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  1. I know this is a mega long shot, but if anyone is interested in working a trade or selling the bucket just the bucket— (and before I get chided, no Rich I’m not asking about buying chemicals—Just the bucket) please PM me. I have a friend who’s car is themed shamrocks and I would love to get this and surprise him. Thanks in advance! 💚🤞🏻
  2. 8675309'SS

    Food Thread

    @Liralen just dropped the 🎤 This the best cake ever. I have spoken.
  3. The holiday shampoo is thinner/ less viscous than I expected. It sloshes around freely in the bottle. Is this true of others’ experiences?
  4. I went looking for “the stack” today, and it’s gone. 😭 The possibility of 25% off on the stack had me pumped.
  5. How many hours spent on that hauler, @shane@detailedreflections?
  6. Veterans, thank you for your service, and my freedom!
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