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  1. I know you’ve made up your mind, but figured this was a good thread for this example. This is a daily driver. I used PS on these wheels in Oct/Nov and have performed 3 or 4 washes since. I’ve used only Throwback shampoo in a bucket to wash the wheels. The barrels were cleaned with a wheel woolie once (in Feb) and faces got HGG then too. While I’m not dealing with performance brakes or pads with these, the PS significantly reduces the amount of crap that sticks to the wheels. Pic is today after a spray with water, and cleaning with the wheel brush and Throwback shampoo. They obviously need additional detailing, but that won’t happen until most of the road patch is done being put down—sometime in late April.
  2. What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Got to turn our gray dirty cars black today. I avoid posting pics of my Astra because.....it’s an Astra. But considering this car needs a lot of correction—the shine is pretty outstanding. Just a wash with throwback shampoo and dry with detail spray, plus and a quick wheel wash with TRC and VRT on each. Didn’t get a before of the Astra but it was awful, just like the Impala. Time to watch a little basketball.
  3. Tax Experts...Live/Work in Separate States?

    I’m not an expert, but good articles above. Your HR/ Payroll department should have some guidance for you especially if this is a common practice. Check out if there is a non-resident local tax in the city in which you are earning your income. See also from a different perspective: https://hr.cch.com/hhrlib/issues-answers/Multi-state-income-tax-For-which-state-must-employers-withhold.asp?date=December-21-2015
  4. Clinic in Connecticut - April 28 - official thread

    Sounds like fun. Mark me down as a complete wild card. If the weather is good and the stars aligned I could potentially make it. I love a good road trip.
  5. What is this?

    Thanks Rich. I used metal polish to clean all the carbon off, and those things were underneath all the black. I’ll try harder. Looks like maybe vinegar might be an option too.
  6. Those with more experience, can you tell me what this is? It’s on the chrome bezels around the exhaust on my Hubbs 2016 impala. Looks like a reaction? Or is it a failure in the plating?
  7. Hello from Reno, Nevada!!!

    Sweet ride. Welcome
  8. What did you do today?

    Heal fast Bob! Washed my car this morning at 6:30am before I had to work. It’s been dirty for a long while due to work schedule and the elements. Going to wash my hubby’s tomorrow morning and, if the weatherman is reporting the truth, we will have sun and 50 degrees so I can take the fun car out and row the gears. I’m ready for spring!
  9. Hey Jim, the video in product detail page shows all three tips. That iK9 looks awesome. I’m going to order one for my dad for Father’s Day. I think he will dig it. I’m going to have to test it though.
  10. Polisher and beer. And some brilliant glaze.
  11. PS and HGG is what I do currently. Last year I did the PS once. Once you have the paint sealant on them, you will likely be able to clean them with car shampoo and water. Wheel cleaner every time will probably be overkill. Since I usually do rinseless, I’ll wipe mine down with my leftover rinseless solution (with dedicated wheel towels and wheel bucket.) If It’s getting a 2 bucket I start out with the shampoo and water if it doesn’t quite do it, then I bring out the wheel cleaner. (Or sometimes when I just want to watch my wheels turn purple...) Ultimately though, my goal is to ceramic coat them. As an aside, I really like the wheel brush and the woolie for the throrough cleaning, btw, makes things so much easier.

    Those wheels look great in foam!
  13. Thanks. Found the info you are referring to.
  14. How will waterless wash or rinseless wash work in it? I assume those won’t foam? My my reason for asking is I am wondering if this one bottle can do double duty. For example can I use it with foaming products when I want; but can I also use as a sprayer for non foaming products (like rinseless)? Let me know if my question / thought needs clarification. I didn't read the website description so if the answer is there I didn’t look yet.
  15. Adam's Forums Post Milestone & /Anniversary Thread

    Nice, Chris! I think my post count would be double if I didn’t delete half the posts I write. (It’s probably better that way, though. )