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  1. I have a car that is wrapped with Xpel. I initially tried Ceramic Boost which was recommended when I called Adams for which of their products would be good to use on PPF. I didn’t like the results, it didn’t leave a slick, waxed feel. So I got the Xpel sealant and was a lot happier with it.
  2. I changed the brake pads on my Corvette to ceramics and now no dust. I did ceramic coat the wheels over the winter to aid in cleaning.
  3. I used Leather & Interior Cleaner before I applied the conditioner. The pad was new and the pieces would form on the pad as I spread it before applying it to the leather. Good thought though. I just got off the phone with Adams and they are sending another bottle. The person I spoke with said he has received a couple other calls about the same issue, so maybe it is a bad batch? I ordered it 3/28.
  4. I just got home & took some pics of the conditioner out of the bottle on the pad and after the first wipe with the pieces of whatever they are. The only number I see on the bottle is the upc: 16932 83407.
  5. I did shake it, several times. The conditioner came out normal, as a cream. But when I would spread it on the applicator with my finger the “carnuba” or whatever it is would start to come out and form into the little pieces. I figured that it wasn’t normal, but thought I’d ask here if anyone else had seen this before. It must be a bad batch or something temperature wise affected it? Thanks for responding.
  6. I used the leather conditioner for the first time yesterday and when I first applied it there would be what I can best describe as little balls of carnuba. This happened everytime I applied product. Actually, when I spread the conditioner on the pad with my finger the balls would form. Once I spread it and rubbed it into the leather the “carnuba” would rub in/disappear. I assume that it is not normal? I am thinking that maybe it got too hot/cold during shipping (I got it a few momths ago)?
  7. I just installed Racedeck XL Freeflow in one bay of my garage. 2 bits of advice: 1. Check your order for accuracy when it arrives. It took me several days after my order arrived to install it and when I got to the last box I found that it was all diamond plate tiles instead of freeflow. Of course it was Friday afternoon before New Years weekend and the office closed 1/2 hour before I called. They did respond promptly the next business day and set up the return pick up. It was only a week delay to finish the install. 2. If you are in a cold climate and your garage is not heated, wait for warmer weather. It was in the upper 30’s when I did my install and although my garage is attached it is not heated, just residual from the house. I had a few tiles that didn’t want to snap together & me trying to stomp them together broke a few of connectors. You can see in the bottom pic a blue tile that didn’t totally snap together. The next “warmer” day I was able to use a screwdriver and get things to line up.
  8. Isn’t In & Out spray an aerosol version of VRT? Don’t know if it’s “spray & walk away”? But as Michael said, “a quick wipe with a utility MF” should be pretty painless?
  9. Probably not the answer you are looking for, but when it’s too cold to wash at home I use the car wash at the gas station. It is automated and has an undercarriage spray as you drive in. There are no brushes, it is just high pressure water. I try to get the car as hot as possible before I go running the heat & defrost on high to try and prevent doors, etc. from freezing which has worked for me. At least it gets the heavy stuff off until I can wash it myself.
  10. On the corvette forum a lot of people without the ceramic brake pkg talk about replacing the OEM brake pads Powerstop ceramic pads and say they work as well as the OEMs. They work with the iron rotors and are $65 on Amazon. I'm not sure if they make them for Subarus? After only 2 months of ownership and 1000 miles I am getting tired of the brake dust and considering changing the pads.
  11. As Nathan said, I pull the car into the garage and use the blower on the entire car. Then I will wipe up any leftover runs from a mirror or badge.
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