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  1. Welcome, any pictures for us? I 2nd the new graphene!
  2. Joe said today on Facebook live, that they are working on maintenance products
  3. They did today on the Facebook live video
  4. Here is how I have used Slick and Slide so far... On Ceramic Coating....I have used it behind each wheel, you know where you get that extra road crud and tar sometimes, well A LOT less crap has stuck and the couple speckles of tar, basically fell off with a light touch from my finger. Also on the entire front clip, a whole lot less bugs sticking for sure! And they come off so incredibly easy! Again a light touch of the finger, not to mention what a pressure washer does. Also on side mirrors for same purpose. Really enjoying this stuff so far
  5. Jeep looks great! Theres a few ways I go about doing this. And I change it up from time to time... -an air dryer, ie Adam’s Air Cannon -waterless wash -CS3 -pressure washer only, no soap and bucket, then use air dryer Just know the proper technique to using waterless and CS3 on a dirty vehicle. You want to saturate the surfaces, wipe in straight lines while pulling up and away. Always flipping the towel over to a clean area.
  6. I have had a little trouble with the new glass sealant on a couple cars, however, i quick mist of glass cleaner and the green glass towels made it perfect, with almost no effort.
  7. I’m just curious since the dealership did it, if they are clear coated also 🤔
  8. Not a bad idea, one that Dan taught me is to Ceramic coat them, I’ve been using spray coating going on 5-6 months now, holding up very well, makes everything bead right up and very easy to clean as well.
  9. I definitely hear ya about the price, but these things are transported via trains. They then sit on the lot for who knows how long etc... But most if not all new cars do in fact need chemical and mechanical decontamination. Mechanical being a clay bar. I got a new Tahoe Premier RST in Sept of 18 and we just got my wife a 2020 Honda mini van last night, these are the steps I take... foam cannon strip wash iron remover clay compound polish prep spray ceramic coating boost and since the new leather coating is now available a full leather, dash, plastic cleaning inside then coating everything also using fabric protector on carpets. I figuring a good 20hrs of getting it ready before she can drive it. On both of the aforementioned vehicles i told the salesman no washing or detailing, and went as far as, “if you guys slip up, deal is off”. We both laugh, but I am serious! Edit- don’t forget the Brilliant Glaze on the interior windshield, it was actually the very first thing, I did this morning! Also, iron removal and clay bar process on a daily driver should be done 2-4 times a year, Adam recently mentioned In a video, the timing to be every time you change your oil.
  10. Haha, thats funny, you’ll never find one in mine, I promise you that. BUT.... back in the day, I made a food run to Wendy’s for the guys at the firehouse, one guy was missing a burger. A couple months later, guess where i found it! Under the driver seat, guess it fell out and slid, didn’t leave a stench somehow 🤷‍♂️
  11. Welcome, she looks great! You will definitely love the spray coating!
  12. Wheels are a big one for me. So first you need to really clean those bad boys up, including the barrels heres a great kit to start https://adamspolishes.com/products/adam-s-ultimate-wheel-and-tire-kit A machine would be great, but you can not always get all the nooks and crannies, you can try this https://adamspolishes.com/products/adam-s-revive-fine-hand-car-polish And then for your last step to protect them, there are many options, The Spray coating is great and adds a ton of shine, Ceramic Boost, or CS3 would also be great items, that add protection and gloss On mine here, they were already coated , but once a year I have been using the Hand Polish, then Spray Coating, and now I will maintain with the CS3.
  13. Welcome, I think you will be happy with everything you try out including the DA polisher. Feel free to ask away, check out the youtube channel, and lets see what you are shining up!
  14. Thank you so much, and we literally picked the name on the way to the hospital, haha, we had a hard time being our second girl. We are managing our sleeps, haha And yes, very funny, how us guys are with that!!! 😂
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