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  1. Cmon, I can't be the only one right.. the new Odor Bomb, maybe shoulda, coulda called it the Adam (atom) Bomb? lol okay maybe its just my cheesy self, anyone try it yet?
  2. I tried the tire and rubber cleaned, and it knocked down the slipperiness a bit, made the mats a nice deep black again! going to use ECO and Tire and rubber mixed and re do all my mats.
  3. I will try both, straight ammonia did not work, I feel silly I didnt try the Tire and Rubber Cleaner lol, I will tonight.
  4. Hey Hey Hey Washed my ladies Jeep this weekend, pulled it into the garage for all the finish work, tire shine and some drip from the under carriage spray dropped onto our gym floor ( garage Gym ), 3/4 in stall matting, any idea on how to clean it? tried diluted ammonia, but no luck. Thanks.
  5. Looks like a new hoody is coming as well. my guess is they will have diff tiers, bottle and black towel combos, bottles only, etc. I am guessing for all 3 bottles alone it will be 100$
  6. Sorry I deff meant Eraser, not reset, thanks again, I will let it sit for the proper time frame! Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the feedback!! plan on using car pro reset to wipe the car down fully before applying the coating to get any oils or fingerprints or anything off the car. Will be doing it in a closed garage, and leaving the car overnight, dont think I can escape driving it for 24 hours. Is it a must to wait 24hrs to cure before applying the boost? or is it just about not getting it wet? example. Car pro reset, apply coating, let car sit, if I have to drive it, can I hit it with the Reset again before the boost? thanks again!
  8. In a few weeks I plan on doing a full decon, paint correction, and Adams Paint coating on my black 2012 Jeep Cherokee. First timer here with the paint coating, so I had a few questions. How long does a paint coating typically last? if done correctly, are quick wash, dry, detail spray or ceramic boost all I need to do to maintain? Also what strips a ceramic coating? Is there any need to put wax on top of a ceramic coating after the initial coating? or is that going to cause hazing? Sorry total noob here, just trying to get my car dialed in after this horrible Minnesota winter. Thank
  9. Can you just coat it and and not restore it, wouldn't that coating do the same thing? curious for myself lol
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