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  1. That DS looks odd...if it was sitting in that box the whole time away from sunlight, don’t understand how the pink would’ve faded.
  2. BHarris23

    SEMA 2018

    Could be they changed it to work with or without water. I’m sure some would like to use it even without getting their car wet.
  3. If you need to go aggressive, you can APC. But start with least aggressive method first, then work up as needed. Interior cleaner -> multi foam cleaner -> APC. If you can find someone with a carpet extractor, or rent one somewhere, you could do that instead of APC. If you need to use APC, dilute first, then work up based on results.
  4. Probably take the interior scrub mitt or a light, non scratch pad and with lots of lubrication, get the nail polish off. For everything else, just a solid clean with leather cleaner and then condition it. Like @pirahnah3 said, will probably need multiple applications of conditioner to bring the seats back.
  5. I went back and looked. None of mine are still in packaging but they’ve been in rubber containers and unused. Don’t know if you’d still want them or not.
  6. Because the cost of mixing is cheaper than buying strip wash. CS is $10, SW is $15. If you mix a capful of APC, the mix is FAR cheaper than SW.
  7. But wouldn’t the BG prevent the LPS from fully adhering to the surface? Because if you put the BG first, the LPS would sit on top and would come off faster and easier than if the LPS went directly on paint.
  8. That is a common happening with that bottle. Mine has done it slightly and the cap has never been off. Another person on Instagram or somewhere else said theirs has done it too. I think it’s something with the chemicals just sitting.
  9. If you do a full paint correction, you wouldn’t need BG. BG is for a combination of shine and filling in any imperfections. If the paint is corrected, no fill ins needed. So you would do LPS, then do BG or wax as a topcoat for extra shine. I still ill don’t like the idea of having LPS over BG because I’ve always been taught the chemical which lasts longer goes on bottom and then you layer from there. LPS wouldn’t be adhering to the paint, it would be adhering to the BG, which isn’t design for longevity.
  10. IDA certification is an exam and then a course validatation. They probably offer the validation portion and some in class studying.
  11. Does anyone on here want to trade a green and orange drip sticker? I ordered mine and they said it was on backorder. Reached out and now they’re saying sold out!
  12. I’m with @shane@detailedreflections on this one. Either the tool is defective or it’s technique. Never had any stalling issues. And I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want you to use the rotary function with the 2” pads. I used it quite a bit because there are times you can’t use a random orbital with a 2” pad due to the surface being in a tricky spot.
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