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  1. Thanks Shane appreciated every thing you said. I already knew most of it from mouths of watching videos, but sometimes i get carried away is all. Just for info I am pushing toward the detailing more and my customers know it. like some of my neighbors will pull up while i am doing a car and ask is that a detail, if i say yes they know i want be able to get them in most likely for a wash or quick wash ( that is someone who just wants a wash, no vacuum or wipe down, tire dressing etc). Except for one customer after i wash there car they have all come back or want to schedule a detail. most of the people i oversell to are family and close friends but i have over done it a few times. last 2 cars i did i got disciplined because i was timing myself, i did the interior and exterior straight with no extras regular wash. customers were happy. from the cars i did over sell the customers who usually go to a wash in neighborhood knew immediately i over did it and told me same stuff you did lolol. but i did make some good tips so i was ok, real good tips for regular washes. i got a plan and is working out ok. i got a live in quality control supervisor and that person makes sure i dont get out of hand, most people call that person a wife. she gets mad when i do a little extra behind her back. one of my neighbors whos cars didn't get washed in months and i mean months was my product tester while i was learning in the past year. after i told him testing was over unless i get some new stuff and need a dirty car he had no problem, he even encouraged me not to lower my prices because i have gotten twice as fast doing a good detail now that i have learned a lot of tricks from you guys on forums and utube. but boy was he sad when i started charging him almost full price lolol { almost he is my next door neighbor and i did use his cars for testing} . so i my have sounded hopeless but not to bad i now tell everyone prices and they take it or leave it. since my prices are customizable you know, " want a exterior detail but i dont want to pay that much can you leave the wheels alone? " but boy do i have to restrain myself seeing a car drive from my house with dirty wheels lolol. curse you adams for getting me addicted!!!!! from reading forums and utube i had choices start low and add to price building up to want they want or state my prices for a detail and cut back. starting high is working out good. the amount of products i am using now is lowering ( sorry adams lol) as i get to know what i am doing. making money. i bought all my products with one credit card and am now paying it off got in cut in half in one month so doing ok. i want tell you how much i paid for my big order when i got serious lol. thanks again everyone especially adams people on phone and today you shane for advice
  2. the mini cooper is a 1996, when i got the car i thought it was steel gray with black brake calipers ,when i was done i was shocked by how dirty it was.
  3. Good Lord it is hard to give people only what they pay for!! please pray for me that i stop over selling too much. someone wants a 20 dollar wash, vacuum, interior wipe down and tire dressing, should take me half hour to 45 minutes. they tell me to take my time. you know the story car hasn't been washed in months i just cant let a car leave my driveway with out a certain level a clean sheesh!! am i a addict? a shine junkie? a gloss freak? i think i am going to start a support group before i stop making a profit. dont laugh!!! how come no one told me!!!!! detailing is a disease no unlike drugs or alcohol!!! and dirty tires?? i can let a customer leave with half clean tires every tire i see that is not spotless i feel the urge to give it a wheel detail!!! my customers try to help me they say " cedric we appreciate the effort buy i only want a wash and here if 50 bucks more for a little extra spruce up and cleaning " i say no problem but if they leave with less than 130 dollar detail i will be surprised. i had to call one customer and beg him to come get his car so i could quit rubbing on it. no lie!! if i rubbed on my wife as much as i rub on cars my marriage would be a lot better sheesh!! only good thing is i picked up 4 customers this weekend of people who were walking or driving by at being of washes and came back by to see results. my plan is working, i didn't want to really get into driving a rig around i wanted to be a neighborhood car washer and detailer and it is working out great. Any one else having this too much over selling problem? anyone else having success like me and my plan of having customer bringing their car to my place? what is your plan? sometimes i wish i never got it in my head to start washing my own car. one more thing i am going to post some picks here again of outside details again tell me how you think the rookie is doing. and post some picks if you can. also tell me what you did to car example: exterior detail - topped with paint sealant, glaze, patriot wax, buttery wax or exterior detail - wash and wax etc etc. thanks
  4. ok we've had ceramic boost a while now. i got 2 bottles in mystery boxes, one is unopened. ok everyone what's the verdict? talking to people without ceramic coating. do you still work into your routine? have you stop using it? do you swear by it now? anyone experiment with it? any pictures? does it give shine? how long is protection on car paint? is it part of your layering? is it " Hey cedric you need to use this stuff!!" or " dont waste your time other things give better protection and shine more" tell me bout your ceramic boost experimentation. answer all or some of my questions, chime in everyone, adams people also
  5. ok got a merino mitt in a bucket is it any good? what are the pros and cons? do you like it? when should i use it? i watched the videos dont know if it is good for anything for me. chime in everyone please.
