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  1. Wow, great responses, thanks everyone. All the products I mentioned above are Adams products, and I do have Leather & Interior cleaner (as well as Interior detailer/leather conditioner/APC). I'll give a few of these suggestions a whirl on the steering wheel. Does everyone think this same process will work on plastic, primarily the dash (top two pics)?
  2. My wife is a nurse and is obsessed with hand sanitizer. She has a small tube in her car that she uses often, and I believe the residue on her hands is beginning to discolor the plastic/leather in her Ford Edge. I don't know the specific properties of hand sanitizer and it's affect on car interiors, but i know it has alcohol and is meant to kill germs, so is a likely suspect in what may be happening. My question is how do I get rid of this discoloration? I've used interior detailer and leather cleaner with zero success. It doesn't even help a little. My biggest concern is that the damage may be permanent, but if there is any hope I'd love everyones opinion on what products/techniques might stand a fighting chance at fixing this. Pictures attached for reference.
  3. Scooter McGoo

    What did you do today?

    Damn straight! Literally
  4. Scooter McGoo

    What did you do today?

    I got organaized. New storage unit just for detailing ????
  5. Scooter McGoo

    Interior Detailer Questions

    Not at all. That's the exact information I was looking for, so thank you for the detailed response. Sounds like I'm over using my conditioner, and considering I keep my interior very clean, likely overusing the leather cleaner as well. I'll put in an order for detailer and start using that on a more regular basis than the others. thanks again.
  6. Is the new interior detailer meant for use after using Leather Conditioner? I know the conditioner leaves a slight gloss, but from the vid/description of the interior detailer, it sounds like it serves a similar purpose? I currently use interior leather cleaner, followed by conditioner? However, my interior is always kept very clean minus normal dust build up, so was thinking of replacing interior cleaner with detailer? I just don't know if that defeats the purpose of the detailer if I follow it with conditioner? Secondly, I assume it's also a maintenance spray to use in between washes correct, considering it's a mild cleaner (vs interior leather cleaner)? Thanks for the help in advance.
  7. Scooter McGoo

    VRT on running boards

    Does anyone use an alternative for running boards other than VRT. It looks amazing, but as the bottle says, they are super slippery to the point of being dangerous. I am conscious of it when I step on the drivers side, and can keep myself from slipping, but the last thing I want is a passenger to put all their weight on the board and slip and fall.
  8. Scooter McGoo

    Pitting in glass

  9. What are shampoo ratios for a 5 gallon Adams bucket vs the 3 gallon? I currently only have two 3 gallon buckets, and I'm not sure what my ratios should be, nor do I know how full to fill my bucket?
  10. Scooter McGoo

    Pitting in glass

    I just learned about pitting, but I was calling them "chips" when I called Geico and they sent out Safelite. He echoed everything here, it isn't worth it to try and fix and better to just swap out the windshield. Since I only have 2-3 pits (that only I can see as I am the one detailing), I elected not to deal with the hassle of swapping the windshield for now That being said, you swap it out every year with Geico? They're ok with that? How long have you been doing that?
  11. Scooter McGoo

    Serious Paint chips and/or gashes

    How much do paint chips usually cost to repair at a paint/body shop? (I realize this varies by damage and geographic location)
  12. Hi gang, I recently bought a new-to-me 2014 F-150. Not only do I love it, but my sense of pride in owning it is what has caused my spiral into my Adams addiction. In my newfound passion for detailing my truck, I have found some paint damage from the previous owner, primarily on the front fender. Some are basic chips that have begun to rust, but one is a major gash that looks as if it's raised the paint around it. I have no idea how to even attempt to fix these and was wondering if I could tap the forums collective knowledge on how someone might approach these two issues. Thanks in advance
  13. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure, but i don't think it did. I haven't opened the box yet (or what's left of it, damn UPS), but was planning on unpacking it this weekend. It was heavy when I picked it up, but not heavy enough to have weights in it, so my guess would be no, it did not come with sand bags. I believe it only comes with a roller bag and stakes. No sides.
  14. Amazon has some pretty screaming deals. I just purchased this 10x15 caravan canopy. I haven't used it yet but you can't beat the price. It just arrived today so maybe in a couple of weeks I'll test it out. I can also use it at the beach. https://www.amazon.com/Caravan-Canopy-Titanshade-15-Feet-White/dp/B00TJ2JSU8
  15. So I clayed for the first time (ever) this weekend and just starting laughing at the result. I laughed again when I used the H20 G&G for the first time; so easy to dry. It's unreal how well these products work. I'm so hooked.