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  1. New suggestions

    Hell yea, definitely need a nice soft pad on a pole. Would be perfect for my Tahoe, and all suv’s and pick ups etc. would even be great for winter time washing, so your hands dont freeze!!!!
  2. Cars & Coffee Detail spray

    Heck yes!!!!! 🤑🙏🤟
  3. Good question, would love to know myself. Der Dave says it is in his Youtube video, but he also says Brilliant Glaze protects. So I’m really confused on those 2 aspects. Other than that, I LOVE BRILLIANT GLAZE!!!!
  4. Interior Help

    Leather conditioner is probably the best option. Its a thick lotion with 65spf in it. Check out Adam’s video. And it smells incredible! I also personally use Interior Detailer on a weekly basis, which also has spf in it.
  5. Hi everyone!! From TN

    Welcome sir. How long have you been into adams
  6. New Mints

    I loved the mentos... but in the Black Friday box i got a couple chocolate mints with generic wrappers...and in my SK MB i got the old flag butter mints 🤷‍♂️

    Sorry guys, as of now everything is pending trade. I originally spoke to early and got different things in my SK MB 😔 I apologize, and wont make that mistake again

    You are #5 in line, who knew the clay mitt was such a big hit?! I’ Let ya know when I get the box.
  9. NOVEMBER 2017 Photo Contest - Votes

    I didn’t win...BRILLIANT GLAZE won!!!!!!!! 😬👍
  10. Detail spray before LPS?

    This all interesting, which leads me to a question I asked somewhere else and it never got it answered. When utilizing 1step polish, (since it has protection in it) do i need an ipa wipe down before PS?
  11. Glass Boost and Glass Cleaner Questions

    I don’t think it’ll strip GnG, but Im no expert. and I would imagine boost would boost anything, I think you can use it as a stand alone also
  12. Glass Boost and Glass Cleaner Questions

    I love all the stuff you are using, i love boost, and I also use BG often like OZ mentioned. My norm is to clean glass, then use glaze or boost. Not both at once. I alternate.

    READ WHOLE POST....BIG EDIT..... I have 1 clay mitt. (this was used twice but in new condition, see pic) I also have a brand new 8oz bottle of ONE STEP POLISH looking for -REVIVE HAND POLISH -BRILLIANT GLAZE
  14. What Do You Look Like???

    Oh ok very cool, so many great restaurants down there! We love it!