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  1. Nickfire20

    Homemade detailer + ?

    Id be interested in how it works, however, I am very happy with Adam’s products as they come. to clarify however, you would need Adam’s rinseless wash, as it is a concentrate, as described in pans video. Adams waterless wash is amazing, but it comes ready to use. I use both separately for their intended purposes and they both rock!
  2. The tubes on the older ones were longer like these also, its so you dont miss a drop of product at the bottom.
  3. 🤔 Is that a bad thing ?
  4. Nickfire20

    Clay lube ... so many options

    Looks great, in the future you could also, re foam the car and clay utilizing the foam, or just leave the car wet, and use your WW or DS, as the water will provide some extra lube, then rinse the whole car, then dry.
  5. Nickfire20

    Adam's is turning me into a mint addict...

    I use to always include a sticker and mint in my trades. Now its just a sticker, fresh outta mints 🤷‍♂️
  6. Nickfire20

    Adam's in the News!

    Wow, that’s crazy Rich, I hadn’t heard about that one, not cool at all!
  7. Yes grey or red. Makes the job extremely quick, and helps with even distribution and easier removal (not that application or removal was ever hard)
  8. Nickfire20

    Adam's in the News!

    -in the state of Maryland, law states you need a front tag and rear tag -Ocean City MD, is the 2nd largest city in the state, but only June-August (next to Baltimore 1st, and then Rockville being the normal 2nd). With that being said, they hire a large amount of newer or small town cops, that sometimes feel the need to prove themselves....now with that being said, it is also a family/resort town, so we as people blame those young “rent a cops” at times for being picky or being “ticket nazi’s” but they may also have strict directives due to the children running around every year, and the multitudes of deaths each year in the city. Just some insight.
  9. Nickfire20

    Wax in the heat?

    Instead of giving advice, here is what I have done this year.... clay polish glaze americana wax that was in May, I have a black Tahoe in Maryland, it is exposed to elements about 3 days a week and garaged the rest. I used detail spray to dry and in between washes and it is holding up extremely well. The only other thing I do, is behind the rear wheels, where I get a lot of kick up during and rains and what not, is clay and apply Cermaic Boost every few weeks. Those areas seem to wear on the protection very quick. Last year i did the sealant and GnG and never ever had a problem
  10. Nickfire20

    Using BG AND PS combo questions

    Looks great sir, I love Black, and I love the Tahoes and Yukons. Did you really use paint sealant before the coating or is that a typo?
  11. Nickfire20


    Pics or it didn’t happen
  12. Nickfire20

    Brilliant Glaze

    Red hex grip or microfiber sponge applicator or red foam on a machine, it goes on very thin, a little goes a long way
  13. Nickfire20

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Very nice! What was your process?
  14. Nickfire20

    Using BG AND PS combo questions

    First we need before and after pics of the Yukon! secondly I would strip iron remover clay polish- if you dont have a machine use Revive. then PS BG and your choice of wax and the rest you can see my previous for what I do to my Black Tahoe