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  1. So guys, when do you forgo the standard green Adam’s glass towel and go for the tough towel? Trying to figure out where my new tough towel fits into my wash regime
  2. Gallons

    I like to use the pump for my revitalizer, rinse-less wash and shampoo so I can get a consistent measured amount (1oz. per pump). No point using too much product and wasting it. For my other gallons, I use the funnels, they are awesome.
  3. Brushes

    How soft is it? The new Adams red brush is crazy soft. Don't use anything stiff on your wheels
  4. Gallons

    I just tip it forward a bit and let it drain off for a few seconds. Adams really needs to step up the design on the pump nozzles a bit. I feel like these are the worst designed product they sell
  5. Kind of detailing related...new photo gear

    I love the strobist.blogspot.com for lighting instruction
  6. Kind of detailing related...new photo gear

    Black absorbs light, white reflects. Sometimes you want one sometimes the other http://strobist.blogspot.com/2007/07/lighting-102-22-specular-discussion.html?m=1
  7. Kind of detailing related...new photo gear

    Can I make a recommendation You will want a good way to diffuse that light from the flash, the bigger the better. The problem with flash photography and cars is that a shiny clear really reflects the hotspot. Get yourself a stand, a softbox and a remote cable/transponder for the flash. Or you can find a white wall or ceiling and use as a bump flash, but the problem with that is consistency from image to image; as light fall off is logarithmic, the distance between the wall and the car won't be consistent (nor will the camera to wall distance, amplifying the fall off even more). A flash on a stand will allow you to have WAY more control of how you illuminate the vehicle.
  8. The SK 15mm works way better than the pc. I can’t wait to try the 21mm
  9. Extension Cord question

    I’m saying it’s good for 12amps (1300watts). Don’t know what the Rupes is rated at. But buy the 12ga if you can afford it
  10. Extension Cord question

    Always buy the bigger cord if you can afford it, At some point you'll want it. But, to answer your question, 12amps is about the most you will want to run over 50' with 14ga cable.
  11. Polishing an older Jeep

    The microfiber pad is pretty aggressive, even on the porter cable. Stick with foam until you're sure you need something more aggressive.
  12. Adams storage box

    I was told to bring the stuff inside if it gets below 45° or above 95°. Winter definitely gets colder than 45° in my garage
  13. Adams storage box

    I don't suppose Adams is coming out with a 20 bottle box any time soon? I have a lot of products that need to be stored out of the garage now that winter is coming.
  14. Wheel Cleaner on Chrome

    Yes, and it works awesome