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  1. For Trade

    That stash is mesmerizing 🤪
  2. Americana Paste Wax vs. Paint Sealant

    There are a ton of posts and threads about new car details, you need to throughly decon it before sealing. Do a search and grab some info from those previous
  3. Easter detail spray??

    It would sell, thats for sure. I love the scents and buy a lot of stuff i dont need, just for the scents
  4. The Official "Pay It Forward" Thread

    You wouldn’t be talking about people who already get free stuff and brag about it, would you?
  5. For sale or Trade

    **** B U M P **** Still have -Tire Shine -Brilliant Glaze also now have -10” wash pad -Jay Leno Evaporate (similar to GnG) -Griots Leather Conditioner -Griots Bug and Tar Remover looking for offers, not looking for anything specific
  6. H20 Guard & Gloss - How Much?

    Yea, im still on my original bottle, at the 10month mark! I use it on 2 SUV’s every other wash.
  7. H20 Guard & Gloss - How Much?

    I have a Tahoe, I do 2 sprays per panel, then hit that respective panel’s window last, with the residual thats in the towel. The hood probably gets 4-6 sprays. Roof- a whole lot 😬🤷‍♂️ Wheels last, with basically whats left in the towel, sometimes I’ll give them tiny sprays.
  8. Interior upkeep

    Honestly i dont remember writing the above. I still use both, but i use ID weekly, my truck is a year and half old and looks and smells brand new, my wifes is a 2006, and it has made a total 360, utilizing, Adams interior products!
  9. Ok shane and scott, very cool, thanks
  10. J/w how you got a gallon of buttery?
  11. Ceramic boost?

    Good for you. I did this comparison last year on my Tahoe. 1side was GnG and the other side was CB. I prefer the GnG for various reasons. But its great to have done the testing and glad you are happy.
  12. Ultimate kit all the way! I have it all and still want to buy this kit!
  13. Hey and welcome, I’m just south of you in MD, may be more snow this weekend again 😔 anyways, these guys have said pretty much exactly what you need. the videos are addicting, the products ease of use is addicting, the awesome scents of each product is addicting, even these forums are also addicting I turned one of my friends on to Adams a few months back...he watched every video in one sitting, I’m not even sure if he took a bathroom break 😳 Anyway, my addiction started about 1.5yrs ago, and I’ve since spent over $1500 bucks just here, and my truck still looks better than new. ENJOY!!!! AND definitely take advantage of the current 18% sale!!!
  14. For sale or Trade

    I gotcha sir. Nobody’s biting at any of it
  15. Does Adam still post here?

    I saw Adam pipe up during the busy Christmas season, thanked us, and explained they were busy. I thought that was great considering, internet tie downs, and thousands of orders moving, probably per day.