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  1. enoch7fa

    IK sprayer to much

    hi Shane again. thanks for all the advice the only thing about texting and typing is that tone, facial expressions , etc , etc doesn't come out. I know how I must sound when I am typing. Most of those things I have discovered the easy or mostly the hard way. before committing to starting a home detailing business I read forums and watched videos for few months and talked to adams people mostly and others I knew were in or used to me in business like you so I knew what was coming. being a child of assembly line car makers who worked for GM I try as much as I can to stay with American products and companies. after some research and looking at other car detailing companies who make their own products I chose adams. some companies are American but outsource their products. Adams makes almost all of there chemicals ( bout 99%) and mostly just gets towels and some accessories made in other countries. I have to pay more but for good products and supporting American companies and jobs I am willing too. So when I sound out about something I am dissatisfied with I like to let them know before I move on. this has several times stopped me from doing that when I was contacted by adams people telling me to hold off they are coming out with something or improving something. So that is why I sound off good and loud and ask a lot of questions here and when I call. I chose adams as my primary products and want to stay. so keep commenting on my forums rant you and others have helped me a lot, specially adams people. after a year of practice and working on cars I am still addicted...… I mean excited about detailing. my plan for my neighborhood operations has just expanded from word of mouth. sent out flyers to neighbors. working out pretty good I dont have to buy a rig to drive around in they are bringing cars to my place ( boy is it handy). I make enough to pay for products, some good cash on the side of working, and feed my addic…….. I mean … uh ….. get to meet people, get closer to neighbors, supply a service to community, we the people in order to form a more perfect union establish justice ……. better stop there.
  2. enoch7fa

    IK sprayer to much

    I used it on several all the same. when I got the new iron remover I tried it out on that first. I bought a gallon of it and the ik sprayer around the same time. I got a exterior detail job and decided to try it out on it. boy even though I was trying to move fast it used up almost all of the iron remover in ik sprayer. same result with different chemicals. right now I am scared to try it on other stuff because I cant control how much comes out. I wasted almost half of the gallon on one car because of that sprayer. I think adams should hook up with another company for a sprayer. the ik waste a lot of product. I am not rich so when It used up some much of the iron remover and I got mad and said some things about adams ( sorry bout what I said about adams company and people I got mad ) lol. I am now scared to use the ik sprayer now feel like I wasted my money.
  3. is it just me or does the IK sprayer adams used apply to much product or is there a way I can turn it down? I control on the IK sprayer lets you widen and narrow how the product come out but does not lessen the amount. I go through to much of products to fast using it. or does using the fan nozzle help to limit it? I dont like to complain but maybe adams needs to keep search for a better spayer to sale. I do have another on from another complain which I want mention here and I can adjust how much comes out and as of now I fill it up with detail spray and boy does it go a long way. anyone have the IK spray notice this problem or have advice on how to use it? I want to stay with adams but that spray makes things expensive. how is it on the foamer?
  4. Anyone use a water deionizer? which brand? satisfied? do you use it to wash or just rinse? does using effect the washing?
  5. ok if you have read my question about patriot wax and the other paste waxes about storing this is not the exactly the same thing. I just want to know is it important to store any of the other chemicals in the house during the summer. has adams released any info about what chemicals will be no good after leaving in garage during the summer? I would hate to think I use a product I am wasting my time and cheating my customers. I know bout the paste waxes they are all in the house but how bout buttery wax and h20 guard & gloss? any other chemicals need to be in the house ?? adams the people deserve to know !!! any while you are at it are you guys jedi or sith? dark side or light side of the force? the people deserve to know!!! kareem or wilt? Daniel craig or shean connery??? Epson or HP?? mac or Microsoft?? glaze on top of paint seal or underneath?? is your favorite interior detailing or exterior??? The people deserve to know!!!!!
  6. from now on when I make a dumb mistake detailing I am going to say " boy, I am acting like J. R. Smith !!! lololololool ………… ok I thought it was funny.
  7. enoch7fa

    cherry bomb

    I get quit few customers with smelly cars , anyone use that cherry bomb yet? was it easy? did it do as advertise?
  8. enoch7fa

