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  1. Car washing with a pressure washer is life changing....then when you get the right hose and nozzle, it is mind blowing. I have a Ryobi electric pw. Utilizing the hose and wand that came with it became annoying. For Christmas I went to Obsessed Garage ‘s website (as he also has a YouTube), and purchased a 50’ Kobrajet hose and a MTM nozzle along with the appropriate adapters. I was blown away! More pressure, more water, more thicker foam. Just awesome! So now, I leave the pw in the garage, in a corner, near an outlet, so I don’t even have to move it when I wash, I just run the garden hose into it with a quick disconnect, and turn both on, and I am good to go! So as THEWOLF said, you can always upgrade, its a very true statement!
  2. Another gorgeous 65 degree day in MD...still had snow on the ground from last week, and more to come Wednesday. But was able to clean up the ol gal and make her shine again
  3. I like! Suppose to be 50 tomorrow, here in Maryland, im going to crawl under my tahoe with the pressure washer. Then use Undercarriage Spray as a protectectant
  4. Retrieving an oldie thread but a goodie... -Full time “Daddy” and Husband -Career FireFighter/ Tiller Ladder Driver...current assignment is a Dispatch Supervisor -Volunteer of sorts Detailer-(during show season)
  5. This wasn’t today, but I thought it was pretty awesome so wanted to post. I got home from work the other morning to find my wifes car covered in snow but still shining from the new GnG that was applied 2 weeks prior to the snow. It had also been driven once in rainy conditions. I’m loving the new GnG! Stay Warm everyone!
  6. I would highly recommend a Ceramic Coating! Adam has a similar truck I believe. I am on my 3rd Tahoe, and I coated it. Coatings are absolutely marvelous! Lets see some pics!
  7. I like it a whole lot! And I love the Honeydew. I know you aren’t a big fan, but give it a chance 😬👍. So far using it dry on ceramic coated and non ceramic coated, it has worked great. I only used it wet so far on a ceramic coated, and it took a while to dry, but it was shady and 50 degrees, so that may be the reason, and it was only 1 spray per panel. on the dry non coated, it actually feels like a thick layer on there, almost like a paste wax. Gives amazing gloss and slickness! Highly recommend!
  8. Never had any issues streaking either, used often on dark and black vehicles. A little went a a very LONG way! The gloss and protection were top notch. Fast forward...got my new bottle yesterday, I’m not quite sure what Honeydew is suppose to smell like, but to me the new stuff smells like watermelon. I used it completely dry on a coated and non coated yesterday, just in small spots and it worked very well, maybe 1 extra wipe on the non coated, but definitely no biggy, awesome gloss, and easy buffing. Can’t wait to use as a drying aid on my (coated) Tahoe soon! In conclusion, I liked the grape and the watermelon is nice too, we still have undercarriage spray in the grape scent. And while we are on scents, I got a can of the new aerosol glass cleaner, because root beer is my all time favorite drink, and It just smells like glass cleaner 😐
  9. Most of mine have stuff in the bottom, im thinking its the carnauba
  10. You can also use GnG on the entire vehicle, but Cermaic Boost would be best after drying, i use it after every wash on my Cermaic coated Tahoe
  11. Private me if interested in anything... GONE so far -Serum Boost
  12. Yes, you can, works great, as does waterless wash and even Guard n Gloss if you have that
  13. It worked for me on my old black Tahoe. It removed water spots quick and easy by hand, and on the DA. As for defects, I doubt it, its more of a chemical cleaner. I have seen it remove baked on spray paint, in Der Dave’s video on youtube. If you don’t know Der Dave, do some research, you will be very surprised.
  14. I would think daily is safer than once or twice a week. Right? Less dirt daily, where as if you let the dirt build up then wipe, you may mar. As long as you are doing good technique, lifting as you wipe in straight lines. NOT just moving the towel all around in all directions and not flipping the towel, that would be horrible.
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