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  1. 8675309'SS

    The two word game.

    center punch One of my favorite tools.
  2. 8675309'SS

    Car Photography

    Haha just go on tour with your camera. After stopping to see Rich, you can head here to the mitten then continue on your way to Shane and Jim.
  3. 8675309'SS

    Newbie checking in

    I agree with @Iceman . That is commitment. Check out the rinseless wash method if you haven’t aleady. I 💜 it. It can’t replace a 2 bucket all the time but, it’s a game changer.
  4. 8675309'SS

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Don’t know if my perception is skewed since this is the first day with out rain or clouds in about 2 weeks. But my little beater is looking good today after a wash and ceramic boost 1.0. (I used ceramic paste wax about a month ago.)
  5. 8675309'SS

    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Please dont grab detail spray and use it in your foam cannon. According to my Pops, cars n coffee detail spray is not an effective car shampoo. 🤭😂
  6. 8675309'SS

    Get. More. SPICE!

    Jim ——>
  7. 8675309'SS

    Interior challenge!!!

    My guess is 3hrs 47 mins. Waiting for satisfying after photos.....
  8. 8675309'SS

    Interior challenge!!!

    Jeals. My Astra needs carpet extraction.
  9. 8675309'SS

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    PM sent. Happened to me as well with one of the other stickers. Mine was missing from my delivered box, and by the time I got through to customer service I was told they were sold out. 😒
  10. 8675309'SS

    Random Thoughts

    Yes it makes me uncomfortable. Not sure why.
  11. 8675309'SS

    IK Foamer with Iron Remover

    Ooo misread that. My apologies.
  12. 8675309'SS

    IK Foamer with Iron Remover

    You can use the Iron Remover with the IK sprayer, but I don’t think will be as effective if you dilute it. I believe the dilution ratio you saw is if you use the wheel cleaner as an iron remover. (And that dilution ratio may have been for the old red wheel cleaner. Someone else can fact check me on that.)
  13. 8675309'SS

    Food Thread

  14. 8675309'SS

    Food Thread

    Best to pair that up with a good multivitamin..... 😉