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  1. Nickfire20

    Winter Prep already

    Bumping this thread, 3 new winter kits and new video have dropped https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1/adam-s-winter-prep-complete-kit.html
  2. Nickfire20

    Inside of Windshield

    I use that sh** on everything. But seriously, all inside glass in the house and cars. Mirrors in the house and bathrooms, outside of fish tank and fronts of picture frames that are glass. Glass table tops etc. Oh and also on light globes on the ceiling fans! I Always have 2 bottles on hand! I do feel like i need to apply more often on my newer truck compared to older vehicles, but thats ok, its a new car and the off gassing smells great! 😬🤷‍♂️
  3. I use APC and Revive to clean the sink, then CB to coat it. I use my limited edition detail sprays and/or WW on the granite counters and stainless appliances. Ive also heard of wheel cleaner, helping around sinks/showers/ice machines/ or anywhere rust streaks or plain old rust might build up such as around connections.
  4. Nickfire20

    Ceramic coat...my phone?

    Yea I may do mine. A guy at work just got a new iphone and I guess at the store they talked him into a “liquid glass” screen protector. I’m thinking its a ceramic coating, he said they just rubbed it on back and forth til the liquid was dry. He said they will replace the phone if the screen cracks....we know how these claims go 😏🙄
  5. Nickfire20

    Official Beading Photo Thread

    A shot of my wifes car, maintained soley by Detail Spray for the last year...last September it got GnG. With work schedules, a now 1 year old ball of energy, and maintaining my truck as #1 😬 her car only gets washed and dried using DS, but as we see, it has been doing one heck of a job, this particular morning it was very misty after days of rain. Edit- the windshield has been clayed and hit with boost a few times over this time period.
  6. Nickfire20

    What did you do today?

    Awww poor guy! I love him! And thank you for such a good deed! I’m a sucker for pups!
  7. Nickfire20

    Am I Using Enough??

    After utilizing One Step, I have used Americana and another time used Ceramic Boost, both gave many months of protection
  8. Nickfire20

    2019 Tahoe RST

    Edit- this was a couple small rub marks, and my nail must have got caught between them, luckily I found it myself, and didn’t have to be showed up at the dealership. I actually got them out with Revive and a Blue Hex. So it was a rookie mistake and not looking at it throughly and correctly. Thanks to everyone for your input
  9. Nickfire20

    2019 Tahoe RST

    While I have everyone’s attention, I need your alls opinion.... I found this large scratch(and a smaller, shorter one under it) on the front bumper, the dealership says they will fix it. Should I push for a new bumper, or will a repaint be enough?
  10. Nickfire20

    2019 Tahoe RST

    Thansk man, I’ll keep my eye out for one! I use to do some fire fighting in Pee Gee 😬 I miss it down there. Let me know if you need anything
  11. Nickfire20

    2019 Tahoe RST

    Thanks, I am still unsure how much I like these wheels, I really like the Black wheels that Adam has on his Yukon, Going to wait it out a little. I have received a lot of compliments on these already.
  12. Nickfire20

    2019 Tahoe RST

    Thanks bro!
  13. Nickfire20

    2019 Tahoe RST

    Thanks Rich, they gave me a hell of deal!
  14. Nickfire20

    2019 Tahoe RST

    Thanks Z! Hope all is well! 😬👍
  15. Nickfire20

    2019 Tahoe RST

    Thanks,so do I this is my 3rd Tahoe also had Black 2008 Black 2016 and if it sorta counts I had a 1999 Black Silverado way back also