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  1. Just finishing applying the coating.. Some spots went on easier and others were really sticky. Im down in S. FL and its still gross and hot. I noticed some areas had lines on the door panels an appeared greasy looking. Any Ideas are those high spots?
  2. Can you recommend one that I can pick up right away
  3. Yes I def made the mistake of using the finishing polish which has waxes in it. Now will the prep spray remove everything needed to coat or would i have to rewash with a strip wash before coating?
  4. Shane last question! I’m using the griots. Fast correcting cream and finishing polish. Is it bad to use the finishing polish because I think it acts as a sealant and I’m not sure it this is gonna be a problem when it comes time to the ceramic coating.
  5. Quick question, I have strip washed, iron x'ed, washed, clayed, washed and began my paint correction process.. So far so good. My question now is when it comes to the emblems the chrome door handles do i just go right over them with the ceramic coating? Or do I tape them off with blue painters tape?
  6. When applying the Ceramic coating, should i do more than 1 coat. I see others doing 5 -10 coats of other coatings....
  7. Everyone thanks for the help and responses. I pulled the trigger and ordered the ceramic coating. I’ll post some before and after's when I get this project done
  8. I have been contemplating doing the ceramic coating on my 2009 Infiniti G37. The vehicle has been taken care of however there are rock chips on the bumper and a couple on the hood that a pretty small. I am wondering if I would have to purchase touch up paint before ceramic coating or would it be safe and acceptable to go right over them with the coating. The next question is should I for go the coating and just buy the paste and boost and use those products instead? I am comfortable doing the prep work just having a hard time deciding what to do. Thanks everyone.
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