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  1. This... people always ask how much ill charge for wax and ask them if they want to pay to have it done correctly or not. prep is definitely key to a good foundation for the rest of the products applied after that
  2. So I did some work this weekend and finally opened it and removed about 6" section of cord where the wires inside had basically kinked broken. I take of it pretty well and do my best to keep the cord from twisting in the wrong way but I was able to put new ends on the wires and add a layer of heat shrink to prevent it from moving or kinking in the future so hopefully that stays remedied
  3. first come first serve haha. thanks everyone
  4. have a 16oz bottle of wash and wax that I never used. give me an address and it yours
  5. im sure my SK has a short or inconsistent contact in the wires some where. I have to keep the cable in a certain position while running it I wonder if that's your same issue, hopefully I can get a replacement cable because it is a vital tool of mine
  6. *nervous laugh* the GTI....... uh... is dirty haha... I know, I know "mechanics car needs work done to it" kinda deal I should find some time to touch it up in the coming weeks. I haven't done anything other than regular washes since December of 2016 and I can barely see some very very minor scratches from road dirt and general upkeep but I do plan on getting the ceramic kit soon. It really needs a clutch and im just waiting for that to show up so I can make some major changes to its entire theme and throw more go fast parts on it
  7. I never did get pictures of this one when I originally fixed it back in November but I did some touch for one of my customers and I absolutely love this car. Was driven through some sprinklers so I had to remove some water spots from it yesterday. PS.. That's my GTI in the background
  8. I shall reach out to one of them soon. show season is around the corner and im loading up on supplies and filling appointments quickly
  9. darn it. I usually wear a nice collar shirt (AMG or VW dryfit) when I clean up customers car to be professional so of course an adams shirt would be awesome.
  10. Dr.Bora


    I have a wash and wax that I will trade for the guard and gloss
  11. Looking to buy shirts in size L. Preferably any collar shirts but regular t-shirts will do as well. Just checked the site and only saw the red foil.
  12. have one bottle of wash and wax for trade. i used it once so about 1 ounce if that. Just didnt like the way it worked. prefer the car shampoo and DS method. things i need or would like include wheel cleaner wheel brush wash pad ultra plush drying towel (will pay difference if thats allowed since the towel isnt a chemical) ceramic boost odor neutralizer detail spray of course in and out spray just throwing those items in there. not trying to lowball anyone but i know some that get extra things in their MB that dont have a use for or dont need items included. Thanks everyone
  13. I do have some and unfortunately it had the felt liners on the front and rear. it did have some plastic retainer pieces that are about an inch wide and I did hit those with the under carriage spray. I had the temptation to drink it since I was tired and thirsty and the grape smell was appealing
  14. Thanks everyone!! I've created an album online on my fb to keep track of my details as well
  15. Had the opportunity to clean up this Jeep for a friend of mine this weekend while the weather was nice. I'm still learning things as I go and do this in my free time so I'll use this thread to keep track on my progress, take in constructive criticism and help others along the way. I know the fundamental basics of paint correction and protection as I've done a few vehicles and most of them being black. Here is what it looked like before. It wasn't in bad shape but it did need a little TLC. Started off with a soak, laid down the strip wash with the wash pad, tire and rubber cleaner, and brought it over to clay. Here is after the clay. Now that I had it clayed. Washed it with the car shampoo and scrubbed the engine bay with the Eco All Purpose Cleaner and a soft bristle brush. After washing the engine bay I just let it sit to dry while the outside was dried with compressed air and the drying towel. After this the engine was left alone and looked great!! On to the scratches, spots and discoloration. Always look the vehicle over and notate or keep a mental picture of the imperfections to address on the next step. Used the DA Polisher with the orange pad and the correcting polish to touch up those areas that need some attention. Although not very noticeable, I wanted to take that extra step for the wow factor upon delivery of the vehicle. Once those are gone, its time to add sealant, glaze and wax. Put sealant on the entire vehicle including the windows. Applied the brilliant glaze and finally the Americana Paste wax which took forever to dry!!!! Didn't help that it was very humid that day. Finished up with the interior being vacuumed, spot clean with the interior cleaner then added the interior detailer. Exterior was wiped down, inspected and added a little amount of tire shine for the clean, not overdone, look. REALLY enjoyed doing this one!! This is my first vehicle of the year and hope for many more to come. Until next time!!
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