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  1. I've been in the bodyshop business for a while and can confirm, that is complete clear coat and paint failure. Nothing left to work with there. Not sure what the owner is looking to achieve but expect $10,000+ for a high quality stem-to-stern repaint. Make sure the shop knows what they're doing. A lot of bodyshops are all thumbs when it comes to doing classics, meaning their techs aren't used to dissembling and prepping an older vehicle. It's a slow and gentle procedure and more costly than brand new stuff. As with Ceramic Coatings, 95%+ of a paint job is the prep and how flat/perfect the surface is before spraying. Once color/clear is down, sanding is only going to remove the last 5% of the flaws. If he's going for a show quality vehicle, make sure they do many layers of clear so there's plenty to sand down to get perfectly flat as well as years worth of polishing. And by all means, once it's gotten the quality paint job and is finished to perfection via skilled hands, apply PPF and a Ceramic Coating to it to lock it in for a while.
  2. They'll play along just fine.
  3. LSX Maestro

    Can I 1-step with Adam's Heavy CC?

    I have all the products I need. I have all Adam's pads and polishes, various other compounds and polishes in the collection, and no issue spending money with several detailing stores near me. It comes down to time and worth. If this was my C7 Z06 or similar, I'd buy the best and spend however much time I want on it. But this being a daily truck that will see 1 bucket washes from time to time and quick spray downs and not left in the garage when it snows/salted roads/rain etc. I don't care for the finish to be perfect. This weekend I'll wash/decon/clay and see where I'm at. I might one step it with just Correcting and Orange and let it get the fine/medium swirls out and be happy.
  4. LSX Maestro

    Can I 1-step with Adam's Heavy CC?

    Or I could just one step it with Correcting Polish + Orange and see where that gets me.
  5. Hello. I have a big Duramax pickup that I just had 80% of repainted. She's like brand new. But most of the panels have buffing/rotary marks and the original paint panels have swirls/scratching here and there. I know it's going to take more than Correcting Polish to get them out. Rather than buy even more polishes that I'll only use 10% of, I'm wondering what I can make work with Adam's. Being that the truck is 22' long, I really don't want to have to go over it 2-3 times... I know only a test spot will reveal but wondering if you've ever one stepped using Adam's HCC? I'm not interested in it being show quality or anything, I just don't want it to look like it's covered in spider webs when it's in the sun. Will HCC + MF pad leave hazing that has to be followed with CP?
  6. LSX Maestro

    Another brand of ceramic or LPS again?

    SO many factors play into this. Environmental, humidity, temperature, cure time, products left over in towels, and much more that I'm not thinking of. It might not be the most agreeable to you but if it were me, I'd Wash, Clay, and lightly polish the paint. Wipe it down with CP Eraser or Coating Prep, IPA is not good at lifting, it tends to push so flip the towel frequently. Then reapply the coating via their directions and let it bake for 48 hours or more preferably. There are many brands under the sun if you want to change.
  7. LSX Maestro

    How do I remmove Ceramic Wax?

    The CPW and PS are both very similar in durability from what Adam's tells us. I don't see why it would be necessary to strip off the CPW and replace it with PS just to put the CPW back on top. I'd wait a while. Also, I don't think one round of SW will eat the CPW right off. I've had several waxes/sealants shrug off SW. The only thing that truly strips the protection is the decon, clay, and polish process. The CPW is probably pretty tough with the added "ceramic" properties it has over your typical Carnauba. If you really want to put PS on just for the sake of putting PS on, then you'll likely need to completely start over, short of correcting polish. Strip Wash or APC, wipe down with CP Eraser or similar, not sure if Coating Prep is good enough, and see where that puts you. If the paint feels grabby and naked, then apply the PS. To be honest with you, I would leave the CPW on and then monthly coat it with the new Ceramic Boost 2.0 and see how that treats you vs PS.
  8. LSX Maestro

    Ceramic Boost 2.0 and Storewide Sale!

    Ordered the new Ceramic Boost and a Master Blaster last night. Officially finished my Adam's detailing collection — NOT. Haha.
  9. LSX Maestro

    h20 g&g followed by ceramic boost

    You can use them interchangeably but I wouldn't put the CB immediately down over the HGG. If you want to use HGG after the wash then do so and wait a few weeks and use CB the next time. See which one you like more.
  10. LSX Maestro

    Soap & Water!!

    I agree OP, and beautiful car by the way. By far my favorite Ford. I also have moved away from entire Rinseless Washes. When I do them it's in the winter and I spray down the truck at the pay-and-spray and then take it home and RW it in the garage. I have only ever used RW on my toys when just the smallest touchup was necessary like it was perfect when I put it away and just a light dust layer has fallen on it. The biggest reason I've moved away from RW though is wheels. Have you ever seen the brake dust that a 6th gen ZL1 makes? Put it to ya this way, drive it out of the garage and stop at your neighbors yard — bronze wheels. So to effectively clean the wheels, I have to whip out a bucket and hose anyway so there goes that. WW and DS I use a lot for touchups and quick shine. But I don't "clean" my car with anything besides Soap and Water.
  11. LSX Maestro

    Clay lube ... so many options

    I too use diluted RW. It doesn't feel as slick to the touch as WW or DS when on the surface when diluted 16:1, but the clay sure does slide.
  12. LSX Maestro

    Metal polish other than Adams?

    Ha. I mostly added that comment because the OP seemed to be wanting a slightly more affordable solution. #1 alone will out perform most of the off the shelf metal polishes out there.
  13. LSX Maestro

    Metal polish other than Adams?

    I just got the Adam's metal polishes and I'm blown away. Very impressive. They work amazingly well and require very little elbow grease compared to say Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish which requires TONS of pressure and speed to really get it working. Just get the metal polishes and use one of the 15% off codes. You only NEED #1 by the way. #2 is really just a show-off shine adder. #1 leaves plenty of shine though...
  14. Very nice! And yep got the polishes on order.
  15. Thanks for those links! I didn't even think about searching on here, my bad. Yes they're a lot of work. Last time I polished these out with my dad probably 10 years ago, my arms ached for weeks, haha. I'll order up the Adam's #1 and #2 and will see where that gets me. These wheels have been babied and seen less than 3000 miles so they shouldn't be that bad, hoping I won't need any serious compounds or similar.