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  1. You sound just like my father. I am not 6 but 40. He says hard to believe my son is 40 now.
  2. Good question......You do have a good idea ask people who you work with. At one point I lived in one state and worked in another state. I paid state income tax to the state where the wages were earned not where i lived.
  3. Part of Super Bowl is the food. What is everyone having this evening. I will have pizza, chips and dip, and some type dessert (homemade)
  4. I agree......I will never buy black vehicle because of that.... You did a great job on the Jeep.
  5. Since it was cold weather yesterday.........I worked on one of my lawnmowers to get it ready for spring and have a few minor things left to do on it and then on to the other mower (both commercial). Today just church, resting, and spending time with parents.....It feels good to have a weekend of doing things I like to do and rest....Do not get me wrong I like to work but not having to do work work items on the weekend feels great (first time in over five years not have to do work work items over the weekend). I did things on a few things about work but did write down some ideals I had on one of the many projects that I am working on.
  6. Hey Guys....not sure if any of you watch Street Outlaws (Discovery)......I noticed today that the January 1, 2018 (9:00 PM EST) will be what they filmed at Bristol Dragstrip. This was filmed couple months ago....I thought I would stop and watch them when they filmed but everyone under the sun had the same ideal but I decided to go on home instead of deal with all the people....
  7. Us in the shipping industry have our lingo. BAF B/L CAD DDP Demurrage (just lovely to deal with) FIO FI FO
  8. Hey Dan.....dressed up fancy with a fancy car.
  9. DieselDude

    Holiday Wishes

    Merry Christmas To Everyone. Let us not forget the True Reason for Christmas. This morning when I was on LinkedIn i noticed this.
  10. Cleaned on my new to me 2014 SUV that I purchased beginning of the month.
  11. Rich don't you have Grand Children that you can teach / share you knowledge with (or little helpers who want to spend time with Grandpa). I remember my summer when I was younger, iI went to my grandparents once a week. My Grandpa took me along on his daily farm work the older I got the more i was able to help him. Now I own and run the farm in my free time. I am thankful for those things he taught me.
  12. Thursday washed the Ram 2500 Truck. I had to take the tractor in for service (Friday) and how good my truck looked after its bath the night before. The Ram was the cleanest vehicle in the parking lot. My father did use Adams when he washed the tractor up before it went to have the service performed. One of the shop guys asked me how do I get my truck so clean. Today (Saturday) washed the ML 350 and also washed my father's ML 350. Feels good to finally have time to wash the vehicles. When it cools off later may do mama's car. Also, will buff out a place on my bumper. Some nice person tire rubbed up against my bumper Thursday in the parking lot and did not tell anyone or leave a note. Security is reviewing Film.
  13. Dan, Since you got the Raptor and Jeep done just come on over and you can do the ML and Ram 2500.
  14. Some of us do have trucks over 7,000. The shop that does the alignment on SUV will not align my truck due to the weight of the front end of my truck.
  15. Yesterday, Paperwork on top of paperwork. Today going to wash my suv get all this nice salt off the daily driver that we had last weekend. Hard to believe how much weather changes single digits to 60 in one week.
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