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  1. Wy_detailing

    Cinco De Mayo Detail Spray Wanted!!

    I have a lead on one maybe two
  2. Looking for a cinco de mayo detail spray to complete my complete collection of detail spray!! Have lots of extra to trade, willing to trade more expensive items as well, really want one!!
  3. Wy_detailing

    Adams VRT in Medford OR?

    Check with Gary Parham in Damascus, he is one of the largest Adams dealers in the US and has just about every product
  4. Wy_detailing


    I heard from my local dealer that their prices are increasing. Didn’t think t would be a $10 increase as it has been on some items though
  5. You could try a diluted eco-APC. Even diluted the stiff foams up and cleans super well.
  6. Wy_detailing

    Eco Wheel Cleaner as Iron Remover

    No it will not remove iron. The wheel cleaner can be used as an iron remover straight up or mixed 1:1 with distilled water as well.
  7. Wy_detailing

    Waxes and ASSC for trade

    I have a new patriot, old patriot and new Americana for trade. Also have all four of the ASSC bottles for trade as well (glass cleaner, tire shine and two detail sprays). Looking for Gallon tire and rubber cleaner Gallon detail spray Microfiber cutting pads (New) Swirl killer or Rupes (21 or 15mm) VRT Master Blaster New foam cannon (red top)
  8. Wy_detailing

    Inside of Windshield

    Brilliant glaze!
  9. Wy_detailing

    Correcting Polish Help!

    I do 4 dots on the pad, work it in for 2 min or so and then it is easy to remove. Be sure you are working the polish long enough to break it down. The orange correcting polish has diminishing abrasives in it, the longer you polish the more shine it adds. I also like to use the look of the polish to gauge how much product I need. It’s hard to explain, but I like to have enough so that the area I’m working looks almost like it has just been waxed (wax still on the paint). The product should spread evenly on the area your working and not have any “dry spots” if this happens I add a bit of polish, and I usually do not use much detail spray as it seams to clog the pad after time. Hope this helps
  10. Wy_detailing

    Ceramic coating on new painted wheels

    I coated my barrels and then had them balanced and had no issues with the weights.
  11. Wy_detailing

    New Wax?

    They did say they will come back with more later on in a less expensive container
  12. Wy_detailing

    Mysterious green wax.

  13. Wy_detailing

    New Wax?

    It’s here!
  14. Wy_detailing

    Adam Pitale to be in Bellevue, WA?!

    I see a 3 hour drive in my future!
  15. I put all mine in a cabinet, still have open room to hold more but I just put them in a single row so I can see everything