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  1. I’d be rolling up at the shop, not a happy camper! 😡🤬 At the same time I always make sure prior, that they won’t be touching anything 🤷‍♂️
  2. Awesome, plus with 2 bottles, 1 for the house and for the trunk (or anywhere else!)
  3. Nickfire20

    Food Thread

    That’s wagyu! They feed those cows beer and massage them! We all need that in our life!
  4. Ultra has a little bit of SIO2 in it. So it could be helping a bit. DS is also an awesome thing....I dont know anyone who has tried Adam’s DS, who did not continue using it.
  5. I was gonna say the same! I traded in my old 2016 tahoe, H2O and VRT On the tires, obviously it was generally in great condition, I worked them and got $47K for it. They said it looked better than show room.
  6. Never tried but first thing that comes to mind is straight ISP alcohol. It takes Sharpie marker off most things.
  7. I have never heard anything bad about it. Everyone loves CWW. I have been alternating, or using WW for heavier stuff. I still have 2 jugs of WW, and just recently got a 12 and 64oz of CWW. When I first got the CWW, I tested alongside WW on my front bumper’s bug splatter. They worked extremely similar and the CWW may have been a tad better at cleaning
  8. Yup yup, both good bits of advice. And removing CB overspray with CB, eh no good. Brilliant glaze is best so far and this is a Ceramic Coated Tahoe. Good learning tid bit overall and definitely a detailing DONT DO! UPDATE... Revive is making quick work of the overspray!
  9. I cleaned the Tahoe up real nice like the other day. Ultra foam bath, wash, wheels, tires, and all. It was nasty after all this stupid rain...fast forward to today, I go to do a waxing of the new Ceramic Liquid Wax, and the surface feels very rough and not smooth. Under further investigation i see spotting. Long story short, the over spray of ceramic boost while hitting my wheels the other day under windy conditions, blew the boost all over the paint and windows. It took over an hour just to clean off 3 panels so far today. Clay did very little, while scrubbing it with Brilliant Glaze has been helpful. So for anyone who ever doubted CB, that **** is serious! Going to try to remove it using itself... Ceramic Boost....and will report back.
  10. Sooooo, none of Adam’s products compare...they all EXCEED SIGNIFICANTLY!...at a much better value! Brand new vehicle I would strongly recommend a ceramic coating!
  11. I thought it was no weather for 24hrs, and no wash for 7days. It is technically still curing for a few weeks
  12. I use Adam’s Double Soft for application (wipe on, wipe off) just like DS. There is basically no need for a second towel, when I do this. This is also Adam’s recommendation I use this on my coated Tahoe with flawless results I use this on my wifes NON coated Honda with 99% flawless results, once in a while I will get a high spot at the edge of my spreading area, some waterless wash, and it’s gone.
  13. You made my cry a little bit...a brush car wash 🤦‍♂️ Ok ok ok I’m over it. Pics of this tar would best. Could possibly try clay May need a designated tar remover also ....a car wash!? 🤷‍♂️
  14. I also thought that was aTRIPLE, those things are like fluffy pillows!
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