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  1. Wy_detailing

    TRADE- Looking for GM SHAMPOO

    That far left detail delay in your pic is a fake, just a heads up!
  2. Older picture but here is mine!
  3. Wy_detailing

    Spray top tubes too long

    Weird, looks like one of their older style sprayers
  4. Wy_detailing

    Limited Edition Products

  5. Wy_detailing

    Limited Edition Products

  6. Wy_detailing

    Limited Edition Products

  7. Wy_detailing

    Limited Edition Products

    Here are some of mine!
  8. Wy_detailing

    Can anyone tell me what this was?

    It was a detail spray. I actually emailed the owner of untamed and he said he had never seen it, so I wonder if Adams never actually even got it out as a test sample. Jeff and Matt are really good friends, he has a sample of the 2018 mystery scent too with a deferent label (like the airfreshners, lines instead of bubble colors)
  9. Wy_detailing

    Spray top tubes too long

    Do you have a pic of it?
  10. Wy_detailing

    when was ceramic boost reformulated????

    I don’t believe this was changed earlier. It has a different green color than the old boost and has the “new” sticker on it. Not released until today
  11. Wy_detailing

    What towel is this?

    Looks like their old edge style stitching. How long ago did you get the MB?
  12. Wy_detailing

    Adams Thule backpack

    I’d be interested, let me know what your looking for.
  13. Wy_detailing

    100k Detail Spray Value

    Same bottle as the first time, and the second time.... either the buys keep backing out or it’s fake
  14. Wy_detailing

    New label?

    That picture was from SEMA it looks like, I’ve seen a few pictures floating around though. Hopefully it will happen soon. Happy birthday Kyle!
  15. Wy_detailing

    In and out in the well?

    Yes you can, works great!