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  1. Greeting from Tucson! Would be nice to see a before shot to compare. Difference will certainly be dramatic, since the final product looks like a new car...
  2. Thank you everyone! I'm not sure the living room is a good place to store the overflowing stash. The current deal is the garage is my place, the rest of the house is her's. I'm perfectly ok with that...
  3. Currently in the market for a detailing cart. Adam's one caught my attention, but I am not 100% sold on the bottom and middle shelves not being tubs (easier to bump/drop things). Anyways, the bottle holder really caught my attention, but with the amount of products I use in general (including stuff I've yet to try), I'm not sure one holder is enough for me. I'd like to have the option to buy a 2nd holder for the cart if possible. Do you have any plans on offering it separately? Having 2 bottle holders may make me forget about the flat shelves on the bottom of the cart. ;-)
  4. Greetings from sunny Tucson, AZ. Got hooked on Adam's Polishes a couple of months ago, with my arsenal (collection?) growing very quickly in the weeks that followed. Have been reading the forums a while now and just now built up courage to say hello and start posting. Feels great to be a part of the community and look especially forward to learning new tricks about how to maintain vehicles looking their best. Learned a lot already from lurking behind the scenes on the forum. Thank you all in advance...
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