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  1. New suggestions

    Some great ideas so far; I really would like a longer attachment for reaching higher places (e.g. middle of windshields, back windows on pickups, etc.) I'd be interested in newer coatings too as well as a glass coating (Would definitely do that).
  2. What kit should I buy first?

    For a good setup, you could get a 2 bucket washing setup from Adam's (2 Buckets, Grit Guards, Wash Pads, Car Shampoo, Drying Towels, etc.). Then I'd get a can of Americana or Buttery wax, and regularly coat the car after washings. Just note, there are better options than Wax these days for protection, especially since this car will be driven a lot. If you really want the best option, short of a Ceramic Coating... Strip Wash the car to remove all residue, waxes, and whatever film is on the car. (This can be done a variety of ways) Assess the paint to see if it needs to be clayed...It's a new car so it probably won't need it. Is your freshly washed paint still bumpy? If so, you'll need Detail Spray and Clay. Apply Liquid Paint Sealant (LPS). This will provide you with 4-8 months of protection. Paint Sealant needs to be applied to naked paint (Achieved via Strip Washes and Claying). Now you can optionally use an Adam's product like H2O Guard and Gloss on top of the LPS to get more shine, protection, and durability. (LPS + H2O G&G is a awesome setup, my favorite) Regularly wash it with Car Shampoo and good to go. The H2O GG can also be your only source of protection for your Glass, Wheels, and Trim. It will provide 1-3 months of protection and shine PER application, but I choose to apply it almost every time I wash the car to maintain the peak protection and beading capabilities. Ask away, just a few months ago I was a complete noob at all of this too. You'll find tons of help here on this Forum and from Adam's directly.
  3. Is Brilliant Glaze acrylic based?

    Put the Paint Sealant down first. Then you can put down the BG and if you want, add H2O GG to boost the Sealant and lock in the great shine you get from BG. You can also replace that H2O GG with a good wax (Though not as durable) or Ceramic Boost etc. Tons of options, just put down the PS first...
  4. Just wanted to bump this with a little info...I talked to my dad who has owned body shops since the 80s and he said that, a baked paint job should be given anywhere from 2-4 weeks to cure or more to be safe. He's had customers that have ceramic coated or even waxed their cars immediately and had their paint crack at stress points.
  5. Yeah that’s what I used my first go round. Seemed to work fine for me. Think I’ll order a SW for next summer though.
  6. Thanks for that BG SQ5! I didn't even realize. And yeah, Photobucket sure did ruin the internet with their shenanigans.
  7. I'm thinking preemptively for next summer when I'll be stripping + sealing all of my cars and I'm wondering; does an APC + Shampoo wash do as good of a job as Strip Wash? Will I be burning through APC since I have at least 4-5 cars to do?
  8. New painted wheels

    I didn't think about PSing on my wheels but I do use H2O on them and they're come clean with an old microfiber and a little waterless. Mine are Fuel Mavericks, pretty similar to the ones you listed. Your bigger issue is going to be the areas behind the wheels that will get SHOWERED with anything and everything on the road. *Facepalm* lol. Paint Sealant and H2O are your friends!
  9. Sweet so far. I'll have to bring in my detailing stuff as it's in the 30s now.
  10. Trying to get some ideas for my detailing collection of towels, bottles, gallons, polishers etc. to keep them organized and clean. I have a large garage but not much room to dedicate to storage. Not sure if putting everything in rubber tubs is for me although that would be pretty cost effective. Anyways, let’s see your detailing setup!
  11. Rubber Mat Cleaner Questions

    I'd imagine it's an APC with a bit of protect/shine product (Kind of like VRT)? Probably nothing crazy that you should be worried about but I could be wrong. When in doubt, "Test in inconspicuous area."
  12. The Value of Paint Gauges

    Well I guess you can say he wasn't kidding about there being lots of paint!
  13. Glass Boost and Glass Cleaner Questions

    How about using the Glass Cleaner over the top of windows sealed with H2O GG? Is it gentle enough to leave the protection of the H2O GG there or no? Does Glass Boost "boost" the protection of the H2O GG if I applied it over the top?
  14. I received the products in the title. My truck is currently coated in LPS and then topped with H2O GG regularly, the last coating of H2O GG hasn't even seen the road yet (Has been sitting in the garage). My windows had accumulated some garage dust so I thought I'd test out glass cleaner (Mind you, LPS + H2O GG is on my windows). The Glass Cleaner seemed to want to strip off the Sealants as the towel went from slipping across the surface to skidding and grabbing across the surface. The very official, Fingertip-touch-test agreed with the towel that the glass wasn't anywhere near as slick as it was before. So I applied the Glass Boost. That brought back the slickness if not more slickness than before (H2O GG). I haven't had it out in the rain to test the hydrophobic qualities. How long will Glass Boost last on its own? If it doesn't provide superior qualities to the H2O GG process then I'll probably not really use them as I can currently wash + rinse + dry with H2O on all surfaces and know everything is slick and protected (And looks good). Maybe I could just skip the Glass Cleaner usage and just use Glass Boost over the top of the H2O GG that's on the windows?
  15. Ceramic boost

    Absolutely! I recommend using H2O G&G regularly (Winter or not) to maintain the LPS and add extra shine and protection. I think the Wax may be kind of unnecessary, especially if it's Buttery, in which case I wouldn't use it at all. But if it's a Paste wax then you could put it down on top or under the H2O GG.