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  1. I just use pressure and soap, sometimes brush if really dirty, seems to work for Me
  2. Just checked, it’s still processing! About to order a foam cannon now lol
  3. I ordered yesterday, no email yet. But money is out the bank lol
  4. Gunna pick up this DR Power Pressure Washer, has oneone used one before?
  5. Got those new buckets and some shampoo refill!
  6. Already spent $100 yesterday or I’d get that trunk organizer lol
  7. I want to invest in a Pressure Washer. I wash vehicles on the side, and would need something to be able to put on and off my truck bed. These are 60 and 62 lbs. I prefer a gas powered, and would be ordering a foam cannon. Which is better for the job, and is there something better than these for the price. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome back haha
  9. will do! as soon as all my new Adams products come in lol
  10. yeah, I see what you mean, I haven't received mine yet, but ill check the nozzle and see what can be different
  11. Sorry to hear that boss, I was so tempted to getting it, and saving $50 but then I was looking at what makes it different, and I think the key components are plastic and not copper/stainless. I ended up opting for the premium for that same reason.
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