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  1. Cleaned up the wife’s Honda fleet. Both live outside 24/7 The mini-munchkin mobile, a 2020 Odyssey Mega Foamed Dried entire van except driver side with Graphene DS and ultra plush Did the driver side with clean dry ultra plush and hit it with Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating Also used Rinse and Coat on wheels, then Graphene DS We got the van in June, it under went full detail/correction and Paint Coating The Blue CRV is a 2006 (never ever garaged) Hasn’t been corrected in 3-4 years, Washed wit
  2. After 24hrs add boost. Usually good measure to wait 7 days to wash
  3. I’ve had good and bad experiences with Boost, I think my bad, were because it lasts so long and on my garaged tahoe, the stuff built up too much. Where as when I first got my beater Silverado, I clayed and boosted half the truck, and it beaded and was shiny for over 8 months. CS3 is an awesome product, I really love it, works so well, it has removed the streaks from the boost! and for the Graphene DS, I hope to try it here in a couple days, can’t wait!
  4. I believe it was re done for the last Black Friday sale, I thought the consistency was still thick and creamy... I’m sure others sill speak up...
  5. I do love the LC Rich! and the HGG Chris! A couple of us were talking at Carlisle about how much we love the scent of Ceramic Liquid Wax, and would love that in an air freshener, I’d buy it by the case!
  6. I would definitely get the gallon, and I believe the bogo sale is still going as well. My question is, you said you are going to use WW after you wash your car? This confuses me, because WW is used in place of a regular wash, when your vehicle is not super trashed. They also have a kit on the website, where it comes with the recommended towels. Towels and technique are both very important when utilizing WW https://adamspolishes.com/products/adam-s-waterless-car-wash-collection
  7. I have not tried it yet, but I have heard of a lot of folks using it as a drying aid. I also saw the Facebook live broadcast and it made me go “hmmm”. I guess we will see as more get their hands on it. Also thought it was interesting, when they said they are working to get “Correcting Polish” back and expanding the line of compounds/polishes
  8. Haha, good question...nap time was over and I had daddy duties to cover...the other 3 vehicles are in pretty top notch condition. The truck, I like to experiment around with, and the rest of it is covered and still going strong with UV Spray Coating from April.
  9. Wasn’t sure where to post my little tidbit, I searched “ graphene” on here and had over 6 pages of topics populate... Anyways this is my 19 year old truck, purchased it in really rough condition 1.5 yrs ago and brought it back to life. (Interior Still needs work). Anyway after lots of clay And 1 step polish and pad last year. This spring I did 2 steps with the new blue/ white combo and the newer spray coating. Its been 4 months since then, and I recently got the Graphene Spray Coating. Did a really good wash with original blue shampoo, No clay needed, prep spray
  10. Wanted to follow the thread, had about 10 towels do the same to me lately out of nowhere. Boiled, and even washed individually. Nothing has helped.
  11. Welcome, any pictures for us? I 2nd the new graphene!
  12. Joe said today on Facebook live, that they are working on maintenance products
  13. They did today on the Facebook live video
  14. Here is how I have used Slick and Slide so far... On Ceramic Coating....I have used it behind each wheel, you know where you get that extra road crud and tar sometimes, well A LOT less crap has stuck and the couple speckles of tar, basically fell off with a light touch from my finger. Also on the entire front clip, a whole lot less bugs sticking for sure! And they come off so incredibly easy! Again a light touch of the finger, not to mention what a pressure washer does. Also on side mirrors for same purpose. Really enjoying this stuff so far
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