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    Thanks. Yes, for cheapo winter wheels the red really pops. I kinda like it. I think I'll have to find something similar for summer wheels, in 20". It even makes me think of doing something crazy. Like doing the badges in red.
  2. D0ne

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    Here are a few shots of the results of the weekend. Before: After: And here is what it looks like out in the wild. It's interesting that fluorescent light brings out more of the purple in the Panther Black Crystal paint, compared to natural light. The golden fleck that appears at sunset is pretty awesome though. I'd say it's at about 90%. There are several scratches that can be worked out, some will require rotary or even sand paper, but there are some that will require actual touch-up painting. But since the entire front-end has seen a few harsh CO winters (looks like they drove behind a sanding truck) the only thing that will take it beyond about 95% is a new paint job. At least I don't have to be uptight about getting a scratch, or ding (I found a couple) in it since they're already there. Enjoy, Don
  3. D0ne

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    Here it is pre-wash. Not pictured are a few more towels and the Sidekick Blaster. I need some work on my car and product shots. ;-) After taking care of the leaf pickup duties it got a thorough wash and full clay. Tomorrow I'll be breaking into the heavy correcting compound. I'll take it out for some photos when I'm done.
  4. Hi All, A couple weeks ago I picked up a lightly used RS 5, in Panther Black Crystal. It's a little swirled, has a couple spots that need correcting, and needs the dealer badge removed but it has great potential. Years ago my wife and I downsized to a single vehicle. Since she hardly even washes vehicles I unloaded my cheap car care products, except for some shampoo. So, yesterday I stopped by Adam's to fill my garage with product. We spent some time talking to the guys about how the business has been going (my wife did bookkeeping for Adam in 2013). I'm not sure how long we were there, maybe an hour or hour and a half. In the end Tyler hooked me up with a trunk full of stuff. Well, it was partially full after a Costco run and being an RS 5 and all, but it was a lot of stuff. I'm looking forward to joining the next Cars and Coffee in Lafayette, CO. Today is going to be a fun day, once it warms up a little more. Enjoy, Don