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  1. Nickfire20

    Ceramic Boost 2.0

    No way, send it to me! Need anything?
  2. Nickfire20

    New Member

    Yes, you can, works great, as does waterless wash and even Guard n Gloss if you have that
  3. Nickfire20

    Revive Hand Polish

    It worked for me on my old black Tahoe. It removed water spots quick and easy by hand, and on the DA. As for defects, I doubt it, its more of a chemical cleaner. I have seen it remove baked on spray paint, in Der Dave’s video on youtube. If you don’t know Der Dave, do some research, you will be very surprised.
  4. Nickfire20

    Daily Wipe Down

    I would think daily is safer than once or twice a week. Right? Less dirt daily, where as if you let the dirt build up then wipe, you may mar. As long as you are doing good technique, lifting as you wipe in straight lines. NOT just moving the towel all around in all directions and not flipping the towel, that would be horrible.
  5. Nickfire20

    Clay bar after sealent

    I use clay or a mitt monthly or maybe every other month on the lower rockers, of if i have bad bug guts. Then just reapply to those small areas afterwards. No biggy
  6. Nickfire20

    Ceramic Boost 2.0

    Hmmm, I think they are similar to Adam’s Borderless Grey...try to do 2-3 sprays into the towel, then apply to the paint
  7. Nickfire20

    Ceramic Boost 2.0

    Haven’t had an issue, what towel were you using?
  8. Nickfire20

    New H20 Guard & Gloss????

    GnG works well as a stand-alone, for the winter I would use it every wash(since they are spread out greatly) to ensure protection. You could always double up on the lower panels, they get beat up quick.
  9. Nickfire20

    New Spray Wax Question

    I’m pretty sure Adam’s anticipated all of these questions, and thats why they made a pretty good write up on the product page and included a video
  10. Nickfire20

    Get Together Before Black Friday

    Site is being updated as we speak GLASS CLEANER THAT SMELLS LIKE ROOTBEER!!!! Say no more!
  11. Haha, sure why not still a nice car, just next time you’re playing with it 😬
  12. Nickfire20

    Get Together Before Black Friday

    Its their most recent post
  13. Nickfire20

    Get Together Before Black Friday

    And for you guys, there is talk of doorbuster deals as well. Saw it on INSTAGRAM
  14. Nickfire20

    Glass Sealant

    Yea, it works fine. Not sure how long it held up, couple months maybe, it was my parents car, and I was wizzing through it. I normally use glass sealant, boost, and GnG. DS works fine at maintaining hydrophobic properties as well.