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  1. Not today but over memorial day weekend, did a full correction and coated my buddies F250 with Adams Ceramic Paint Coating. Turned out great, but damn that is a lot of truck
  2. Sounds similar to Mckees paint coating or can coat. Looking forward to it though!
  3. Washed my girls car. Its coated with Adams ceramic coating. Tried topping it with the new H2.0GG and gave the tires two coats of Tire Armor.
  4. In this vid he says its now SI02 infused and in another he uses it on a ceramic coated vehicle. I assume we can now use it on ceramic coated vehicle?
  5. Detailed my mom's new to her, Nissan Murano for her birthday Did a wash/full decontamination, paint correction and ceramic coating. Adams products used were: Adams car shampoo, wheel cleaner, 15mm/12mm polisher, some of their 3 inch pads, glass cleaner, leather and interior cleaner, leather conditioner, VRT and various towels/buckets/brushes/mitts.
  6. Used Paint Sealant and Ceramic Paste Wax on a friends 130k mile Prius I did. Had no issues applying CPW on top of the sealant, think it turned out really well.
  7. I usually fill up a bucket with some water mix in some APC before starting and just chuck the pads in there once I am done with it and continue on with a new one. Once done take them out and wash with the hose like the vid and let dry.
  8. Glad they took care of you! Share some pics when its redone!
  9. So, I tried 2 oz of Adams rinseless wash (waterless wash dilution) and 2 oz of Boost 1.0 in a 32 once bottle with the rest water. Tested it on some glass, cleaned it up well and left a slick surface behind with no streaking and no buffing. Might try adding 1/2 - 1 more ounces of boost to it.
  10. I will try it with some rinseless wash when I get home, using a similar dilution.
  11. Eh, I was just trying to share I had been using Adams ceramic boost with another product to make a more quick detail type solution with good results. Maybe boost 2.0 will negate it needing to be diluted. Should have some here shortly.
  12. Yea it would be nice to have a gallon or the 32once size for a product like prep.
  13. Yes, if you are going to be polishing, you will want to hit it with Coating prep prior to applying any sort of last step product (Wax/Sealant/Coating etc.) The coating prep will remove the polishing oils, to help ensure the you have "naked" paint for the sealant to bond to the paint. If you were doing just a strip wash/reapply of the sealant and no polishing, the stripwash/ironx would leave the surface ready for the sealant.
  14. I feel you, a lot of prep work goes into a coating, having to redo it so soon would be frustrating (specially a big truck). Does not appear you did anything wrong on your part. Should not have to work to hard to strip the coating does not look like much if any is present. Hopefully they can make it right. Any particular reason you give it an APC bath, so frequent? APC will strip or weaken most last step products (boost, wax/LSP etc.) and if (when) you recoat, it should not need a APC type bath but maybe once or twice a year to kind of "refresh" the coated surface.
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