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  1. 8675309'SS

    Can I 1-step with Adam's Heavy CC?

    OP My experience with heavy was that it left a bit of a haze. Enough that I would guess you wouldn’t be happy with it, even though I know you aren’t looking for perfection in this case. Could have been me and my lack of technique though. I’m sure you’ll get a few more people to chime in. I’d vote for the correcting polish as a one step.
  2. 8675309'SS

    New Guy Here - Should I buy 2 of the bucket deals?

    Welcome! Make sure you have plenty of good towels! Borderless greys are one of my favorites. Also check out the Rinseless wash. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. 8675309'SS

    Homemade detailer + ?

    I’ve found it to be pretty much forbidden, especially if there is a direct competitive product referenced. If you mentioned something Adam’s doesn’t sell/produce then light discussion seems to be tolerated. There are other open forums to discuss other brands and compare them, and since this is Adam’s forum—they can be a closed one. House rules and all. Ultimately this forum is an extension of their marketing and their customer service. They don’t have an obligation to present a platform for other products. At times I wish they allowed the discussion. Then I see the circus that abounds the mystery box thread and can only imagine the wild west show that would occur with competitive product discussion. It wouldn’t be good for Adam’s or the competitors. Hopefully we all come in here eyes wide open, knowing that the discussion will be narrow. Nonetheless, one can learn a ton of great things here; and the contributors pass down their knowledge willingly. My two cents.
  4. 8675309'SS

    Choosing the right products

    I vote for Oct if you end up squeezing one in this fall. I would need to put in a time off request for a day to make it over. Let us know what your thinking. Or if next year: after July.
  5. 8675309'SS

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    No. But I did use 50:50 ISP, after Tire and Rubber cleaner. The spots got whiter with the ISP.
  6. 8675309'SS

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Update on the trim from my previous post. Used Trim Restorer on it yesterday. Though I only used drops, I still used too much. I applied it yesterday and had to wipe off some residue today. I’m pretty impressed with the coverage over those stains. Can’t wait to use the Trim Restorer on the cowl, and my grille.
  7. 8675309'SS

    Choosing the right products

    @shane@detailedreflections You are much appreciated on this forum. Your answers and guidance are well thought out and thorough. I’ve learned quite a bit from you! Whish I had been able to make it to your clinic. If you decide to do another, fingers crossed it is in the fall. I’ve always wanted to see the fall colors on the east coast. Thanks for your sticking around and contributing!
  8. 8675309'SS

    New Guy Checking In

    I agree it’s always best to have plenty of towels on hand—especially cleaning multiple rides. OP if you need more, don’t forget about this awesome deal on borderless grays. Since you are going to be at HQ I’d ask if they could just match the price for you if you plan to buy them. Especially since you are loading up on other stuff.
  9. Yes, definitely no bashing the pizza. What a mess that would be.
  10. 8675309'SS

    Foaming Cleaner on Road Salt Stains??

    +1 Ran into this about a month ago. The picture doesn’t quite show what a hard crust of road salt that was.
  11. 8675309'SS

    So you think you have scratches

    @07stanggt which two polishes did you use? And what pads? Looks fantastic!
  12. 8675309'SS

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    This morning, before it got hotter than Hades, I finally took a hose and a brush to the engine bay of my Astra. Despite all the proven fact that it’s safe, I was still a big 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓. Results are nice! It’s not going to win any awards, but looks better. Found some spots I’ll need to try to get next time with a tooth brush. Used the sidekick to blow out debris. Covered any electrical connections I was unsure about with plastic grocery bags. I rinsed it down, sprayed the Eco all purpose cleaner, let dwell a bit. Then used my wheel brush and lug nut brush to agitate the cleaner. I then did the under side if the hood. Sprayed with Eco APC, agitated with brush and rinsed everything. Removed plastic bags, Used sidekick to blow out the water. Used a cheap MF to wipe down some areas I couldnt get to with brush, and finished drying. Dressed with VRT and In n Out spray. Not sure what stained the plastic at the front. It was there before I started cleaning. But now it’s really noticeable. I’ll see what the trim restorer can do later this week.
  13. 8675309'SS

    Food Thread

    Missed you Joe! And your Food pics.
  14. 8675309'SS

    2 new products for me

    You could also keep the waterless wash handy in the car with a borderless grey (or other appropriate towel) for cleaning bird bombs.
  15. 8675309'SS

    Hello hello!

    Welcome Jessica!