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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but it was all figured out. Nothing wrong with the Foam gun at all. the small o ring as mentioned earlier became dislodged and caused severe leaking, also a lovely rocket effect on my nozzle attachment that put a nice dent in my hood. Got it all situated
  2. Ok figured it out here. Took me a while. The O-Ring Located INSIDE the Female end of the snap adapter lodged itself into the opening causing the end pice to shoot off like a cannon Peaked inside replaced the O-ring and it seems go to go
  3. Did once. they told me to go to the hardware store and pick one up as they currently didn't have any. They didn't give me the size and haven't returned my calls
  4. While washing my car a couple of days ago. I disconnected the cannon to reattach my wash nozzle. Apparently the O-ring slipped off the Foam cannon and with some sort of black magic caused the head of my rinse nozzle to shoot off like an actual cannon. In turn I lost both my O-rings for both my attachments. I cannot find the size. I bought some 1/4" and they are to fat to fit inside the nozzle. Does anyone have the size for this small O-ring?