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  1. Good find, and cool video! Thank you! Keep up the great work Adam’s and everyone stay safe!!
  2. I have this and a couple other limiteds they have put out with the new formula. My thoughts pretty much mirror yours, except for, as a drying aid it just married up with the water and smeared all around. It was like mercury droplets on my paint, literally wouldn’t go away. So I really hope they stick with the current pink formula.
  3. I dont have a good answer there, but the new Blue compound is sprayable, i think its on the label that you can add a nozzle to it. Just know that it may clog, so you’ll have to clean it out well with water or the next time around you would need another.
  4. This is just a clip of a video from The Instagram page, it highlights a bunch of products and focuses on Spray Coating, however when you asked the question, my brain went right to this video, where he utilizes Mega Foam! IMG_0731.MP4
  5. I usually use Tire and Rubber Cleaner, unless they are completely trashed, I’ll use Wheel and Tire. I’ve also used Wheel and Tire as a pre soak on my front concrete porch and rear trex patio deck with a foam cannon, works great! Need to hit my siding soon too!
  6. Welcome and God Bless you for fixing that Tahoe/Yukon...kills me to see people treat these pricy trucks like this!
  7. To me the 20th Anniversary DS smells just like the 2019 Cinco De Mayo DS. Which reminds me of the tropical flavor fruit roll up/fruit snack. And I LOVE IT I am still playing with the updated/new formula of DS, and while I enjoy the shine and protection/beading it leaves, the additional effort to work the product in, is not up my alley. But I’m still experimenting
  8. Some of the online ones sell out in minutes, some a few hours. The anniversary one was available for about 22hours. I think they may still have some in the stores.
  9. Sorry you guys missed it...it did drop with the Black Friday Sale, I just researched it for like 20min, haha
  10. Did my wife’s CRV, completely forgot a pic then it got late and we had to run... purple wheel and tire cleaner.. Wash n Wax shampoo. New VRT on tires and trim. New Detail Spray (which so far i do not like at all, and it did nothing as a drying aid, doesn’t absorb well, reminds me of old thermometers when the mercury spilled out, and just pushes around on the surface) Did the door jambs and floor mats as well. Mats are spray coated, so i hit them with CS3 afterwards
  11. Oh yea definitely! I’m jealous you live that close, I’d probably be living at that camp! 😆
  12. Welcome to the community, we are he to help, and hope you enjoy the products!
  13. Haha, i think it came out around the Holidays
  14. Yea its the newer formula with sio2 in it. It does last longer so I wouldn’t mix them. But always up to you
  15. @Captain Slow I know this isn’t the right thread, but I have to react here. That is absolutely asinine! I would have lost my mind! With that being said the last experiences at my Chevy Dealership have been rough, 1st they broke my wheel lock and didn’t tell me, i found it hours later on vacation, and most recently went in for routine service, sat in the waiting room for 2 hours just to be told they hadn’t started it yet, I kept my professional composure, but demanded my car right then and left. Oh and one more I forgot, stone thru my brand new Tahoe windshield over the summer, set up a replacement, they can’t give me a time frame, keep dragging their feet etc...they had it for 3 days, it comes back with greasy belly prints all over both front fenders and the hood now closes on an offset, I never even mentioned it, they f’in suck. I’m convinced dealers just snag your money from the original sale and run! Hate them! And this is also one of the largest Chevy dealers in the US and the top seller of Corvettes!
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