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  1. camp316

    Wife's new car 2017 Corrolla LE

    Two days later, she parks at the bank, comes out a half hour later and finds this. down to the white meat, so awesome
  2. camp316

    Wife's new car 2017 Corrolla LE

    Wiped it down with alcohol and broke out the Adam's seal. For this car a applied the sealant with a microfiber square sponge thing. My thinking was that with winter coming up i wanted to lay a thick layer of sealant down. Not sure if im wrong about this as it seems like what sticks might be the same if done with machine or by hand. Then glazed, always impressed with the Adam's glaze, goes on easy and super easy to buff off and looks awesome. Finished off with some extra seal/carabuna wax. 6 hours and a sore back but i think it was worth it P.S. No idea why the pictures are upside down.
  3. Just got the wife a 2017 Corrolla LE, we decided to purchase this instead of her usual lease, so i really wanted to get it polished and sealed cause we need like 10 years outta this thing. Pretty sure the dealership detailed it by throwing a bucket of water at it, it was in bad shape or a new car.
  4. camp316

    Road Paint everywhere

    i tried, i ran right to a drive through car wash, then to a pressure washer one, then went at it with plastic razor blades. Road paint dries fast, real fast and its no joke.
  5. camp316

    Road Paint everywhere

    So to give and update and ask for advise, I scrapped and scrapped and scrapped. I made progress but there is sooo much more to do. I finally gave up, bought new plastics for my wheel wells and am now trying to get the county responsible to pay for the damage. I made a police report the day it happened and also called the county office. County seemed like he heard about the guy spilling the paint without directly saying it and sent me a packet of paper work to fill out for their insurance company. Filled out the paper work and today received a letter saying that they are not liable for damages and denied my entire claim. I called the agent at the bottom of the denial and asked why, he then started to grill me. He said asked me stuff like what was the truck number, how do I know it was spilled from a bucket, etc. Pretty much acted like i made the entire thing up. I basically said im not trying to get one over I just want the damage fixed. After a little back and forth he finally asked that i email him the pictures of the road and my truck and said he will have to investigate further. My question is has anyone ever gone down the road before? Trying to get someone or the local government to fix the damages. I have never done this before and im flying blind against an insurance company that doesn't want to help. I forgot to mention that i bought the plastic wheel wells and submitted the receipt with the claim as well as a quote for a detail, two tires, and running boards (all of which were damaged) for a total of about $1700.
  6. Glad i asked, never thought of the counter tops
  7. Just got my Pumpkin scented Detail Spray and love the smell, cant get enough. Made me wonder what else i can use it on? So far I have used it on my guitar and laptop. Any other suggestions or uses? Kinda wanna spray it everwhere
  8. camp316

    Polished the Wife's Avalanche

    Nice job man. Reminds me how much i love polished/waxed black!
  9. Mods - i apologize if i put this in the wrong thread, please move if possible
  10. Ive seen some detailing videos on YouTube where they would sub the car was soap for detail spray when using the clay bar. Most would wash car regularly with mitt but not rinse, instead would leave all the suds on and start claying as usual. When i did mine i used this method and also shot some detail spray when needed. I feel this save a lot of detail spray but wanted you guys thoughts on it.
  11. camp316

    Waterless Wash

    i was skeptical at first too. Until spring came and pollen started piling up. Now its one of my most used items. I usually do a two bucket wash weekly or every other weekend, but break out the rinseless, (actually dilute it to make waterless) in between. Its great to use as a touch up if your going out with the car or after it rains.
  12. camp316

    Road Paint everywhere

    For the plastics? WD then clay?
  13. camp316

    Road Paint everywhere

    thank you all, will clay next weekend Any suggestions for the plastic wheel wells?
  14. So they have been repainting all the streets around my town this summer. Today i was driving into work and apparently there was a bucket of the paint spilled in the middle of the road and i didn't notice it until i was driving right through. I ran to the nearest car wash (i know its wrong but i was desperate) but not much came off. I was able though to hit it with waterless wash and lightly go over with a plastic razor blade. This, thankfully got the majority off the flat parts of the truck but i am struggling with the plastic wheel wells and trim as well as the smaller parts of the bottom. Before i destroy my paint, i wanted to come to you guys for some suggestions. Also a big Thank you to Adams's as i just washed my truck a few days ago with H2O wash and gloss, as well as a layer of paint seal three months ago. Without Adams i would have been in a lot more trouble.
  15. no i did not this time, hmmmm good call