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    Garage sale forum

    Well shoot, might as well comment on this post to boost my numbers up then!
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    I sprayed it right after I was done cleaning it while it was still wet.
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    I bet that is exactly what I did wrong. I went ahead and sprayed my panels then wiped it down but didn't go and wipe them down with the other rag until I did the whole car once. Thanks Dan
  4. Alright guys, I just used the Adam's H20 Guard & Gloss for the first time and I'm not amazed like I feel like I should be. I have the 16 oz bottle and a gallon of it and wasn't cheap as most of you know. Did I do something wrong or what? Car was waxed around a month or two ago. I was my car it seems like every other week and spray the Adam's Detailer spray on after I run up and down the road once. Decided this go around I'd try this stuff out and cleaned my car then applied it with two clothes and I just don't feel like it came off as well as it's supposed to. Is it just me not liking it or what? Pictures don't really show what I'm trying to get across '06 Jetta with over 200k Miles
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    Howdy from Central IL

    Just wanted to say hey from Monticello, IL. Currently though I'm down in Carbondale, IL for school. I've used Adams products for two years now on my '06 VW TDI, '13 Audi a4, '89 MG Midget. Also a little on my '87 Celebrity 210 Boat. Finally starting to branch out and have gone through a couple gallons of Adams products now an absolutely love them! I'll get some pictures posted soon.