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  1. Just what the heading says. I have plenty to trade or can buy out right. Please let me know
  2. BUMP. I am looking for a foam gun or sidekick blaster. I don’t need any chemicals so I’m open to offers of anything else
  3. Is re-finished the same thing as getting them polish ?
  4. Not sure if it’s oxidation or what but it’s covering all my rims now and need some help getting the cleaned up. Idk how it happened if I’ve been doing something wrong, all I use is Adams wheel cleaner on my rims. Maybe I use it to much? Any help would be great! Pictures below. The wheel that has less oxidation is one that I tried cleaning with metal polish and #0000 steel wool for about an hour.
  5. All are unopened never used some are a couple years old. Let me know what you need and we can work something out.
  6. I have some new pads and so polished. I’ll be interested I just have to get a good look at exactly what I have
  7. I’m interested in all the waterless wash and the grit guard. Anything you are looking for ?
  8. Anyone have for sale or trade some of the red shampoo pumps Adams used to sell. Or anyone know if they’re ever going to bring them back. Need a few more.
  9. All brand new except paint sealant has been used once. looking for tire and rubber cleaner but open to all offers. Let me know!
  10. Is trading Adams products for Adams gift card allowed ?
  11. Still available? Interested in cinco de Mayo sprey and boost. Tried to send a PM but not working
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