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  1. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    Ultra Foam is back ! Website has a few new combo kits and a new sprayer up, too.
  2. New from IL

    Welcome to the group, Andrew. Nice looking STI ! I can tell from that shine that it's well cared for with Adam's products.
  3. New Member Intro From DC / Raleigh

    Welcome to the group, Andy. You'll find that Adam's products are superior to CG so you'll be glad to get rid of them a soon as possible.
  4. New car

    Beautiful car Corey. Love the color.
  5. Adams products

    When the weather is favorable and temps are above freezing........... every weekend. I've got (5) vehicles that are all maintained exclusively with Adam's products, so there's usually more than one that needs some attention.
  6. Newbie from Salt Lake City

    Welcome to the group, Ralph. Get some H2O Guard & Gloss on that JK before she hits the mud the next time and clean up will be easier.
  7. ^^^^ + (1) Patience and let Goo Gone or equivalent soften the adhesive, then use a throw away MF to rub away the residue.
  8. Don't let the name fool you.....

    Hit my refrigerator and dishwasher (both are black) with original Detail Spray yesterday, and the comment from my wife was " Wow, and it smells awesome, too." There are lots of household uses for Adam's Polishes.
  9. Service discounts for forum members

    Count me in for the clinic. I'd be willing to make the trek from NJ. Also a great way to meet some other Forum members. Now if we could get Lenore to send along some cookies and cupcakes for the clinic, you'd have a full house for sure.
  10. New from East Texas

    Welcome to the group Chris.
  11. Just signed up from Canada

    Welcome to the addiction, Damon. You've made a wise decision to switch over to Adam's Polishes.
  12. Newbie from CO

    Welcome to the addiction, Marissa !! Post up some pics of your Jeep when you get a chance. Once you start using your new Adam's products, you'll find out how awesome they are, and your Jeep will look it's best.
  13. Congrats on the new ride Eric. I must say I like your choice of car. Post up some pics when you get a chance. I've got few pics of my 2016 on my gallery tab. I can't wait for Spring so I can get back behind the wheel.
  14. Wetsanding My Shelby-part 2

    The car looks amazing Jimmy. I want one !!!!
  15. Service discounts for forum members

    Thanks Shane. I think you have a great idea here and hope you draw in a bunch of new business. I wish I lived closer than I do, 'cause I'd jump on the current sale.