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  1. Towels

    thanks for the quick help!!!
  2. Towels

    Hey, I am sure I am crazy here but last night I cleaned my microfiber towels along with with my ultra plush drying towel. I used MR as my cleaner and then extra low in the dryer but my problem is that my ultra plush drying towel has a lot of static charge, is that normal or what should i do next time to help with this issue. Its just my car I clean so I dont have a bunch of towels to wash together. I try to get a many as I can when I do wash them. I separate my towel from wash and wax towels. I know not to wash my wax towels with my regular microfibers or glass towels. you all dont use dryer sheets in the dryer do you all??
  3. I baked my phone

    I have a PS3 that has a Yellow light of Death, I have googled it and it says to heat the board up and let the solder reflow, I wonder if I could do the same with it. I never thought about using an oven to reflow solder. its dead too so i guess i could try. Very nice trick with the cell phone.
  4. Undercarriage Wash

    Thanks Derek, I may look into that I like the big wheels on this, it would be idea for my driveway, it would also be help to get all the foam off the driveway after I wash the car too!!
  5. We got hit with Ice and Snow like most of you have had, how do you all clean the underneath of your cars??? I have a Cadillac CTS and it pretty low to the ground, I would like to get rid of salt left under the car. I was thinking I could run it through a car was to get the undercarriage washed but I hate to do that because I dont want any of their soap or brushes to touch my car. who knows what they are using. I have been thinking about jacking it up and cleaning it from one side, but just wanted to get some of you guys idea or thoughts Was also thinking about cleaning it with APC as well, mix a little in the cannon and foam the bottom of the car or is that over kill??
  6. 69 Camaro 1/24 scale

    Very Nice, I know your Dad loved it, we love surprises (most of us do) esp ones like that. I like the black spots as well, good touch.
  7. Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2018

    Its been great, I have watched it for the last 3 nights, it has been fun, love seeing all those cars roll across the stage!! Been playing the game along with them every hour, almost got one last night (The Road Runner), I said 82 and it sold for 77, bummer almost there, hoping they may give away some Adam's products but only seen Mag products so far to the winners
  8. Adam's strip wash question

    Would it be a good product to clean with after all this snow and ice? We got hit hard here in west TN, my car did not get out a whole lot, I am planning on cleaning it really well on Sunday, the temp is suppose to be in the 60's.
  9. I will get some before and after shots, I should have the stuff next week. I got foam and regular LIC. will see which works better. Next Purchase will be a polisher and some pads, got to save up for that big purchase!
  10. Thanks Guys!!! I will get both, It is clean now with just a little dust, I think I could get by with just ID but having LIC would be nice to have on hand as well. I placed my order this morning for all the interior stuff I needed to make my ride shine again!! Thank you, cant wait to use it all!!!
  11. I am confused if I need both products or just one or the other, they both clean, right? I need a product to help clean the inside of my Cadillac, it mostly leather on the inside and I am building up dust on the dash, nav screen, and the other small places. I am going to get the leather conditioner to help with the seats, but was not sure if I need both detailer and cleaner. Thanks in advance for the help guys!
  12. Exterior detail.

    Dang!! it turned out great, the before and after pics are great!! Glad your feeling better!!!
  13. Nav Screens

    Thanks Shane! I will look into them. I only use microfiber towels on it. i believe they are 80/20. that is one area I need to build up and organize better is my towels, I am hoping over the holidays I can build a shelf system with storage containers for the different types of rags. I was thinking of adjustable shelfs about 12x16, that way i can make them as far apart as I want and make them about 5 high. I hate stuff sitting on the floor. haha!!!
  14. What is the best way to keep Nav screens free of finger prints, my Cadillac uses the Nav screen to do almost everything in the darn car, it gets fingers all over it, I have been cleaning it with detail spray and it does a good job but just wondering if there was something better to use.
  15. Interior Help

    Thank you all! Rich, I was thinking it might be Faux leather as well. I thought I would reach out and see if anyone agreed with me on it. mine is clean but just a small amount of dust on it, just want to keep it clean and looking new