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  1. TheMorningRise

    Detail Cart.......

    Which one do you all prefer? The standard or the detail cart? I think, from the looks, I like the standard a bit better. I like the recessed trays for towels and for keeping things "in" the cart.
  2. Curious what your average detail times are for various vehicles. I did our vehicles today. Vacuum (the better half's was a bit much due to the dog hair) both vehicles, interior detail spray (seats, consoles, dash, trim, etc.), interior windows, exterior wash and dry (wheels, tires, exterior, jambs, engine compartment, exterior windows) and then tire dressing. No paint correction. I wasn't in a hurry, but I didn't slack off either. It took me about 12 hours for a RAM 1500 Crew Cab Limited and a Discovery Sport Lux HSE. Just wondering if I'm slow or if that is about a normal time frame. 😊
  3. Thinking of making this purchase. I would add some additional items as well (such as towels, a cart, etc), but was wondering if anyone has purchased this kit. I am not sure if I should purchase this kit, or build an order, similar to this kit on my own. Thoughts.......
  4. Thanks for the responses. What vacuum/s do you like?
  5. I'm interested in the Master Blaster, but was curious....... For those who have one, do you still vacuum? I have heard that some folks do both. Others say they simply utilize the blower. I just have a difficult time seeing how the blower can get everything the vacuum could. Looking forward to your thoughts.
  6. TheMorningRise

    Newbie in Wisco.......

    I appreciate the responses! Thank You.
  7. TheMorningRise

    Midwest Detailing, Year 'Round.......

    To begin, it would be a mobile operation, with the goal of adding a physical location at some point in the future. Good to hear that there are some options out there for the Winter months.
  8. Well, here is my situation....... I'm 38, going on 39 and I am thinking of starting a detailing business. Now, this isn't a spur of the moment idea that just popped into my head. In fact, while going to school way back when, I actually worked as a detailer for an auto collision company. While I am not what I would consider an "auto nut", I have always appreciated nice vehicles, that look good. Not being real happy with my Project Management position and having always wanted to be self-employed, I am seriously starting to plan and look at how to make this a reality. I also have visions of expanding the detailing to other areas which I have experience in as well. All of that said, my main concern is location. Living in the Midwest, I figure that the viable "season" for the business would be about 8 months. I am expecting the winter months to be non-existant for business. There are some options that I am thinking about for these months, however this would be down the road. So, I ask, for those who are in the business of detailing and who also live in the Midwest or a similar climate, are there ways that you generate business during the winter? I am not asking for how you may get business, just wondering if you actually do get business. That is all. I look forward to your comments and I thank you in advance!