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  1. Traizer

    Limited Edition Detail Sprays

    I have a canada
  2. Traizer

    Wanted: Old bottles

  3. Here's what I have left for extras
  4. Traizer

    Anyone have any Throwback Soap?

    Anyone have an empty throwback soap bottle?
  5. Traizer

    Does Adam's Give Tours?

    My wife called ahead for us in November. They opened up on saturday just for us, gave us a full tour! Adam wasn't there, but Will, that showed us around, was awesome. Can't wait to make the 10 hour drive back out there and check out the new place
  6. Traizer

    Cinco De Mayo Detail Spray Wanted!!

    Any luck yet Wyatt?
  7. Traizer

    Pre Cut PPF Kits

    I was wondering same thing, rocker set and roof for my 2015 crew cab 6'4" bed
  8. Traizer

    Get some BOGO and a discount!

    Right!? That's the only one I really need to stock up on right now
  9. There's a dealer locator on Adam's website
  10. That is correct. I've had a few people messaging me about wanting to trade for some of my collection lately, guess I need to decide whether I'm willing to give some up lol. Most of mine are doubles, except the mystery and blueberry, can't ever order just one in case I love it! I do need to make room for my cinco de mayo coming wednesday
  11. Traizer

    Weather Tech mats

    You have to purchase it from an individual Adam's dealer. I was told it's a dealer exclusive, bought mine from detail giant on instagram
  12. 2018 saw 2 releases of mint chocolate, black bottle for valentines day and st. Patricks shortly after
  13. Traizer

    Special Edition Detail Sprays

    Any in perticular?
  14. Traizer


    Pm sent