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  1. For getting into those tight spots! Would work good in interior too.
  2. I’m thinking Adam’s valve stem covers. With the Adam logo on them. Maybe some detail spray candles or waterless wash or tire shine. Anyone else have any ideas for some items.
  3. PRO TIP: Dilution Ratios

    👍🏼👍🏼 Thanks. My wheels are never that dirty so i feel like I’m wasteing product using full strength. I’ll try out 1:1
  4. PRO TIP: Dilution Ratios

    Is wheel cleaner dilluateable? Thanks
  5. Clear buckets

    You could probably see the color of the water and what not see how much dirt is in there.
  6. So saw this pic on Instagram and thought it would be sick to have clear buckets to see what’s going on in them. Looked around and don’t see anyone already doing this so maybe Adam’s should hop on it.
  7. What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    A quick waterless wash and brilliant glaze after an interior detail. It was just to nice outside.
  8. Foaming a car after coating

    I feel like that isn’t something to be worried about.. that just means other things aren’t sticking on your car either.
  9. Ceramic boost

    Gonna add on to this real quick. With the paint sealant, will wax and guard and gloss be okay to apply after the sealant ?

    Cannon. 👍🏽

    Okay I’ll get in on this. Foamtacular!!