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  1. Nav Screens

    Thanks Shane! I will look into them. I only use microfiber towels on it. i believe they are 80/20. that is one area I need to build up and organize better is my towels, I am hoping over the holidays I can build a shelf system with storage containers for the different types of rags. I was thinking of adjustable shelfs about 12x16, that way i can make them as far apart as I want and make them about 5 high. I hate stuff sitting on the floor. haha!!!
  2. What is the best way to keep Nav screens free of finger prints, my Cadillac uses the Nav screen to do almost everything in the darn car, it gets fingers all over it, I have been cleaning it with detail spray and it does a good job but just wondering if there was something better to use.
  3. Interior Help

    Thank you all! Rich, I was thinking it might be Faux leather as well. I thought I would reach out and see if anyone agreed with me on it. mine is clean but just a small amount of dust on it, just want to keep it clean and looking new
  4. I have a 14 Cadillac CTS, i believe the dash is all leather, please correct me if I am am wrong. I want to know how is the best way to protect it from the sun all year long, it is my DD and I am horrible about using the sun shade, i bought one and used it maybe 5 times. I am ways late to where ever i am going so its just in the way. What is Interior Detailer used all for, can it be used on any interior surface and where does the leather conditioner come into play before or after the detailer? I am sorry if this seems simple questions, but I don't want to go in the wrong order and mess it up.
  5. Hi everyone!! From TN

    Welcome to the family, what part of TN are you from?
  6. New member from Ohio

    Sweet Mustang!! very nice!! Welcome to the family!!!
  7. Foaming

    Hi Guys! I have foamed my car a few times, always did well, but was wondering if you use warm/hot water does it work better than cold water. I usually just use the water in the rinse bucket, like I saw on obsessed garage. I like that method, it easy way to fill cannon.
  8. Towel Storage

    I use plastic containers with lids to help keep them clean until I need them. I am looking for a drawer system. I want to keep wax towel, drying towels, and other towels separated .
  9. Brilliant Glaze...OH...Brilliant Glaze

    I have it on my list of products to get, I am waiting on the Ultra Foam Shampoo (Gallon) to come back in stock.
  10. New Mexico newbie

  11. Hello from Idaho

    Welcome!!! It can get crazy fast, I have only placed 2 orders but looking every day to see what else I need (want).
  12. Hello from South Dakota

  13. New in Denver

  14. Hi from AL

  15. New Member from Maine! Hello all.