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  1. Anyone have any Throwback Soap?

    Shoot me a pm. I got a gallon on trade, I'm sure I can spare 16oz lol. I've got an empty ultra foam bottle I could pour some in to
  2. Anyone have any Throwback Soap?

    You ever find any?
  3. IDA Certification

    I was looking in to this just a few weeks ago. Looking forward to hearing your review of the tests and the knowledge they may offer
  4. Items for trade

    Items I'm looking for, thanks Rich, updated post
  5. Clear buckets

    Anyone order one and get the mysterious foaming cleaner in the bottom right of the bucket? Curious to know what it is
  6. Items for trade

    Items shown up for trade Tire and rubber cleaner Eco apc Leather and interior cleaner Brilliant glaze 2018 limited mint chocolate detail spray (2) All will come with sprayers Items I'm looking for Metal polish 1 &/or 2 1 step polish Red 3 or 5.5 in polishing pads Special colored Adam's buckets 3.5 gallon Wheels cleaner Specialty detail sprays...like the one from around 4th of July last year Ultra plush drying towel
  7. Detailing bench

    It's from home depot. Its a husky 31in 1 drawer mechanics cart. My store had a pallet of them marked at $40 6 weeks or so ago. I was at home depot the other day and they still have some...But I'm guessing someone messed up the price when snagged mine. I bought it just because it was $40, worked out better than I could've ever imagined. I really like the fold up side table, too.
  8. Admin, please delete

    I agree, their customer service is amazing. Just don't want to put my mistake on them.
  9. Admin, please delete

    No, never thought about trying to return it. It wasn't their fault I'd ended up with too many. I ordered it in mid december and was saving it for my buddy's birthday, then I saw him wearing one already lol. Think they would still let me return it?
  10. Trunk Organizer

    Sent you a message
  11. Admin, please delete

    I've got an extra XL sticker bomb hoodie. Ordered it for a buddy, but he was able to get one before they sold out, so now I'm sitting on an unopened one. I could sell it or trade for some Adam's stuff. I've got just about everything except for Metal polish 1 &/or 2 1 step polish Red 3 or 5.5 in polishing pads Black 3 or 5.5 in polishing pads Special colored Adam's buckets 3.5 or 5 gallon Let me know if interested and/or what you've got for trade. Paid $50, brand new, no longer available. This is known for running a size small, so will fit more like a large than the xl it's listed as.
  12. Trunk Organizer

    I'd be good with that. But it looks like you can still get one. Didn't realise they were still available. Tell me what you wanna do
  13. Anyone have any Throwback Soap?

    Not going to take away from the original poster, but I'd like to get my hands on some of you've got plenty
  14. Trunk Organizer

    I could probably be swayed out of one.