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  1. I'm well aware of this. Like I said, I'm experienced with Adam's products and have almost all of them. I've used H2O and CB before and know what each of them do. In asking I more meant, since application isn't very hard for either and any user of the product they choose could modify their detailing habits to accommodate the application process, how does CB perform vs H2O? Which lasts longer? Which gives more shine? Which beads water better/sheds contaminants? Which applies to all surfaces better? I personally got away from H2O GG because of the application process. I found it pretty intensive compared to applying something like Ceramic Boost 2.0 which you just spray on and wipe off. But that may just be me. Many say that H2O GG is the easiest sealant to apply so.
  2. Interesting. The cost per application is a new angle I didn't factor. But is it that real, not factoring cost of the product? Ceramic Boost applies with 1 microfiber towel, maybe 2 for a whole vehicle. H2O GG applies with 2 microfiber towels. It's even possible that Ceramic Spray Coating can be applied with 1-2 microfibers that could be reusable if they're washed immediately according to the website. So if we follow this plan and use, let's say H2O GG as an example...Now you only have to buy 1 exterior product and 2 microfibers towels and the chances are high that any level of detailer will have on hand anyways. You can save money on not buying Glass Sealant, Glass Boost, VRT, glass towels, foam blocks etc. or other exterior LSPs. Sooo...? Good discussion and ideas so far. Honestly I'm still on the fence. I think the point is getting weaker for all of the extra small category products if you use CB or H2O GG and they can do the same job, protect/bead better, and apply with one tool for the whole exterior all while saving money from other small category exterior products. The argument could be made that if you're a wax user, you'll still need a trim and glass product obviously. There's the therapy factor, competitor factor and many people will use them, myself included. On the up front, why is the new H2O GG any better or worse than Ceramic Boost 2.0 if both are used as a stand alone or topper for a Sealant/Coating?
  3. Just to clarify, I personally understand all of the usages for Adam's LSPs, and really all of their products. I have used a solid majority of them and have used this forum extensively. I'm not really asking for my benefit but more as a feeler to see if anybody else is on board. Getting rid of Buttery because Americana lasts longer/has more gloss is a dumb idea because they're different products in usage (Though in reality, if you're applying Buttery, you could apply Americana, have used both and might as well go Americana IMO). That example and similar aren't the things I'm talking about. I'm more talking about creating categories of products and creating a product to fit the roll whilst also maintaining MULTIPLE products inside of the "traditional" categories (Wax/Seal/Coat) oh and by the way you can switch and use X product with Y and vice versa. Understand that for me, that's not a huge deal as I know what each one is intended for. But like I mentioned in the original post, 95%+ of Adam's customers probably don't touch the Forum. Hell, most of the comments/questions I've seen on their YouTube/Instagram page could EASILY be answered by spending 5 minutes on their website reading about the products in question. But most don't. Compounding this problem is 8-10 LSPs x 2-3 layering options x 1-3 different ways to apply them and you have way too many options for the beginning user or even simplicity for "seasoned" shine freaks. Did I mention that they could use to go back to the boards on most of their LSPs anyways? Yes most of them are very easy to apply, smell great, and give great shine. But most of them also don't last. I guess what I'm saying here is, quality over quantity. Also, since, for example, Ceramic Boost 2.0 or H2O GG can be applied to glass, plastic/trim, in addition to paint...Why does Glass Sealant and/or Glass Boost exist? Has anybody ran durability tests between a H2O sealed window vs a Glass Sealant window? I haven't seen any different in beading/durability, and they're easy to apply in their own way. How about VRT vs. Ceramic Boost when in my experience both leave the plastic looking about the same and bead water for a few weeks? H2O also darkens/shines/protects trim. Now the Ceramic Spray Coating can ALSO do glass/plastic/trim - since Ceramic Coating Spray should inevitably do everything better than H2O/CB, now is CSC a no brainer for Glass/Trim and therefore eliminating the need for VRT, Glass Sealant, Glass Boost, and even H2O GG? Again, it truly seems like you could get away with 1-2 products tops for exterior surfaces. As long as the surfaces are clean, H2O, CB, CSC, can be applied to everything and accomplish very similar goals on each surface as the dedicated surface products. Maybe we just need a massive updated clarification and recommendation post from staff at Adam's to address these cross roads. Again, I fully intend for good natured discussion here to help everybody, including Adam's, out.
