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  1. i applied with the swirl killer (15mm) and gray pad. from one of the adams video it shows him using speed setting 4. i would start with 2 and move to 4 to work it in, could that have done the hazing, maybe too much heat from the pads and machine. I just thought if you apply it right, it should wipe off with no extra force, so that made me think i was doing something wrong when I had to really get after it to get it off or try to get it off Shane, thank you so much for your feedback, I guess i need to try to apply it slower next time. I know buttery wax would not last long and i was hoping for something longer with my work schedule is about to get crazy and the car will be put off till i get another day off
  2. Thank you guys, I did the first job in my garage Saturday night but the door was open so... Sunday I worked out side where I had room, the sun was behind my house and not directly on my car. I was in the shade until it got dark on me. I am working on cleaning my garage out where I could have more room but doubt I will have all the room I need. future goals, bigger Man Cave!! The PS seemed very stubborn to get off with the rag as well. I thought it should be a simple wipe off, not rubb the paint off I feel like I applied Buttery Wax last night to car, gave up on the PS at the moment. I'm learning, i will get it, just need a little help as I get there.
  3. I started today by using detail spray to help get rid of the haze from the paint sealant. I then applied another coat of finishing polish. I removed all the polish from the area of the car (trunk lid) and then I tried paint sealant again. I removed it the best I could and it was tough to remove (according to the video, it should be easy to remove), I took the led light and looked over the area and I could still see haze. I then waxed it again with finishing polish to help get rid of the haze and it did. I am not sure if paint sealant is good for my car, I seems nice but leave a awful haze. I can not get the pics to show it. i am frustrated it with. I finished the car off today with Buttery Wax to give it a great shine. I know that Buttery Wax will not last as long as paint sealant. I was hoping to use paint sealant. thank you guys for the advice and help. I am trying to learn what I'm doing wrong so that i can make it better next time.
  4. Good afternoon to you all, I decided since i had the day off yesterday I wanted to detail my ride, which I thought was going to be easier than it was. I am also a novice at this, keep that in mind please. I have some questions and need some advice for next time. Here are the steps I did: 1. Washed the car with Strip Wash 2. (of Course) Dried the car 3. Clay bar the car 4. Machine polished it with correcting polish (orange and orange pad) 5. Followed that with a whitd pad and finish polish 6. last I sealed it with gray pad and sealant wax. here is what Im having trouble with this today. it was late last night when I fished. the car looks good, expect it has a haze from the sealant wax, I am having a hard time getting the haze to disappear. I did let it stand on the car before removing it. I did the hood, and both sides and then decided to wipe it off, is that right or wrong, I am thinking maybe this stuff does not need to sit up on the car for more than 10 minutes. Also my question is speed on the swirl killer, I applied the wax at 2 and then polished it at 4, with a back to forth motion and up to down motion as well. Should certain waxes be applied slower than others. I also dont want to have to wax it again to get the haze all gone but will have to do what is needed to make her look stunning. btw, sorry for the half naked fat guy, i promise its not me!! HAHA!!! Thank you in advance for all the help you guys!!!
  5. Thank you! I like something simple and easy. That is probably the worst part to detailing is the clean up stage!
  6. I would like to recommend a pressure washer and Foam Cannon, he will love that setup to wash the car. Men and there toys too. a two bucket system a nice way to go as well. Before long you will have a garage full of stuff to clean that car with it, its a bad hobby but it makes that ride Shine!!
  7. Can I apply both or is there no need to apply both and just use one or the other??? I am looking to get everything I need to over haul my car. I want it to shine. I have BG at home already. I am planning on getting the swirls out of the hood and few other places I can see, and then I wanted to make sure I apply some type of finish wax to it. I want it to last What is the process for buttery wax and Paint Sealant? I know this maybe a silly question but I'm a rookie in the pro leagues.
  8. I love how you guys at Adam's have color coded everything for us Dummies out here, so here is one for you... Buttery Wax, what pad should I use to apply it? I am thinking the gray pad since its is a finish wax. Do you recommend me using a machine to apply it?
  9. Very Nice Write up. that helps out a lot.
  10. I saw on another post where someone said he rinses the car first and then foams it. I was told by a friend of mine that I should foam it when its dry and cool. My Steps are: 1. Wash Wheels and Tires first, try to keep car dry as possible 2. Now foam car complete, let foam sit for a few minutes 3. Rinse completely 4. Foam Again, wash car with foam on it. 5. After car is scrubbed, rinse thoroughly 6. Dry car with blower to get most of water off 7. finish getting water off with Adam's Drying towel and Detail Spray (Do you get the towel wet and ring dry before putting detail spray on it, that is what I was told as well) I was told to foam it when it was dry and cool, the foam would stick to the dirt better and if it was wet, the foam would go around the dirt. I am not talking MUD, I am referring to average car dirt.
  11. I just saw the 15mm has the same kit, would I be better getting the 15mm instead of the 21mm??
  12. I looking to get the Adams 3 Step complete Polishing kit, which comes with the 21mm polisher. it looks like it is everything I need to start to fix some of the light imperfections on the paint. The hood has swirls all over it. They are not noticeable until you look at it closely. My eye sees them all day long. I was wanting to get a Gray pad as well but it only comes in a 5.5 size, how do I get it to work with the 21mm and 6.5 backing plate? Can I use 5.5 pads on the 21mm? I was also wanting to get the Red pad as well to do BG with. I like the way it looks on my windshield. Do I need to get the mini as well to do what I am looking to do??
  13. thanks for the quick help!!!
  14. Hey, I am sure I am crazy here but last night I cleaned my microfiber towels along with with my ultra plush drying towel. I used MR as my cleaner and then extra low in the dryer but my problem is that my ultra plush drying towel has a lot of static charge, is that normal or what should i do next time to help with this issue. Its just my car I clean so I dont have a bunch of towels to wash together. I try to get a many as I can when I do wash them. I separate my towel from wash and wax towels. I know not to wash my wax towels with my regular microfibers or glass towels. you all dont use dryer sheets in the dryer do you all??
  15. I have a PS3 that has a Yellow light of Death, I have googled it and it says to heat the board up and let the solder reflow, I wonder if I could do the same with it. I never thought about using an oven to reflow solder. its dead too so i guess i could try. Very nice trick with the cell phone.
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