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  1. That thing is freaking awesome Chris!!!
  2. All good uses, also water spots, or other odd stains, that a wash or waterless wouldn’t quite cut it
  3. Maybe soaking the whole head of it in super hot water? Then try running fresh water through it. Maybe also take the orfice out, and maybe try to loosen anything in there with a toothpick Ive never had one clog, but I think that would be a good start.
  4. New video posted about halfway down on the home page https://adamspolishes.com @Dan@Adams and @BRZN made the cut! Not sure how long its been there, just noticed today, but I know there was a different one there a few months ago.
  5. Just want to clarify is this the Paint Coating or Spray Coating? If its spray coating, i would wait an hour after application and do a second coat. Then wait at least 6-8 hours and hit it with Boost. Spray coating can also go on trim, windows, and lenses as well, just knock everything out on that new truck. Your steps sounds pretty good, Adam does have a nice YouTube channel, you should be able to the find coating videos there, as I have noticed some of the videos on the website have been changed.
  6. Right, honestly, I’m totally cool if they clog, tells me its a high quality coating! And in the first 2 versions like i said you could scrape it off the top. Not sure how much different this version is.
  7. I can not answer your current question, but i know with the original 8oz sprayers and the current ones that include the red tab, that Spray Coating does harden at the tip, and they do not require a new sprayer most of the time, all you need to do is use a finger nail, screw driver or something like that to peel the coating off at the tip and then you are good to go.
  8. As long as you have a garage to store the vehicle for 24hrs after application, I would use Paint Coating on all paint, lenses, and wheels. I think it is ok on trim, but I will let someone else verify or decline. I would probably spray coat the windshield first, that way you not leaning over and messing up your previous work.
  9. The Ball wash thing is funny, but I have been using it for about a year now, and 6-8 months ago, I put it in a CS bottle, I even showed Adam at the Covettes at Carlisle show this year, he thought it was awesome!! Its great soap, I highly recommend! As for the safeness Matt asked about, I asked on Instagram if they were food safe, and did not get an answer. I use to always use waterless wash and DS on my granite countertops before we had our first child. But not knowing whats in this stuff I stopped, and now only use them on the stove top, microwave and faces of the stainless appliances, so no edible food will come in contact with the chemicals.
  10. I use it straight or regular APC straight (I use this most of the time)
  11. Glad to hear, I really liked the shirt...in fact its the first shirt from Adam’s I have ever purchased...well 2nd, next to the button up shop shirt. But either way, it didn’t ship today with my other stuff, so I was wondering what was going on. Thanks for the info... God Bless America and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  12. I really like the new, works great, got a gallon of it this summer. Still have 3 bottles of the old, like both fragrances, so I alternate them
  13. What was the change for? and... now with no sio2 in the white polish...will it still Finish down with that awesome pop, like the old finishing polish?
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