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  1. If you buy a new one, it comes with pad cleaning solution. APC should be fine, but if you don’t get it all out or dry the pad properly before polishing again, you could be working against yourself. Starting with water would be best. It’s cheaper and has less risk of messing with polishing liquids.
  2. Are you not using the stuff that they send with the pad washer?
  3. If you drop a piece of clay, you could “down-grade” it. Use it for the inside of the wheels or something that you aren’t concerned with fine scratching. That’s why it’s always a good rule to never use an entire bar at once. Split it into halves or quarters depending on what using it for.
  4. If you decide to clay the wheels, make sure you don’t use the same clay on the paint as the clay on the wheels. If clay doesn’t get the water spots off, try hand polishing either using revive or another polish.
  5. BHarris23

    Coffee review

    You asked and they delivered!
  6. BHarris23

    eBay: Adams collection 😳😳😳

    Mine is too when she sees a box with the Adam’s tape. I wish they had an option for secretive boxes. So the wives won’t know what it is!
  7. BHarris23

    100k Detail Spray Value

    It’s the only one I have. So probably won’t sell/trade unless I decide to stop collecting them.
  8. BHarris23

    Adam’s Polo

    I like the Under Armour polo’s I see Adam wear in some of the videos. Clean, professional, but sporty. They need those for sale!
  9. BHarris23

    100k Detail Spray Value

    I’m glad you were at work then!
  10. BHarris23

    100k Detail Spray Value

    Honestly, I didn’t even wanna go that high. But then I remembered, when was the last time I saw one up for sale. One guy had one with 2 other bottles and I didn’t buy them when I should have. So, basically until I got it.
  11. I’m sure some have asked before but I want to see about the Adam’s team come out with an Under Armour or Nike or something Polo shirt. I mostly wear polos and wouldn’t mind having a few of them to wear to work or when going out and about.
  12. BHarris23

    100k Detail Spray Value

    Sorry dude. I was the one who outbid you...
  13. BHarris23

    Limited Edition Detail Sprays

    Still have these 3 for trade.
  14. BHarris23

    Want 8oz bottles!

    It shows out of stock. So a no go on that one at least.
  15. Odor bomb will take the smell out but it’s a one time use product. The charcoal bag you can use multiple times. Though it’s effective, it won’t be as effective as the odor bomb.