  4. Howdy gents, been a while since I've been on. I've been following their brand new products but haven't tried any as I've been content using my current supplies. Wow it sure does seem like Adam's is on a LSP over load. Granted, most brands have lots of LSPs but it's getting exceptionally confusing especially for newer users. Just check the comments on their Instagram posts and YouTube videos. Everybody asking what do each accomplish, what are the advantages, what is the process, how to layer, etc. I do not have a problem with lots of products IF each of them fill specific rolls but so many of them are moving into "do all" products that it becomes confusing even to experienced users as to what to use and what to ignore. I think for the betterment of the entire company, Adam's needs to develop/advertise a menu of 3-4 different "Formulas" or "Processes" for success if you will and then stop the pushing of different cross uses. I mean right now with 8-10 different paint LSPs alone, you have a massive amount of possible combinations if you want to layer 2-3 products! Maybe a formula set could be: $-$$$ Waxers - Not much durability, more for ease of use and shine (1 month maybe?) Patriot/Americana + Glaze/Buttery/DS $$ Sealers - More durability (6 months or less in my experience) LPS + H2O GG $$$ SIO2ers - More durability (6-8 months?) Ceramic Spray Coating + CB/CPW $$$$ Coaters - Most durability (1 year+) Ceramic Coating + CSC/CB I personally have pretty mediocre results with most of Adam's LSPs. I tried almost all of them except their full Coating and Patriot/Ceramic Waxes. Honestly, none of them blew me away as far as durability. So I switched. I moved to Gyeon CanCoat and really loved the durability and ridiculous beading/ease of cleaning. Paired with their WetCoat and it's honestly a great system that blows sealants and hours of spraying, spreading, and buffing out of the water. But the new Ceramic Spray Coating got me interested. I do love the Ceramic Boost 2.0 and I use it on every surface except glass and I've been somewhat impressed but the 3-6 months is hot air. I never saw "beading" past a month or two on any of Adam's products and I applied all properly across a small fleet of vehicles. Ceramic Spray Coating may be enough to pry CanCoat out of my hands and I'd probably top it monthly with Ceramic Boost 2.0. Anybody used CSC yet? As a fan of the previous H2O GG (pre hybrid), the new formulation also has my curiosity; however, is there a need when you have CSC + CB 2.0? Also. Glass routines. What is everybody doing? With all of these new products being able to applied to "all surfaces" why is Glass Sealant + Boost still a thing? Durability claims remain the same or better for the "paint" LSPs, plus there's no need to keep 2 different products/towels on the shelf for one purpose. Or is there? There's no simple answer to this post. It's a read and discuss IMO. Thoughts? P.S. This is meant for nothing but constructive feedback/criticism to help fellow Shine Addicts and Adam's Polishes alike.
  5. This is true. When I was looking to up my game of detailing, I looked at all the brands I saw frequently on my online visits, namely Chemical Guys, Griot's, Adam's, and a few others. When looking through the website, Adam's definitely comes across the most intuitive and easy to follow, combine that with the Forum and it's super easy to get your start. I think simplifying their lineup and upgrading a few products/lowering prices would go a LONG ways for Adam's.
  6. Yeah, I'm no professional but I've definitely looked elsewhere for a lot of products. I think the most effective products Adam's sells are their cleaners (Soaps, TRC, APC, RW, etc) and towels (But pricey)....but for LSPs, Polishes, Pads, etc. I have moved to other brands. As the owner of quite a few rides, I burn through detailing supplies about as fast as a small detailer, haha. I can't help feeling like Adam's is almost trying to be the Apple of the detailing industry. The socially seen "cool" brand, the Instagram pic brand. They're getting a little high off the ground, need to settle down, have a big drawing board meeting and read these forums. It can only do them good. The Best companies and business in the world are the companies that pay attention to Forums, Social Media, and Retail locations and listen to what customers are saying.
  7. LSX Maestro

