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  1. Congrats sir, well deserved! Keep up the good work, you always have those book marked pages from years past 👍👍
  2. Nice work Chris, I’m sure they are very grateful, and one less thing to worry about during this period in their lives. You know births in cars happen more than most would think, we have had 2 in my county in the last few weeks, and this is only on my shift, so there could have been more. Births in homes are obviously more common as well. Walked into a house once with mom hovering over a toilet and baby hanging, but dad was supporting baby, jeez! “lady dont stand there!!” Always fun and a mess, but a true miracle!
  3. Hey Bob, just curious, after hand washing it, was there any beading anywhere at all that you can remember? Top sides or roof, etc...
  4. Yes I think it’s super cool! Glad to see this stuff coming out!
  5. Looks amazing, great work! I have also had excellent results with the spray coating!
  6. Couple shots from last year, great turn out, and an awesome customer presented Adam with the Neon Sign
  7. Yea that squash one was Christmas timish I think a couple years back...I actually really liked it, so I had to grab some, the Cherry was also great a few years back, got a lot of them too!
  8. I love both the sealant and the boost! I swear by them. I don’t see any issues with my 2019 Tahoe, its top of the line with all the crap built in the windshield. But since you have actual cams in there, I would call Subaru’s headquarters, folks at the dealership never have had a good answer for me. I could tell you stories for days, but I just call Chevy Headquarters when I want a real answer. Heres a little video too, enjoy, and best of luck
  9. I have not, when was it done last? How old is the vehicle? Do you live in a vulnerable area? Its weird because I iron decon’d my parents white car yesterday, for the first time in a year and barely had any color change. They live just off of Interstate 95, near trains tracks, outside of Baltimore. So I was very surprised
  10. Since it was something like 115° today, I decided to take care of my parents car. They have a Nissan Murano, pearl white (sorry no pics). They come out from Baltimore every month to visit and see their granddaughter. They arrived early today, it was nap time, so I wanted to get outside and knock their car out. Rinse Iron remover New APC on wheels, tires, wells Mega Foam (the Juciy Fruit scent is on point) Car Shampoo in bucket Rinse Re foamed Clay Mitt Rinse GnG Ceramic Boost an hour later on everything except windows Tire Shine Undercarriage Spray Detail Spray on windows in and out Then we went out for dinner And then they drove an hour home in a severe storm,as I sat and sobbed😢 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂 The storms popped up and for the better with this heat, but they were not predicted today.
  11. Looks great! Also don’t forget to protect those wheels, they are pretty sweet, I prefer Ceramic Boost everytime I clean my wheels. And how do you like the interior paste?
  12. Hello and welcome. Congrats on the ride. I am on my 3rd Tahoe, it is a White RST. I ceramic coated it. And for you having a brand new costly black vehicle and worse, making it a daily driver, I HIGHLY recommend a ceramic coating! It will take some time for proper prep and application, but maintenance is super low, it gets dirty less, makes it harder to swirl, but yes you can still damage it, and its super easy and fairly quick to clean. Check out some YouTube videos and ask away here... and Please let’s see a pic of it!!
  13. Looks awesome, love the log cabin as well!
  14. You can also try spraying it in a double soft towel, then wipe it on the vehicle, usually a little easier as well. If needed, waterless wash or ceramic waterless will level it well.
  15. I have a gallon and multiple 16oz of both. My norm is Ultra in the cannon and blue in the bucket. There was a dude on YouTube who was testing lots of shampoos and ultra was one of his very top favorites. As mentioned I also prefer the ultra for the smell(grape). And for technical into, ultra has a smidge of sio2 in it, and is 4 times the concentration of the blue shampoo. Cheers
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