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  1. Very nice! And yep got the polishes on order.
  2. Thanks for those links! I didn't even think about searching on here, my bad. Yes they're a lot of work. Last time I polished these out with my dad probably 10 years ago, my arms ached for weeks, haha. I'll order up the Adam's #1 and #2 and will see where that gets me. These wheels have been babied and seen less than 3000 miles so they shouldn't be that bad, hoping I won't need any serious compounds or similar.
  3. Thanks guys. Might have to look into that Camaro Super Fest. I picked up the mother’s cone and power ball and will try some aluminum polish I have for now. Jig is still out on using the WC on them.
  4. They’re American Racing Torque Thrusts. They’re about 18 years old. It’s a full Resto-mod.
  5. Finishing up my '73 Camaro Z28 after a fresh engine build and it needs massive detail. The wheels in particular. They're polished aluminum wheels and they just look dull and will need a lot of elbow grease. What products do you guys use on polished aluminum wheels? Also is regular Wheel Cleaner safe on an uncoated Aluminum Wheel just for the initial deep clean? What about sealing the wheels with H2O Guard and Gloss or similar?
  6. LSX Maestro

    Chemical streaks after wash and HGG?

    I know exactly what you've got going on. Just had this happen on my black C7. Washed it in the sun, pretty warm day, you could tell the paint was pretty warm. Did all the right steps, pulled it into the garage as soon as possible. Misted it with the stuff and began buffing. Had the streaking you're talking about. From what I can tell, the temperature of the paint was just too high. It kind of baked/burned to the paint and while it wasn't permanent or damaging, it just activated different ingredients in the chemical or something and became a real project to buff off. Coating Prep took it off as did Brilliant Glaze and I'm sure Waterless Wash + Elbow grease would too.
  7. LSX Maestro

    Ceramic application

    As mentioned before, as long as you waited long enough for it to get any kind of adhesion, you're not going to wipe off Ceramic. The wait times past the first 20-60 seconds for it to flash are usually just to aid the buffing process. By it being drier/less oily it will pull off better instead of pushing around. By reading your post, you're going to be fine. Keep up with Ceramic Boost and you'll have that protection for 2-3+ years.
  8. LSX Maestro

    Trim restorer followed by ceramic trim sealant.

    Nice! Going to use this on some faded out plastics on my Sea Doos, will post pics.
  9. LSX Maestro

    Wheel Barrel Cleaning

    That's a great idea, I might have to do that myself because the factory grip spins once it's wet.
  10. LSX Maestro

    Don't use Wheel Cleaner every wash?

    Yes I'm well aware of this common change but as I discussed with some guys on Camaro6, I'm just not really interested in losing some brake pedal feel and performance for some brake dust. I wash the car every time after I drive it anyway and whether there be a lot of dust or a little dust the wheels are still getting washed because I'm not going to have clean paint but slightly dirty wheels. I guess the only real advantage is driving to a car show there won't be as much build up after you wash it. If it's a long drive to the car meet and there's a lot of braking involved, my wheels almost have a hint of brown/bronze to them by the time I get there.
  11. LSX Maestro

    Went to Visit Adam

    Ok you gotta let us in on what the video they were filming was about. And ditto to the above, I could spend hours at an Adam's booth, probably weeks at their headquarters. Spoke with Adam in Palm Beach, great down to earth guy.
  12. LSX Maestro

    ceramic coating on a seadoo

    I have a pair of RXT 260s and I'm seriously considering coating them. I can't believe Ceramic Coatings haven't taken off more than they have for marine products. Bad enough when wax burns off of your car after 2-3 weeks, let alone on a massive boat. I'm going to polish them with some of Adam's compounds/polishes and see how many imperfections I can pull off, and have some black trim restorer coming for the faded plastics (The sun is brutal on these things). I'll coat them in a silica sealant when done.
  13. LSX Maestro

    Don't use Wheel Cleaner every wash?

    Some claim that even quality wheel cleaners like Adam's when used properly will eventually dull the finish over time and damage the clear coats, not necessarily strip it off all of a sudden. I will try using a dilution of soap + water in a spray bottle for maintenance washes and use Wheel cleaner only at big cleanings.
  14. Recently I read on a detailing forum that one should avoid using strong wheel cleaners at every wash as they can eventually break down clear coats and other surfaces. Is this the case? My 2018 ZL1 makes a TON of brake dust which isn't a big deal because I wash it just about weekly/after every drive, but the Wheel Cleaner is a god send, strips the stuff right off with help from the red brush and I reseal them with Hydro2 when I see the beading slowing down. Should I use a dilution of CS or other cleaner for most washes and only use Wheel Cleaner when the build up gets bad?
  15. LSX Maestro

    Best wash for Ceramic coatings

    Yep absolutely. Waterless Wash contains nothing but cleaners and lubricants (To my knowledge) and plays great with a CC.