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  1. I don't have any experience with the IK multi sprayers but I like traditional pump sprayers for some reason. Zep has a nice 32 oz high output chemical sprayer with a fairly large mouth to refill that sprays my Adam's products very well.
  2. Received my order yesterday. Fruit snack, fruit cologne are as good as a description as any. To me, the smell is not strong which is nice.
  3. Quick question... Does the 2500 include both the silver and the gold label?
  4. Well, when you take the first part of the color name into account, it is pretty accurate. While I don't like the peppers (too hot), I do like the color.
  5. Just a thought, but you can find/see a ton of ways people have been organizing their collections in this link...
  6. Devon - Just a heads up.. you are going to get flagged by the forum police. No selling of Adam's chemicals (even though you not selling, but buying) Good luck on your hunt. I know that particular set was very popular.
  7. Same for me... used 303 until I found that I really liked the results of diluted VRT.
  8. + 1 on this approach. I clean out the buckets as well prior to refilling with clean water and fresh soap. It does use more water but the runoff just ends up running into a couple of tree beds at the end of the driveway which generally have to be watered anyway, so I don't see it being wasteful
  9. I'm a VRT guy for my tonneau cover as well but use it in a diluted form so I can spray it on and wipe off the excess. Use about 30% product to 70% distilled water in a 16oz bottle. You probably can get away with less VRT and more water, but I like the results I get so I've just stuck with it.
  10. This is what I use as well for my 2 car garage. While a permanent system with a thermostat would be nice, this does fit my needs.
  11. Here is an oldie but goodie. This is when I started using APC for the pads... still miss those Shine Doc series. The Watercooler Wednesday's look to be fulfilling the void left by Shine Doc but I still really liked that original series. Taught me a ton.
  12. For me personally, I'm not a fan of the Eco Wheel Cleaner. I'm all for being as Eco friendly as I can with the products I use, but in the end I just like the results of the original that much better. (just for perspective, my daily driver wheels are not coated nor maintained very often between washes which average between 10-14 days)
  13. For me, the original APC is just better in every way when compared to the Eco and others that are much cheaper. No scientific reasons, I just like the results. I love the Eco for general cleaning and use it around the house all the time. For heavy cleaning of pads, heavy stains, etc. I just love the original APC (even compared to 'Heavy Degreaser' cleaners from other brands.) I have fortunately had a supply to last me awhile but that did not stop me from ordering a half dozen bottles. Here are my main uses: Cleaning All Polishing Pads / Applicators (no matter the polish and/or product) Cleaning heavy stained towels (soaking them) before washing (use microfiber cleaner in washing machine as well)
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