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  1. I dumped mine in a spare foam cannon, foam my wheels, tires, wells, then go to town with all the brushes. Do 1 by 1 works very well.
  2. In response to your swirls, I foam twice, with a cannon, first time i let it dwell to get the gunk off, then rinse, then a second layer for when I hand wash. I go in straights lines, flip, straight line, back to bucket. I have a Tahoe and this doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to wash, of course prep and drying are totally different, even the wheels take more than 10min each. But take the time during washing to get it right, no back and forths with your mitt/pad, obviously no circles, you could also buy more pads, and only use each one once, that way a dirty pad doesn’t go back in your bucket and subsequently back on your car.
  3. I would use the Interior Detailer, it has UV protection, cleaners, anti static and odor neutralizers all in one, it is non gloss and not greasy. The Leather Conditioner smells of rich leather and has more robust UV protection. It is great on all leather, plastic, and the like on the interior. You can always grab this later on. The glass cleaner you have should probably be ok, I however avoid anything with alcohol in it. Then Brilliant glaze goes on, hazes over and buff that off, you will be all set.
  4. Good morning Adam’s (Blue) Car Shampoo is a tried, tested, and true PH neutral car shampoo. It has excellent cleaning abilities and is known worldwide. There is a guy in Florida, Matt, he owns Obsessed Garage, he has been testing other shampoos for years but always comes back to the (Blue) Car Shampoo. It is great stuff! All of Adam’s Shampoos are PH neutral except the Strip Wash. So all of them you can let dry in the sun, for hours, (they will protect your paint from water spotting) come back and rinse away freely. The following 3 shampoos have some silica infused and have some protection and added gloss, in order from least to most here they are, Ultra Foam...Wash and Wax...Wash and Coat. Lastly Strip Wash, you would you use before a full detail, or to get off anything super crazy, not PH neutral.
  5. Ok, here it is today, in the rain, now 4 months from application. Also keep in mind, this is only one layer of coating. I believe Kyle said you can do 3 layers, an hour apart. That will be my next test, I mean you have to admit, spray coating has got to be easier and faster than waxing a vehicle 18E3B9C4-C1E8-4A20-B9C7-32D81E15416A.MOV
  6. Here is a video of my 18yr old Silverado, it was in horrible shape when I got it in May. Stripped, clayed, used 1step polish and pad, surface prep, and Spray Coating. This video was taken about a month ago. The coating had been in place for 3 months with zero up keep and only 3 washes with the Blue Shampoo. The results speak for themselves. It is raining today, maybe I’ll run out and get a video as well... Oh yes I said zero upkeep, as in no CB or CWW, I did that on purpose to see the longevity of the product. Also keep in mind this is the original formula, the current formula on the site is updated with twice the active ingredient! E8B641DA-7482-43C8-A984-1CED71094040.MOV
  7. You can use it with any pad, orange for medium correction and white for final. One step polish is awesome stuff.
  8. I highly suggest the videos, they are very informative. There are a lot of them too! Wash n Wax is not the end all, be all. What products are you referencing? What do you have? At times a lot of folks will have different opinions or methods, and they are what works for them and maybe not everyone. Let us know what’s on your mind, we are here to help.
  9. Yea, I think the recommendation for washing is actually 7 days. I don't think its ready when its “cured” In fact it’ll still be curing for weeks, from what I’ve been told.
  10. I agree, I would not have diluted that. CWW by itself, is great for wipe downs, with the added protection.
  11. Happy Birthday Adam, thanks for everything you do and thanks for being awesome! Enjoy sir!
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