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  1. Post Mystery Box Trade

    I have some interior detailer I would trade for that. I can send a new utility towel with it as well. also would trade an interior detailer for the interior cleaner
  2. 2 Interior Detailer

    I now have 3 interior detailer that I don't need. I would like to trade for in and out spray, interior cleaner, or a wheel woolie.
  3. What kit should I buy first?

    so I read the topic quickly as "what kid should I buy first?" and had a slight thought process stall about now being able to buy a child.... odd... any way... wax and/or sealant is a good start and a basic wash kit. shampoo and a good wash pad
  4. MB shipped separate?

    update on this. kourtney reached out to me and shes got me taken care of. shes super awesome btw. not just because of this but because she has a mk7 and supports the car community as a whole. keep up the great work kourtney and all the Adams team
  5. Items for trade

    I don't have anything to trade for that wheel brush that you don't already have but seeing that it isn't a chemical I would send you some money for it.
  6. 2 Interior Detailer

    Two interior detailer 16oz bottles for trade. not really looking for anything in particular but open to any offers. Let me know what you have
  7. Detailed Grandma's Car

    Thanks!! OP, sorry for the thread jack. Wasn't intentional
  8. MB shipped separate?

    yeah, I double checked on my profile for another tracking link and checked off the items on the packing list. Im not upset or anything about. I know for sure they must be hectic with the tons of orders coming in. Just wondered if they were sending the MB in a separate box since I didn't get it with my other items. I sent in an email to customer service so hopefully they get back with me sometime soon.
  9. MB shipped separate?

    I placed an order for a refill of my stock items and threw in a mystery box to take advantage of it. Received the package today but didn't have any of the MB stuff in it, double checked my order and the package slip. I'm wondering if this go around the MB are being shipped separate from the regular orders. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  10. Detailed Grandma's Car

    Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the damage that was left but it had some really bad water spots on the rear fenders by the doors, on the carbon spoiler (which I was nervous to touch) and had lots of residue left over from the protective film for shipping. The hood had a scratch from who knows what and one of the guys tried to clean it up and made it worse. The owner is the service director for a buick/gmc dealer and let one of his detail guys try to buff it out.
  11. Looking to Buy some Extra Products!

    Def trade is a good option for you. also as mentioned before the mystery boxes are great!
  12. Saying hello from Plano, Texas

    That color is definitely sweet!!! Welcome!!
  13. Saying hi from Boston, MA

  14. Detail project of the weekend!

    I agree with BG. Makes the metallic so much better
  15. The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Don't run out of product mid full-on paint correction job.. almost did that last week