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  1. 8675309'SS

    Rinseless Wash Towels.

    Borderless Grays were mentioned previously by @pirahnah3. These are what I use for my rinseless. Buy the stack if you can, and with a 15% sale they work out to be about $4.07 (USD) ea. https://adamspolishes.com/the-stack-adam-s-borderless-gray-towel-24-pack.html
  2. 8675309'SS

    Hey! I'm Jeremy

    Welcome! Love the color on your Mustang
  3. 8675309'SS

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    Just happened to notice this today. Looks like it was posted Friday. Enjoy!:
  4. 8675309'SS

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Nicely done, Jon. Pic #2
  5. No advice for the wheels because no experience. But let me take the opportunity to say: Oooo she’s purdy! You should take it to Camaro SuperFest in Ypsi in a few weeks.
  6. 8675309'SS

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Sticker received!
  7. 8675309'SS


  8. I bought my Pops a mini wheel woolie for Father’s Day. Good to hear it fits behind the calipers on your Vette. It should fit his then.
  9. 8675309'SS

    What did you do today?

    Since I finally got decent looking ones, I installed the dark tail lights and 3rd brake light on my car. I still needed to use some correcting polish and revive on the replaced set of lights. But it didn’t take much, and I was able to do it by hand.
  10. 8675309'SS

    Food Thread

    Had some Korean BBQ today. Pork Belly, Marinated Short Rib, & Spicy Pork.
  11. 8675309'SS

    patriot wax storing

    It’s not Patriot, but I keep my Americana wax in the beer fridge.
  12. 8675309'SS

    Food Thread

    For you Chris
  13. 8675309'SS

    Food Thread

    I also miss his constructive contributions. I did see some remarks which didn’t align with forum rules. So maybe he was banned? Don’t worry someone will post up a great dish soon, @falcaineer
  14. 8675309'SS

    Glad to be here from CO!

    Welcome! No humiliation here, we’ve already got that covered. Start with this thread and learn from our mistakes. What are you keeping shiny?
  15. 8675309'SS

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Yes! Awesome! Thank you, Sir