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  1. I emailed Adam himself the other day about using detail spray and H20 guard and gloss after watching him apply it to his coating SUV in their winter washing video on YouTube. He said that neither product with affect the coatings water beading abilities or life of the coating. I was really surprised to hear this after always believing that the coating should not have any other products other than ceramic boost applied to it.
  2. Detail Spray and H2O Guard Gloss

    Start with the foam cannon and ultra foam shampoo or regular shampoo (your choice) then wash the car using the two bucket method. After you wash the car and while it is still wet, grab your detail spray and clay. Spray down an area with detail spray and clay the panel, the move around and clay the car. After you clay you can wash again or just rinse off the car. Then while the car is still wet after the final rinse use h20 guard and gloss with two microfiber towels and wet one towel down. Next, spray h2p guard and gloss on the panel, use the wet towel to spread the product and your other dry towel to buff off. Then stand back and enjoy the shine!
  3. Extras for trade!

    Or strip wash?
  4. Extras for trade!

    Do you have any more APC, detail spray, VRT, or shampoo?
  5. Extras for trade!

    What else do you have that you could include in trade for a foam cannon? Maybe one more product?
  6. Saw these photos on Instagram the other day, looks like a new paint coating maybe?
  7. Extras for trade!

    I have two for sale, which one were you interested in?
  8. Where do I begin?

    I think that’s a great start, but I would suggest getting some of the new ultra plush drying towels in place of the older great white drying towels in that kit (new plus drying towel is a huge improvement over the previous ones). I would also add in something to protect the paint. Wether it be h2O guard and gloss (a water activated sealant that you spray on the car after washing and still wet) to provide shine, water beading and some protection or Americana wax. That should be in your budget and will help protect the paint and make it look great. Brilliant glaze is also a great product to add shine, but doesn’t offer any protection, something for the wishlist! You could also look at getting products for the wheels and tires instead of protection. Wheel cleaner, tire and rubber cleaner and a few brushes will get you going to start, or even just some ECO-All Purpose Cleaner as you can use it on wheels, tires, fender wells, the engine bay and anywhere else really
  9. Extras for trade!

    This years and last years 4th of July, v-day, last years christmas
  10. Extras for trade!

    Straight across trade? I’d also be in for the vrt and tire shine if you were interested in anything else I have
  11. Your probably thinking of the foam gun, which comes with multiple orifsces to change the amount of foam made
  12. Extras for trade!

    I have glass boost, brilliant glaze, a few limited edition detail sprays, rinseless wash, undercarriage spray, revive hand polish and leather conditioner I believe. I’m interested in the APC, gallon or 32oz
  13. What did you do today?

    Here is the bottle from Adam’s. Since they don’t make the 32oz bottles I wanted to try using these so I wouldn’t have to refill bottles so often. They say to use sharpie for best results (which looks good) but it wears off over time so I made some labels with a label maker and now I’m going to take some clear packing tape or some sort of clear tape and go over the labels so they don’t come off 😁
  14. New Waterless Wash towels

    I have some of those, some with the same edge but just a black and clear label and some of the old all blue ones, I have had them all for a while now so I don’t think they are “new”