    Expanded workspace

    Here's my little garage...Have another 2-3 car garage attached to the house.
  8. Agreed on almost no need go Glass Cleaner. Between Glass Boost, Detail Spray, Waterless Wash, Rinseless Washes, etc. I just don't reach for Glass Cleaner very often. Not sure if I use anything outside of it's intended range - I do like using Detail Spray on pretty much everything, even my watches get a Detail Spray wipe-down every day or two. My MacBooks, phones, TVs, etc. all get the Adam's treatment.
  9. LSX Maestro

    Expanded workspace

    Nice setup Shane.
  10. I have several Gyeon Quartz products — outstanding stuff. Out of respect for Adam's, I will not discuss further on here...
  11. LSX Maestro

    Ceramic Boost By Itself

    I think the new Ceramic Boost 2.0 is a viable standalone. I would pair it with say Wash & Wax washes and then a layer of CB every 1-3 months. You'll have a sparkly and hydrophobic car. I've moved on to coatings and I cannot emphasize this enough — I am NEVER going back to polymer Sealants/Waxes. No more 1-2 hours to apply a layer of a supposed 6 month Sealant or paste wax to see no beading or effects of an LSP on the surface just weeks later.
  12. LSX Maestro

    Washer Fluid

    Look at Gyeon's glass coat or similar. They'll shrug off alcohol and will last 1-2 years at least. I love Adam's Glass Sealant and Boost. I avoid using washer fluid but very rarely do I need to use it anyways. If you do need to use it, it will be fine. I never saw Glass Sealant/Boost's performance decline from the washer fluid, now the friction, I have seen it slow down after driving across the country for 4+ hours in the rain.
  13. LSX Maestro

    Hydrophobic product?

    I've used all of Adam's LSPs except for their Ceramic Coating and Ceramic Paste Wax. By far the slickest and most Hydrophobic is Ceramic Boost 2.0. H2O GG is not bad. LPS, all 3 Waxes, don't bead very much, you can tell somethings on the surface but it's not that "Wow, look at that water run" reaction. I've switched up my LSPs to other brands personally. I like Adam's cleaning products but their LSPs are a little lacking. As I said I tested almost all of them and honestly, it's hard for me to admit this as an Adam's fan boy, none of them lasted worth a darn on my daily driver or garage queens. H2O probably made the most valiant effort. Haven't had a chance to test the Ceramic Boost 2.0's durability yet. Americana and Buttery are gone pretty much after the first wash, be that next day or next week. The gloss dies off, a detail spray wipe down brings some of it back temporarily. LPS always gets topped but in my experience, even with perfect proper application, it doesn't bead much or make the vehicle much easier to clean. I think Adam's could learn from CarPro and Gyeon that Silica based LSPs (Touchless sealant, wipe on sealant, wipe on coating, and full Ceramic Coating) are the path of the future. The durability, gloss, and hydrophobic properties are crazy on them. I recently tested Gyeon CanCoat and W.O.W. is the beading/durability insane. WetCoat or Hydro2 are also amazing products as well.
  14. I've been in the bodyshop business for a while and can confirm, that is complete clear coat and paint failure. Nothing left to work with there. Not sure what the owner is looking to achieve but expect $10,000+ for a high quality stem-to-stern repaint. Make sure the shop knows what they're doing. A lot of bodyshops are all thumbs when it comes to doing classics, meaning their techs aren't used to dissembling and prepping an older vehicle. It's a slow and gentle procedure and more costly than brand new stuff. As with Ceramic Coatings, 95%+ of a paint job is the prep and how flat/perfect the surface is before spraying. Once color/clear is down, sanding is only going to remove the last 5% of the flaws. If he's going for a show quality vehicle, make sure they do many layers of clear so there's plenty to sand down to get perfectly flat as well as years worth of polishing. And by all means, once it's gotten the quality paint job and is finished to perfection via skilled hands, apply PPF and a Ceramic Coating to it to lock it in for a while.
  15. They'll play along just fine.