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  1. Bump for Deedle. I can’t help, but one of these fine gentlemen could probably point you in the right direction. @mc2hill @shane@detailedreflections @Hamilton Detail @falcaineer
  2. 8675309'SS

    Food Thread

    @falcaineer been waiting a while to share this with you I’m actually disappointed in how the picture of the sandwich turned out. But you’ll get the gist...
  3. Well in that case....
  4. +1 Did it when I tried to tag you.
  5. Try changing the forum theme to default. (You can find the option at the bottom of the forum.) And if the editor asks if you want to switch to plain text from rich text, say yes.
  6. @GolfR life got in the way of my replying timely. See below for inventory. Duplicates up for trade. PM offers. Looking for: The gradient I am missing (orange background with green A) Maple leaf the others with red arrows are also of to interest me
  7. I believe I have some in the blue available too. Will check on Monday for ya.
  8. Bringing your question to @shane@detailedreflections attention. Two of those products are to clean the paint. Two are to top the coating. However I don’t think you don’t need to use all 4 products together. You probably CAN. But I’m not sure your NEED to. Shane will chime in with his expertise.
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