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  1. Very cool stuff! Sounds awesome! He probably lives along The Potomac River, that’s my guess. I use to work for the Fire Dept in Takoma Park for 7 years, and then just up the street in Silver Spring for 3 more yrs. Now I’m a little further up the road. Sounds like you’re gonna have a good time!
  2. Pics or it didn’t happen 😂😬👍
  3. Check you two out! I love the duck fat fries at DuClaws and the pit beef and hand cut fries at Chaps. Chaps has been around for over 30 yrs and is a Baltimore staple, and has been on DDD and other food shows time and time again. Pit beef to my knowledge is a Maryland thing and more so a Baltimore thing...I highly recommend it!
  4. Oh ok very cool! If you have not been to Andrews before, I just want to throw out there that Prince George’s County MD is one of the most violent and crime ridden areas of MD....first being Baltimore. So just keep your eyes peeled and head on a swivel and keep the family safe. I also see that you are former Fire Dept, PG County also has some infamous fire departments that would welcome a visitor with open arms. I live about 1.5hrs from Andrews, but if you need anything or more information, don’t hesitate! Take Care
  5. Welcome, I LOVE THESE WHEELS!!!!!! I want them for my Tahoe sooo bad! The others have it down pat, I would also suggest a lug nut brush with said cleaner. If they get annoying, I’ll take them off your hands 😬🤟
  6. Where around the DC area are you heading (PM if you want). I keep some towels in a ziplock bag at all times, and squeeze them under a seat just fyi. Definitely like Chris said seal everything up inculding windows/windshield. Personally I’d doube and triple up the front end because of bugs. Not sure how strapped for room you are, but you could always get small travel bottles at wally world and take a bunch of different chemicals with ya. Either way have fun and be safe
  7. Sounds pretty cool to me...I do the dollar shave club and love it.
  8. So someone at the shop drew that on your hood?
  9. Nickfire20

    Ceramic Boost - opinions?

    It’s awesome, you will love it. It’s the first time guys at work told me how shiny my Tahoe was. It literally looks wet and glassy.
  10. Nickfire20

    Ceramic Boost - opinions?

    Chris can you confirm in Ceramic Boost is a new formula? I have a newer bottle with a February date, it says it safe for glass etc... it works on glass fine and works on bare paint much better than a bottle I had this time last year....I have fallen in love with this “newer” CB!
  11. Nickfire20

    New Member from SC

    Yup yup, they said it exactly, I also use it on all interior glass, makes cleaning a breeze. Also all interior glass in your house along with mirrors and bathroom mirrors. You will be addicted at first use!
  12. I agree, its an awesome deal, kind of a hidden secret on the website. But perfect for beginners and as a gift
  13. Nickfire20

    Spreading Wax by Machine

    Are you talking for just the application, and not the buffing it off part? I did half of my Chevy Tahoe today with buttery wax...it took about 3 minutes, by hand. Obviously buffing takes longer....maybe 10 minutes in my scenario. I have no idea why it is taking you so long... Waxing is low speed on the dial, but faster movement of the machine, whereas correction is high speed on the dial but slower more methodical movements. With wax and sealant you basically just have to hit all of the surfaces.
  14. Nickfire20

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Looks good, did ya get hungry 😬😂🤷‍♂️
  15. Nickfire20

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Holy black dodge batman!! I’m Not a mopar man, but damn you make them look good!!!!