthink it. Don't let it sway you or scare you away from using the right tool for the right job. Waterless Wash is still an amazing, go-to product for touch up jobs and cleaning. It also won't leave anything on the surface to detract from whatever your top layer is (boost, ceramic wax, coating, etc). DS is still the perfect product for touch up spots here and there; removing fingerprints or something from a small area, dust, etc. I don't use DS over the whole car nor as a drying aid, but it still has it's place in my "toolbox" and I use it. It also will not detract from your top layer.
  5. Welp...time for a new HDR TV and move this old jalopy to the garage!! hahahahha. In all honesty, I am remodeling the garage this spring which does include a TV, so this works out perfect.
  6. OK...sorry guys, I am a total dork. I don't have a HDR TV🤦‍♀️. That's my bad. It's a ~2016 model TV, so it's 4K UHD. And now I know UHD and HDR are not the same thing. Thanks for the help guys! So yes, it will run the 4K SDR @ Hz setting and it would appear this is going to give me the best picture I can get on this TV from the box, correct? I assume 4K SDR @ 60 will be better than 4K HDR @30 (it will run that one)?? And I just went and bought a great cable to make sure that wasn't it...guess I can take that sucker back 😕
  7. Thanks a million guys. So a few answers for you guys... Yes, my @60Hz is HDMI 5. Manual says it’s UHD Video @60Hz, HDCP 2.2 support. I still cannot get the video (inside the Apple TV settings) to select 4K UHD. Every time I try to select that, it says unavaible Andy it revert some back to the previous setting. There is a setting 4K SHD and that one works. So, I don’t know what’s up with that. I don’t think I have a certified high speed cable, so I’ll follow up on that. I’ll check my speed, but only one WiFi connection. Internet comes in the house via cable to the cable company provided box. It’s not the WiFi router. That box is connected to the WiFi router via Ethernet cable. One WiFi connection; WiFi box to the Apple TV. I cant find any settings on the tv to either run an update or set that port for full hdmi color. Will have to keep digging for that.
  8. OK all you quality video TV tech aficionados...need some help/tips...I have a Vizio M60-C3 circa 2016 model (bought late in '16) https://www.vizio.com/m60c3.htmlLast night I picked up a new 4K Apple TV in hopes of getting the best out of everything. The Apple TV settings let you select from a vast array of picture qualities, 4K HDR, 4K SDR, 180 HDR, 1080 SDR, and so on, and so on down the line; you get the picture (no pun intended, LOL). It also offers all these settings in various Hz starting at 60 and working down.My TV has multiple HDMI connections labeled "4K @ 30 Hz" and one connection labeled "4K @ 60 Hz (1080P and Higher)".First question would be which should I be using?? but read on...I've been playing for two days now and here are some results...- The Apple TV will not let me select 4K HDR @ 60Hz (even when plugged into the lone 60 Hz port)- It will run the 4K SDR @ 60 Hz, but the picture is not as good as 1080 HDR @ 60Hz (when plugged into the lone 60Hz port) or some of the other settings. Confused by this!- So far, the best picture to my eyes is the setting 4K HDR @ 30Hz (when plugged into one of the 30Hz ports)- I haven't done a side by side comparison between this and the old Apple TV (4th Gen [the one right before 4K], thus 1080 capable), but I'm wondering if my TV itself is the choke point and I'm not gaining too much from the 4K box, even though it's a 4K TV.- My biggest hurdle at this point is not having a clue about the HDMI ports on the TV. What's the difference between the 30 vs 60Hz and how does that effect things? Could use some info there maybe.Anywho...thanks for any help guys and let me know if you need more info to try to build a better idea for me to get the most out of this.
  9. I’ve never had a problem on glass either. Never treated directly, but overspray never caused an issue.
  10. This, this, and this. Why people even start threads like this without pics...should be an automatic six month suspension from posting, LOL.
  11. So I just got a new bottle of Boost. I previously had a bottle of Boost 2.0, but it's gone for reference. I do however have a bottle of the old boost. The just received bottle and my old bottle are clearly different formulas, but the last bottle of 2.0 I had said so on the label. This one yesterday did not. Is that all that's being shipped these days is the 2.0, new improved version (since it no longer says so on the label)?
  12. Another vote on steel wool on glass. Amazing tool. I’ve worked wonders on glass with it. BG or even a mild polish also makes a good lubricant depending on the severity of the job. Just use something.
  13. I am referring to any towel type that has the two different sides (long/short, fluffy/flat, etc); sorry.
  14. Just a curiosity, conversation question...which side of the towel (long vs short, or whatever the correct terminology is) do you use and for what duties?
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