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  1. More new goodies coming soon!

    I got to try the new squash air freshener today, not sure I would call it “squash” but man does it smell good!! Probably one of my favorite air fresheners
  2. More new goodies coming soon!

    Saw this today too, pretty cool to see them in Costco!
  3. More new goodies coming soon!

    New hand cleaner, phone cases, air fresheners, polisher holder, hoodies, stickers, ultra foam shampoo in gallons and 16oz, carbon fiber license plate frame, premium hose, a detailing cart seat and more!!
  4. More new goodies coming soon!

    And for anybody wondering about the Kindigit/Adams collaboration
  5. More new goodies coming soon!

    Normal product. New hoodie too! Matt said they are beefing up the server as well in preparation
  6. More new goodies coming soon!

    Oh boy!!! I’ve been waiting for this 😁
  7. Holiday Detail Spray!

    The white detail spray is cinnamon and the interior detailer is candy cane
  8. Brushes

    The current red/black is tires, red is wheels and white/black is the fender brush. The blue one you have is the old tire brush, the new black/red one is softer and works great too
  9. What do you guys think about using the tough glass towel for bug guts on the front bumper? Would it be to rough for paint or soft enough for removing stuck on bugs? I was thinking you could dip it into the wash bucket and use it to get the stubborn bugs off but not sure if it it to aggressive for paint or not. Thoughts?
  10. New product spied

    It’s cinnamon