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  1. ok everyone just as title says winter is almost up been doing some planning about what to do with my car, wife, and daughters car. Mine first. White buick lacrosse. time to act like a real detailer and make the white car shine. help me out how do I make a white car shine like the sun. chime in everyone.
  2. Thanks for responding shane. I will remember about the paragraphs. Think I will respond numbered so I stick to one thing as you can see I am a little impatient when it comes to writing on the forums as you can tell but you always seem to respond where others are probably saying forget it lol. 1) Glad you see about what I was saying about the difference between a "one step" and a "all in one". Some companys are advertising a "one step" but there product is really a "all in one". So I am wondering if adams "one step" is a true "one step" or does it give protection which would make it a " all in one". 2) I have been polishing a little 99% of customer dont ask for it but I dont have many yet since I am a weekend warrior but I want to practice so I can expand services if I want. I have had cars come in for a exterior detail that after I clean paint with normal means, wash, clay, chemical decontam, etc, etc, I realize after I see them again I probably should have done a polish or correction to clean more so I will have a nude and naked paint, seeing the way the protection lasted. Most of my customers I have are willing to pay and people they send me are impressed so they are also. For the ones that have those twice a year I wash my car or use coin machine auto " destroy my clear coat fill it with swirls" car washes, I want to polish. 3) I have a lot of polishing equipment. I got from mystery boxes, buckets, etc, etc, and stuff I bought to experiment. I have the 15mm and 12mm and will soon get the 21mm ( some of my customers have suvs need I say more). I learned from terrible experiences when I first got started I would need a lot of pads also after I called adams and talked to them about polishing ( sling !! lord I am still having nightmares ). polishing is what made me a utube detailing junky. 4) can someone talk about cleaning pads with a brush between pads and how to do it cant seem to find a lot of videos on it for some reason. point me in the right direction if you can. 5) fortunately for me I have neighbors who have trashed or old cars they like for me to experiment on and drive by and ask If I need there cars a lot. they pay me with me asking for pay since I am experimenting and they agree that any thing that goes wrong they want get mad. these are relatives and old neighbors that I can trust. so far everyone is reeeeaaaaal happy and have good looking cars for not much. after my first year I stop a lot of that ( everyone is not happy bout that lol) and started regular charging for things I feel I got down real good. 6) does anyone know if adams "one step " has protection which would make it a " all in one". 7) ok that's it for now I will post more as I go along I hope more people chime in. pictures coming soon.
  3. the rookie is back!! well been getting into polishing more. winter will be over soon here in California. got customers wanting new looking cars, minor imperfections cleared and all the people with good looking cars who went through machines at car washes and those use the same terry cloth dirty towels hand car washes are already seeking me out. I been avoiding polishing but I see no other way specially with some customers going on utube and learning ( sometimes knowledge is a dangerous thing lolol). ok I also been learning and I notice that some people call there polish a one step when it seems to me it is a all in one. to me a true one step would correct and polish or compound, correct, and polish at same time depending on what pad you use. now I called adams and was told there one step also puts down a layer of protection. to me that makes it a all in one. I wish it didn't do that I would like to clean paint and start with a naked and nude paint you might say and lay down my own protection so as not to hinder something like adams paint sealant. seen to many post by adams and others saying for best bond paint sealants and ceramic coating need a clean, naked paint so if I finished with adams one step or there finishing polish that would not be so. would using the paint prep wipe those product protection right off? you guys are the experts so if anyone can say for sure the protection from the one step or finishing polish either comes off easy with paint prep wipe or does not effect sealant or ceramic in any way talk about it here. most of these people are not looking for 100% and would know the difference from 100% and 90 so a one step would work out for me. but when I lay down a layer of protection I want it to last, I usually layer which I want get into now but what want it to last. the acid rain here in California is deadly to paint so I like to give good protection. so help a rookie out. tell me your experience with one step if you use it or finishing polish with a sealant . I had a bad experience with car I used brilliant glaze on the paint under paint sealant and I did 2 other cars I see all the time with out the glaze. the glazed car paint sealant didn't last long in a 3 day rain we had a couple weeks back like we are having now. the other 2 cars were beading and sheeting like the first day I applied it. from now on I want a naked paint if possible. so just talk here about this issue if you have comments or advice.
  4. what is up with the 2-4 weeks shipping of ceramic spray coating? Right after I decide to get a bottle lolol. anyone know what is going on?
  5. Ha!! car dealers and detailers that work at and for car dealers are applying ceramic coating and making bank these days. Usually they keep it a 2 or 3 days and put multiple layers on them I just had a few neighbors with new cars get it done before they brought the car home. this is the stuff I was sort of talking about on another topic post. is applying more coats of ceramic coating a waste? does that go for the spray coating also? and if more layers of coating or spray wax or adding ceramic paste wax to the spray coating improve durability? help us out adams
  6. I sort of rushed my post. what I am talking about mainly is just the new spray coating. just want to know if it is ok to apply outside. if I cant then this is not for me and maybe others so I feel adams needs to say that plainly. if it can then I would like for them to say that and show that in video. not really complaining just that I got started with adams and sometimes I feel they are getting away from a lot of customers with explaining products at times. this ceramic spray has got me really excited as I am about to reduce what products I buy and use, but that will be another post. I am going to buy a bottle soon and want to use it right if I can use it at all. I want to know in what ways I can use it for me and my customers still new at this only 18 months doing it as a business. so do I just use this? can I apply ceramic boost and if so how long to I wait to apply it if I have to wait? can I top with ceramic paste wax and then boost? will that extend longevity? etc. etc. etc.
