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  1. I averaged 31.5mpg on this trip, usually around 28mpg otherwise
  2. I love this little thing so far! This is my 3rd focus, 1st focus ST. Great fuel mileage, power, driving feel and room. Just got back from a few hundred mile trip to eastern Oregon for New Years. Had to wash it the second I got home!! Yuck
  3. First maintenance wash on my new 2017 Focus ST! Just gave it a 2 step paint correction, ceramic coating on the paint, wheels, trim, glass and leather! Super fun little car with 252hp and a 6 speed manual! Now time for some upgrades 👀
  4. Wy_detailing

    eBay DS

    Cinnamon, here is the correct color
  5. Wy_detailing

    eBay DS

    I believe he states that’s it is refilled with regular DS
  6. He uses chemical guys citrus wash red, it’s a good stripping shampoo but they stopped selling it a little while back and he bought the last few drums. He is working on making his own formula of citrus decon wash now that’s purple!
  7. Once I sprayed mine it smelled more like pumpkin to me, rather than just smelling it or if the bottle
  8. Weird, looks like one of their older style sprayers
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