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  1. 01GreyStangGT

    New member, new Adam's fan...

    Welcome to the addiction!
  2. 01GreyStangGT

    Arsenal Pics

  3. 01GreyStangGT

    Alternative use for Adam’s products

    Not exploding yet, just sore. Thanks!
  4. 01GreyStangGT

    Alternative use for Adam’s products

    I had gallbladder surgery today and my son is helping me recover “Adam’s style”?
  5. 01GreyStangGT

    Tire and Rubber cleaner

    I use it every time- amazing product.
  6. 01GreyStangGT

    New member from Ohio

    Welcome from southwest Ohio!
  7. Recently did winter cleanup on my wife's 2011 Chevy Equinox. I started with the wheels and tires first. I sprayed each wheel and tire with water and then used the Rubber and Tire Cleaner with a tire brush and later used the Adam's Wheel Cleaner agitated with a Adam's wheel brush. Both are excellent products and cut some of the work on each wheel/tire down . I would recommend both products. Here is a video I shot of the process.
  8. 01GreyStangGT

    New member from Ohio

    No, not in the AF. I'm a chiropractor and live in the south suburbs of Dayton. I work on Air Force people sometimes.
  9. 01GreyStangGT

    New member from Ohio

    My Mustang is actually a 2011 GTCS. I had a 2001 GT when I first got into detailing forums. I was given an Adam's Detail Spray at a Cars and Coffee in Dayton Ohio. I'm impressed with the ease of use of it.
  10. 01GreyStangGT

    New member from Ohio

    Hi Just started using Adam's products when I received Detail Spray as a gift. Interested in learning more. I also like Blackfire, Wolfgang, and MEguiar's products.