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    Camaros carshows Women Beer and Rock N Roll
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  1. Oh man I have never ever seen my Camaro SS 1LE look so good and I have been using patriot wax and numerous other Adam's products. The ceramic spray is freaking awesome. Thanks guys for one heck of a product. About quarter way through video you can see the results. Adam's Polishes Ceramic Spray
  2. I gotta say holy wow the shine is impressive. Hopefully tomorrow I win that award for best Camaro. You guys can see if I will here if you want https://www.youtube.com/zoutlawss Products used Buttery wax Brilliant Glaze VRT Adams Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Adams Window Cleaner Adams Undercarriage Spray Adams In & Out Spray Patriot Wax about a month ago I'll have it up on Tuesday
  3. hahaha I've had those shades for six years now. got a new pair but still like my old shades. The hair oh well need more than VRT
  4. All I can say is wow I get more compliments on the shine using Adams than I have ever had using other people products. Patriot Wax and Brilliant Glaze is definetly something you want to use if you are putting your car into shows. Detail spray is by far my favorite for last minute touch ups. Love the VRT as well. You would think I am addicted to Adams. My garage is full of Adams, my trunk,my desk and my nightstand by my bed. Thanks Adam for a great addiction
  5. Visit my YouTube channel to see more car action


    ZoutlawSS YouTube

  6. Made my entire garage smell good
  7. hahaha love the color red even my phone is red and black custom made with Camaro SS engraved on it
  8. I live in Georgia way too many trees to get the sunset Man I wish I was back in Texas sunsets where KiNg
  9. Put my Adams banner up and then got the car ready for tomorrow's car show. Had some Buttery wax laying around so I figured what the heck lets try it for the first time. Got it in a mystery box. Love how easy it was to get off. Used a polisher to apply and wiped it right off, Used Brilliant Glaze on all windows and used my wheel woolie for the first time. I freakin love the wheel woolie
  10. Put a coat of brilliant Glaze on the SS went to a 4th Of July carshow and won a nice wall plaque and a $250 a night free hotel stay. Rode in a parade and blinded everyone with the shine from Patriot and Brilliant Glaze
  11. LOve Brilliant Glaze especially with Patriot
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