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  1. Those wheels deserve their own photo. Nice!
  2. 8675309'SS

    Food Thread

    Fried Chicken dipped in a North Carolina sauce. Fist time making it. Will make it again!
  3. Hat —————————> Ring! Thanks for the fun Dan and Adam’s team.
  4. Can someone make me some double soft mittens? 🤪 kidding 🤔 not kidding
  5. There was an Instagram post in November about marine grade ceramic coating. See below
  6. They are absolutely *not* worth the money! You can get perfectly good Premium Certified high speed HDMI cables for cheap. Monoprice.com and Amazon (AmazonBasics) brand are good no-frills cables to get. They are built well and are inexpensive—we use both brands in our home theater system. HDMI cables pass a digital signal, they work or they don’t. As long as the cable is rated for passing the necessary bandwidth (the reason for choosing a Premium Certified high speed HDMI cable), you’re good to go. There is no good reason to spend more than $10 for a 6 ft HDMI cable. More good info here: https://www.cnet.com/news/best-hdmi-cables-for-your-new-4k-and-hdr-tv/
  7. Finally got both our cars washed. It will last only a day, but I’ll enjoy it. The interiors need some attention, but maybe maybe next weekend. Time to have lunch and prep some goodies before the game.
  8. I know there are a few golf enthusiasts on this site. Feel free to contribute to this thread for general golf chat, share accomplishments, stories or the like. As someone else said, it might die with this post, or might survive a while— time will tell! Who who here has had a hole in one? (I have been close!) What is your favorite course in the state you live, and favorite out of state course (that you may have played on a vacation or other trip?) The Waste Management Phoenix Open is the first PGA event of the year that I tune in to. Who else will be watching?
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