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  1. You sure did, I witnessed it! Make sure we get the pics as proof😂🤣😬 Besides, you know you want to!!
  2. Honestly, I use to think that way. I had a couple gallons of DS and all that stuff, and would always be washing and buffing etc. But with a new baby in the picture, I purchased a new truck and coated it. I still love on it and wash it a couple times a month. A lof of products can still be used on coated vehicles, and they still need maintenance, and washing and drying are so much easier. I love it and will never have a vehicle that isn’t coated.
  3. Nickfire20


    Welcome, and consider yourself very lucky to live so close! what did you pick up?
  4. I did like the red caps! My wife and I are thinking the Glaze smells like vanilla pudding. I agree with you on the tire shine, it also appears to be the current tire shine, just a little thicker and different color to match Adam’s original blend when he mixed those other products. The Glaze is definitely a different blend, but i love it. Hope its still ok for inside windows, because I went to town! Also got the 2oz pouch of Ultra Foam in my box, little bonus there.
  5. Tire and Rubber would be in place of APC Adam demo’s it in this video
  6. Looks good. A few things I prefer... Tire and Rubber cleaner for under the hood. Brilliant Glaze before wax to lock in the shine. Then Brilliant Glaze and DS as needed like you mentioned. Only clay if needed, try the baggy test first, if you are unsure.
  7. I really like it as well, both thru Keurig and traditional drip. It is local to Colorado, and I’m glad Adam’s shared with us!
  8. I would definitely recommend ceramic. As I have it on my tahoe, i did it back in October. and will never have a a vehicle in the future without it. And yes you can use GnG over top of it.
  9. Yea that’s a M22, Matt has all the goods. Got the hook up during his Black Friday sale. Also met him last year at Corvettes at Carlisle.
  10. Hey, welcome! Glad to hear you came by last year! Are you loving the products you picked up?
  11. Car washing with a pressure washer is life changing....then when you get the right hose and nozzle, it is mind blowing. I have a Ryobi electric pw. Utilizing the hose and wand that came with it became annoying. For Christmas I went to Obsessed Garage ‘s website (as he also has a YouTube), and purchased a 50’ Kobrajet hose and a MTM nozzle along with the appropriate adapters. I was blown away! More pressure, more water, more thicker foam. Just awesome! So now, I leave the pw in the garage, in a corner, near an outlet, so I don’t even have to move it when I wash, I just run the garden hose into it with a quick disconnect, and turn both on, and I am good to go! So as THEWOLF said, you can always upgrade, its a very true statement!
  12. Another gorgeous 65 degree day in MD...still had snow on the ground from last week, and more to come Wednesday. But was able to clean up the ol gal and make her shine again
  13. I like! Suppose to be 50 tomorrow, here in Maryland, im going to crawl under my tahoe with the pressure washer. Then use Undercarriage Spray as a protectectant
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