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  1. ScatPack

    2018 Adams Calendar

    I only want one if Matt is in it, Maybe for the month of July, cause when i think of Merica, I think of Matt
  2. We were all "punk kids" at one point........ a company should bring a diverse product offering to the table, Adams does that. you choose with your wallet if a product is a seller or not. They continue to improve there "core" products, which is what there "core" consumer wants. At one point people were up in arms over "pumpkin spice" detail spray....
  3. Product collaborations are nothing new and are all quite the rage now with companies. They are a way to test products and expand marketplace reach. The goal would always be to have both collaborator benefit from it. If Adams stocked the same amount of the "Untamed" hoodies as they do of there regular branded apparel they would be sitting on a lot of them. The consumer for that "Untamed" hoody is very different than that of the regular Adams logo shirt. I commend Adams for trying new things, trying to reach new consumers. You can not stand idle and just do nothing. They are committed to there core consumer and products. I regularly see them update there products, they reformulate them, they make new and improved versions. So the idea that they are ignoring there consumer base is a little unfounded. If you look at Adams competition you see a lot of the same, so trying to create separation and buzz is harder and harder. If you tailer to you the the older base you run the risk of alienating the younger base, and vice versa. I think we are dealing a lot here with the vocal minority. People get upset when they miss out on a product i get it. We all want the latest and greatest. But Adams was targeting the younger crowd with that collaboration, the internet gen, the instagram gen. And from the looks of it they were successful . Adams is growing, and with that come growing pains. That is a natural thing, they will get better, the products will get better. And if it does not, as a consumer you exercise the right to choose. Numbers don't lie, and at the end of the day, if the numbers show that the collaborations make sense in business terms they will continue with them, if they don't, you will see less. I am sure we will see more collaborations, some will be in the wheelhouse of "garage" or "automotive" i am sure. I am sure we will see some that push out the limits, i am ok with that, if i don't like them, i don't have to buy them. So keep pushing Adams, keep improving, make some mistakes, learn from them, and by all means just keep innovating.