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  1. So now lets add Scratch & Swirl Remover to the conversation. Where does this fit in? Funny that's it's orange (to me). Is this a relabeled Correction Polish?
  2. If you guys recall the really red Mustang a few posts back, we picked up these late model PP1 wheels to go on his car. They look amazing. Got them cleaned and polished. Too cold to ceramic coat them yet. Will re-do in the spring. But they still cleaned up amazing!
  3. Wheel coating. Either will work, both will look/work great. There is no down side.
  4. Wwhhaaaaaattttt?!?!?! 😳 For the love of all that’s holy...where’d you get that?
  5. I have a brand new gallon of H2O G&G, a bottle of Wash & Wax, and a bottle of glass cleaner that needs to go. will trade for any value of any new polishing pads, and/or any polishes, including one step.
  6. I’m in on this. I’ve commented on this before too, but the Cars & Coffee spray is different. I don’t know what it is, but the performance is just different from the regular DS. I love it. I’d LOVE to have C&C in a gallon.
  7. @RayS Crap...I meant to post a pic to begin with. I don’t have a pic of the needed attention, but this is the wheel. Seems the power cone would be perfect.
  8. Oh, I thought that part was a given, LOL!
  9. So I picked up a set of used Mustang take offs. They have some miles. Not in horrible shape, but not as good as I would have preferred. Need some TLC. Trying to decide the best way to tackle these. The face isn’t no problem, but thinking about a Mother’s PowerCone for all the dang nooks and crannies on these suckers. They’re the factory powder coating, so it’s pretty hard. Thinking the new compound or the one step may be the right tool for the job. Anyways, curious for recommendations on product and opinion on the power cone or some other tool....cause I’m sure as hell not doing all these by hand.
  10. Two comments from me... on my ceramic spray, nozzles are one use only. I don’t try to reuse them. That’s just me. And on on the topic of getting soo many sprayers, I’ve never ever received a package from my Adams that contained spray bottles where I didn’t get just a handful of sprayers.
  11. Great write up Norton; agree with all. One thing I would add is that I don’t like referring to these products as “steps”. They are each stand alone products that should be chosen for the specific job at hand. The last thing we need is someone new or unfamiliar with paint correction thinking they need to start with “step 1, heavy correcting compound, then step 2”...and so on.
  12. Straight. I spritz my pads with APC after use, then wash with dish washing soap. Then throw them in the washing machine with no detergent or anything for a couple rinse cycles. Works like a champ.
  13. Thanks Chris! And trust me, I was passing no judgement. I knew a description was in there somewhere, and any assumptions I had were that there was a logical explanation. .
  14. Hahahahaha...You must not have checked the forum before posting...I literally just asked the same question this morning about an hour before you did.
  15. So how do these new polishes fit into the game? Now there’s only two. I had worked with the old labels enough and there was a definitive difference between correcting polish and finishing polish. Both had their place, did a job, and you could tell the difference. Now what? Is the new “polish” too aggressive to finish down and do what the old finishing polish did? How do they all compare? Because, all I see is white and blue. With the old labels, finishing polish would not be enough to remove the markings left behind from the correcting compound. Orange had it’s place. Are you now saying white is good enough to remove blue markings? If so, then I argue it won’t finish out like it used to. Or either blue is a lot less aggressive than it used to be.
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