  6. any one test adams iron remover yet to see if it is as good as carpros? hope it is i ordered a gallon. 1 liter of iron x is bout 35 bucks the gallon of iron remover is better value if it works good.
  7. I was reading a post saying that even though patriot wax is more expensive Americana offer the best protection, is that true? i think i did see a video saying it just has a lot of carnauba in it so it adds the best shine. so does amercana offer ok shine but better protection and endurance of the wax and patriot just adds a lot of shine?
  8. enoch7fa

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    what is ph of strip wash?
  9. good lord why do i keep missing the " r " on my yours when i type. .lolol
  10. someone was asking about some pictures on my other post on this exterior enhancement part of forum. just look at my other i put some pics
  11. Ok so i been going through a lot trying to strip was cars. I don't mean to sound wrong but i am sorry Adams strip wash doesn't do it for me. now don't get mad but i use it, a lot some times and cars bead like i didn't add anything different from regular shampoo. Is Adams stuff keeping up with sealing and wax tech? so i think the best way to go about helping me out is for everyone to chime in on how you strip you car for a detail. Lets say this is the situation: The last time you detailed you car you put down a layer of paint sealant, then brilliant glaze, then Americana paste wax and buttery wax for over kill to top it off. month later you wash and used wash n wax, month later you used H20 guard n gloss, going to show off you skills to friends and wanted car to really pop a month more or less later and did another layer of patriot and glaze. six months has past time to redo for summer. how would you strip it. by the way from reading forums this all can happen and has lol want tell who mums the word. ok everyone including Adams people what is your method for stripping you ride?
  12. Ok the rookie Cedric is back. Did a interior & exterior detail. Was a 1996 Mini Cooper, hadn't been washed in months i thought it was a dark gray color with black brake calipers. lol, ended up after i detailed it Navy blue with bright red calipers lol let me try and put some picks. i also did a 2017 crossover Mercedes, exterior detail boy did i make it pop!! let me try to get some picks.
  13. Cedric the rookie back again. boy good to be making some cash doing something i like to do, first time in my life work since i was 15 1/2 years out. Ok it is time to give me advice and put the brilliant glaze questions and arguments to rest i am trying to learn and make some buck here. ok everyone chime in specially people form Adams. 1) Is it true brilliant glaze adds shine even if you don't put it directly on the paint, so if i put it on top of paint sealant will it still add shine? 2) Does it shine better than patriot wax? i bought some couple weeks ago and was impressed buy it. I put it with under patriot wax on one car and on top of it on another both were blazing which is better for shine ? 3) I see a lot of post saying try it on windows, what does it to them? make them shine as if they were polished? 4) What does brilliant glaze do to interior windows? 5) What has been your experience with making a car absolutely pop using brilliant glaze? 6) Can brilliant glaze be applied with my swirl killers? if so how do i do it right? 7) off topic! how long does a coat of patriot wax last? now my favorite wax. and can i apply a second coat on top of it? Ok everyone chime it help the rookie out got a interior and exterior detail Saturday and advice on interior would be nice.
  14. Ok any reports or videos on new wheel cleaner? is it just a APC? what ever it is hopefully it is strong so i can dilute it if i must.
  15. ok no need to get mean. i never noticed it, i come home everyday and get up in the mourning and look for new stuff. i never notice a " flash sale " before. still kind of new. usually i get emails from adams bout this stuff or as soon as you log on to site you see mystery sales that didn't happen this time. now i know to look under every thing when waiting on mystery box stuff sheesh no need to get smart with me. i'll just keep my money