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  1. DAMMIT man, give me the good stuff!!!! Why are you holding out on us, Dan???
  2. There are always contaminants falling onto the surface, Thats why you paint cars in paint booths. Might be a tiny bit, but technically dust is falling on the surface all the time
  3. It all makes sense now. I'll remember that when I have to replace mine bottle prematurely. You guys need a different top for those
  4. I have a few of the clear rectangular bins the wife got from Target. They have snap on lids and are stackable. Fits perfectly on my detail cart. I have a few sizes to hold my towels, pads, applicators, etc.
  5. I have a '64 Dart convertible. Washing was never a big issue. Avoid pressure around the tops of the windows where it meets the convertible top along with the top of the windshield. Those areas never seem to seal super well. The rest of the car should be totally fine to spray down, suds up and rinse. And I would do a rinseless wash over a waterless wash. I have both, but the rinseless is way better. I do my daily driver weekly with rinseless without any issues
  6. Mine not only leaks when I squeeze, it tipped over and leaked all over my tool box drawer, and yes, the pop top was closed. Lost half the bottle
  7. I have both the foam cannon and the foam gun. After winter or after a big trip with the truck or suburban (or an off-road adventure), it’s awesome to grab the pressure washer and really blast the gunk off. Keeps the paint in better shape because you get all the dirt off and keeps your bucket of suds and washing tool of choice cleaner. The foam gun is for maintenance car washes where I’m not getting tons of filth off.
  8. Home Depot 8 months back or so. I'll get a pic if I remember when I get home
  9. You were standing on it in the store, paying attention. When you’re leaning out buffing the hood or scrubbing the windshield or walking down the thing as your waxing the roof, you’re not paying near as much attention to your feet as you are in the store. To each their own, if the 12” works for you, that’s awesome! I just know that I’d hate to fall off and hurt myself and it could have been prevented bu having a little more space to walk on.
  10. Well, yeah. A punch to the gut is light years better than a kick to the nuts, but I’d rather have neither. Check them out, but I’m confident in my decision that wider is better
  11. Just keep this in mind. You’re standing several feet above the ground not really paying attention on where you’re feet are going, do you really want something smaller to be standing on? Id much rather have a 24” wide platform than a 12” platform. My foot is literally wider than that, there’s no way I’d risk taking a spill because I was concerned about the folded up size...especially because the thickness is what matters more and is the same between the two
  12. I just can’t justify the price and I really don’t need one of that caliber. If Adams made a version of the Swirlkiller in that size, I’d buy it today.
  13. I really wish Adams would come out with a micro or even nano sized polisher. I could use something small for lots of things, automotive and not
  14. I have the 48” long Werner and I love it. Makes getting windshields roofs and hoods doable on my big trucks
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