    ok got 2 questions

    I notice others sell a leather protector a cleaner and a leather conditioner. does the adams leather conditioner do anything but condition? 2) anyone try out that goo yet? how is that working out for you?
  9. Just got my jar of ceramic paste wax in, just want your idea's on how your are or how you are going to use it. I am keeping mine inside the house or do I need to keep it in fridge like the patriot wax. I am just interested how you are going to use it. since it last 5 to 6 months by itself are you still going to layer it some how? paint sealant then ceramic wax? ceramic wax / ceramic boost? Ceramic wax / patriot? how are you going to layer it if you are?
  10. I am keeping patriot wax in fridge is that good? or is that too cold
  11. I hope no one thinks less of me for this admission. please dont run me down, flame or persecute me. toughest thing I ever did ( takes another Kleenex from box, catches falling tear from left eye). I am a detailing shine-o-holic ( sobs loudly for a few minutes then gather myself). I have been busted looking at wheels in my church parking lot by the other members wonder what was I doing. at different parking lots security guards have watched me suspiciously wondering why I stopped on my way into store and looked at different cars maybe even taking a walk around them. one lady busted me kneeling done looking at her trim on the door and questioned me for 5 minutes because she said I was being evasive, I just couldn't bring myself to tell her I was a detailer and was wonder if I got a car that oxidized and what it would take to fix that trim. after I asked her is her trim naturally grey or originally black she rolled up her window and drove off with a frown on her face and put cell phone to here ear ( I got out of there just in case she was calling police). I keep a bottle of detail spray and a towel close by even when working on garden. couple times when my neighbor rolled up I shook hands looking at car and not them, said hold on and ran and got spray and proceeded to wipe off light dust without being asked. I looked up and played off my addiction by asking if he wanted me to test out a new product on his car the frown left his face and he said yes and got a free car wash ( that is not the first time that has happened, crying a little more now need another Kleenex ). please pray for me that I get over my issue. I have found that shine -o- holism is a disease not unlike drugs or alcohol. dont judge me to harshly!!!! it may happen to you!!!! Cedric The man The myth The legend The rookie
  12. ok been trying to wait. after detailing for the past year almost going to stream line my products to just what i need. wanted to work the ceramic paste wax in but dont even know if you are going to bring it back. can you give us some information? tell us something. when, size, how much it will cost. now that i am doing this as a side business i need to know to plain. working on keep cost down. i also noticed that other companies are making ceramic paste waxes but i dont see any of the American detail product makers like adams polishes making it. i choose you guys because i like to support American companies , willing to pay a little more for it most of the time, so help use out with some info on ceramic paste wax please. much appreciated . Cedric The man The myth The legend The rookie
  13. are the mystery buckets on amazon for real?
  14. Thought i was clear but maybe i wasn't excuse me. ok car comes in super dirty hasn't been cleaned in months. dirt, yellow sap, and lord knows what else. and along the bottom of the car a layer of everything i said plus what comes from the road. they call this traffic film i believe. what i like to do is apply something to this stuff let is dwell a while and rinse it off to get rid of all or most and soften up for wash. so i was wondering if anyone else does this? i notice on utube in Britain and Germany the detailer pretreat traffic film a lot. covering bottom or sometimes all paint services and rinsing off before snow foaming and washing. i been testing and i notice that when i pretreat ( best terminology i can think of) the dirty and lord knows what else comes off so much better and easier than just snow foaming. after the pretreat i contact wash and cars seem to be much cleaner. i dont have to worry bout using my polisher and finding my pads getting dirty, or when i surface prep with the chemical adams has for that and look at my towel it has dirt on it. dont know how much better to say what i am asking
  15. they had enough people yesterday at work so i left. was going to do my car but just before i turned on a vac, someone walked up and wanted a inside out detail done. we talked i looked at the car and we settled on a price. boy car was messed up, not to old but the dog hair sheesh. super dirty carpets, dusty seats, no wash in months, super dirty painted wheels and a burn red lay on tires. got it done though. my plan is working. neighbors see me doing cars and are bringing cars to me so i dont have to do mobile detailing! as a weekend warrior starting to feel good bout this addic...... i mean new business i got into. thanks for advice everyone specially thanks to adams people i bug on phone!!!