  7. I am sorry adams but I get a little down and feel the company is out of touch with regular people sometimes when you make a video these days on a new product. you talk about applying inside or in shade or leaving it somewhere away from anything for hours. Most of use live in the real world we either do out detailing outside whether for pay or ourselves. So can the spray coating be applied outside? if I put it on a customers car and they pick it up do I just say keep away from water for a day 2 if possible or must they park it and leave in a garage for couple days. if I cant use it on a customers car and just say not washing or water from a day then I dont know if this product will be from me. feel scared to use it on my own car. I feel you need to make a video using it on a car that is NOT coated and what I can layer on it if I want or can I double coat it. try to remember us people who dont park in garages and drive cars daily when making a product. just saying.
  8. ok just thought this needed a second thread because of what makes guard n gloss actually 2.0. listen up!!! on the video what actually makes it 2.0 is the hybrid technology!! it is acrylic and sio2 combined. boy how low can adam sink to get me to by a product I have tons of!! buy I am going to resist and be strong and not send off for a bottle you scum!!! ok back to comments. on video seems a bit thinner and easier to use. ok now we needs that stats people and adams!! how much sio2 is in it? how long does it last? can I use it to boost paint sealant ( like original GG) or do I use it to boost ceramic? or both?? ok give up the info someone!!!!
  9. there is a new H20 formula????? I saw it on Instagram site. first I am left out of the loop on the new Spray wax now I find out late about the new H2) formula!!! Good Lord you got to treat us better than that Adam!!! ok ok who has the scoop on this stuff??? any pictures? come on give it up. boy this was top secret.
  10. Finally!!! thanks Devon!! now someone try it out and tell us what you think. and dont forget to try it wet and dry!
  11. But someone has it!!!!!!! get on here and tell us about it!!!!!
  12. I see some of you got the spray wax in mystery boxes. where are the pics of the label? what is the make up of the wax, carnuba, silica, acrylic? does the bottle give info on durability? is it easy to use? info please.
  13. ok I see a lot of talk online and utube about leather conditioners. Some say they are useless some good. I need the truth. Not to run down adams but just what am I doing when I apply it to seats and panels. I am told that modern Leather and vinyl in cars have a thin plastic layer on car seats. If this it true can the conditioner have any affect on it? Does it just get wiped off as transfer and you sit down and slide around? What is the science that allows the conditioner to reach through the plastic if their is plastic on the seats. everyone especially adams people and professional detailers chime in. Just give it to me straight. we all know about the UV protection so no use in repeating that. even though I have been told the plastic on the leather helps with that also.
  14. ok been reading forums on rinseless wash. decided it was time to add rinseless and waterless was to my skills. been doing some testing with it see how long average car takes, etc, etc,. boy are my family and friends who I use to test things on happy lol. ok now. I have been told and read that rinseless wash and waterless wash is the same thing difference being that to waterless wash has a weaker dilution rate and a nice fragrance added. is this true? same thing but different dilution rate?? just need to know. not mad or anything just want to know my options. by the way how does adams rinseless wash stack up to optimum no rinse? just starting to experiment with no rinse and rinseless stuff so I dont know if they are both on par.
  15. A lot of people have been saying that ceramic boost has been changed a while now. after reading these post I stopped short of throwing away my ceramic boost I got from mystery boxes, because I thought the product sucked. I read the label and noticed some of them had different things said on labels about how to use the products and it looked a little different. so I decided after reading people rave about a " new formula" a while back to give it another try. as in another post I made I loved it!!!! I didn't like the wet application to much although it did work but too much trouble, but the dry way was fantastic. I noticed a few things. after applying dry the more I wiped and buffed it shinned. I use it after a wax, or the ceramic paste wax and again worked the same way. I used it on plastic trim and I must say I will be using vrt a lot less ( tested it out on trim on my daughters jeep which has a lot of plastic trim, boy 2 months later and it is still just as shiny and protecting the first day I use it). for windows I still read a few complaints but this is what I did, I gave my daughters jeep which has huge windows a good detail clean ( strong window cleaner or apc clean then clayed it and eraser, I know I know over kill but it is how I do it, then adams aerosol window cleaner or adams liquid window cleaner) then I add the ceramic boost. boy works like the window sealant and helps keep prints off somehow It seemed to me. ok dont flame me for this but I also wanted to try it so I did. I had a friends car I use for testing who lets me do what I want ( he is always smiling and glad to let me) whos car has a lot of plastic trim in back so I took it inside and applied it on trim. say what you want but after that stuff is on and it comes back cleaning is a breeze. Finally I how someone from adams reads this. couple months back people were saying on forums the formula had changed and label seemed to confirm it. I called adams because of the great results I was getting. some of the people at adams were saying it had changed and some said I hadn't but that was a printing era. I know we have a new formula now but did it change before this big release? give us a official statement. all I know is one day I hated it and gave it another try and I promise you it worked different.
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