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  1. BHarris23

    Best vacuum for interior?

    If you really want to go high, the Festool line of vacuums are really good. They are pricey, but they also work really well. If pricing is a big part of it, can’t beat Shop Vac brands.
  2. BHarris23


    Apparently, a bunch of people wanted some mango! Glad I got a few bottles before they sold out.
  3. BHarris23


    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But if they didn’t try new things, you wouldn’t have Pumpkin Spice DS, UFS, or other stuff they try. And what some think are fads, can turn into long term success. But again, bashing a group of people or calling it stupid because you don’t like it or understand it, doesn’t help you or your ideas. Just makes you sound bitter.
  4. BHarris23


    Just because you don’t understand or like something, doesn’t mean you should write it off as stupid. While it may not appeal to traditional or hardcore detailers, it does appeal to others. And the goal isn’t to continue appeasing one group of consumers. It’s to appease a group of consumers while also bringing in new ones as well. Without new consumers, a brand gets stale, old, and eventually dies.
  5. BHarris23


    It’s more of a limited clothing boutique. Usually associated with “skating” crowd. Could say mostly us younger folks like it. They release in very limited quantities and stuff usually sells out within minutes.
  6. BHarris23


    It was interesting that they didn’t do a limit. Most boutiques do a 1 or 2 item limit to keep it fair and keep resellers to a minimum.
  7. BHarris23


    Got my kits and jacket too!
  8. BHarris23


    I would guess tomorrow or Friday would be best bet. Especially since they just ended the Spring sale.
  9. BHarris23

    Rod Runs in Tennessee

    I wasn’t able to make Rod Run this year. Did you go inside the convention center Ls1transam?
  10. BHarris23


    I understand a need or want to make a profit. But some of these people are getting ridiculous on asking prices and re-sell prices.
  11. BHarris23

    Orange Towels

    Do you still have any of these left?
  12. BHarris23

    Patroit wax for sale on ebay cheap!!!

    I wound up buying the new can when I saw the thread. Thanks for the heads up!