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  1. Welcome man. Good to see you back around. Miss you on insta! Tmacks
  2. I work in heavy construction, so I'm always around dust, dirt, mud, crud. Some always seems to get behind my phone case and inevitably scratches the finish. I was curious if anyone had tried to ceramic coat a new phone. Brand new phone so no polishing needed yet. I'm thinking I could leave it alone for the night, dont think there will be any new Adam's announcements in Instagram at this time.
  3. What limiteds do you have available? These are most of what I have. Also picked up the vossen wheel cleaner and the new pumpkin spice
  4. A list and picture of items for trade may help
  5. If anyone has extras, I would also like to pick some up after the man above has his
  6. 250k showed up yesterday and 2016 xmas box set showed up today
  7. I was looking in to the Chevy ss and chargers. Finally decided on the charger so the wife could drive it if need be, she's not a fan of the manuals.
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