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    Working on my 1997 Supercharged Lincoln Mark VIII show car, laying down some serious Adam's shine, outdoor activities, cooking, enjoying life.


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    Love Lincoln Mark VIIIs!
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    Fresno, CA
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    Car shows, drag races, bird watching, working on my car. :p
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    Mark VIII LSC Supercharged
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    Laurie Morgenthal
  1. Ultimate Garages will be a vendor at the Central California Auto Show next week, November 17-19, 2017, at the Fresno Convention Center and surrounding exhibit halls. Show hours are from 10-7 on Friday and Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday and it is free to attend. Adam's will be available for purchase as well as gearhead inspired jewelry for both gals and guys. We are also proud to announce our brand new retail location in the Palm Bluffs area! It is hoped to have the shop completely set up by Black Friday, so all of you Central California types can get your fixes in person!! Haha. The location is: 317 W Bedford Avenue, Suite 105 Fresno, CA 93711 www.ultimate-garages.com