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  1. Similar question titled "Drying Aid for Ceramic Coated Cars" asked by @dfettero on Thursday. Check out this post by @nasastang from last week. Posted Friday at 02:06 PM
  2. You'll want to warm it up slowly using a hot water bath, like you're heating chocolate to keep it from burning. Once it's melted and filled in around the container again, cool it down in the fridge and it should be good to go.
  3. How'd you know. Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that make us happy.
  4. ZMAN024

    A new car and retired lifestyle!

    Welcome to the group, Keith. I recommend you watch as many videos as possible, and feel free to ask questions. Lots of great advice to be had from the members. Oh, and post up some pics of the CRV, we love to see what you are keeping shiny.
  5. Another rainy day here in NJ, so what better to do than take pictures of my arsenal. Here are my Limited Edition detail sprays. Looking forward to a 2018 Memorial Day release...……..maybe apple scented.
  6. ZMAN024

    Late Check-In

    Welcome to the addiction, Patrick. . You'll find most of the forum members have a full arsenal of Adam's products........... the addiction is real !!!
  7. If you feel the need to include a drying aid with the wipe down, you can use the Matte Detailer, as it won't leave behind any wax that might degrade the hydrophobic properties of your coating. Optionally you could use Waterless Wash or Rinseless Wash diluted 16:1 as an equivalent to help provide lubrication if you towel dry. You should consider applying Ceramic Boost every so often (depending on your wash frequency and exposure ) to maintain your coating, but it would be fairly expensive to use after each wash.
  8. ZMAN024

    South Carolina Midlands Members

    Welcome to the addiction, Ray.
  9. ZMAN024

    Newb from CA

    Welcome Colin. You'll want to try Revive Hand Polish to tackle those fingernail scratches under the handles.
  10. ZMAN024

    Newb Checking In

    Welcome to the group, Joey. As Chris and Eric both stated, you're among other like-minded "addicts" here. Feel free to ask any questions. We're also willing to help others begin the healing process.
  11. x2 on sealing the windshield. The video with Adam where he cleans and seals the windows on the rental SUV always resonates with me because I hate dirty windows. A "must have" for me would be Glass Cleaner and Glass Boost.
  12. While watching TV last night I saw a commercial for the Dollar Shave Club, and I thought something similar might be a great way to introduce Adam's products to new and existing users. Maybe a $15 or $20 / month membership would include a few 16oz bottles of product or an equivalent dollar value of other offerings, with random members receiving more. Kind of like the "Jelly (Polish) of the Month Club"....... it's the gift that keeps on giving .
  13. ZMAN024

    Ceramic Boost - opinions?

    ^^^ Inquiring minds want to know. I also have a new bottle I got in the latest MB, but I haven't tried it yet.
  14. Come enjoy clean cars and good food this year at Detailer's Domain x Adam's Polishes Cars & Coffee Event! Adam Pitale, CEO of Adam's Polishes will be presenting and provide a sneak peek at new products! Invite your friends so they don't miss out. When: May 19, 2018 Where: Detailer's Domain 70 Oak St, Norwood, NJ 07648 Time: 9AM - 1 PM This event is FREE to attend! May 2018 19 REGISTER
  15. I got the same E-mail notification. I was glad to see that Adam "the Man" will be there again this year, and also intrigued by the promise that a few new products will be on hand. I hope the crappy weather holds off on Saturday.