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  1. Exciting News! We've been hard at work building a new website, and we're finally ready to show this small group before we roll it out to the public. For the next few hours, we are unlocking the staging site for this community to test. After that, we are resetting the password again to lock down the staging site. At this time, you WILL NOT BE able to login to your account. We will send account invites out by email formally later this week, which will allow you to access previous order history. For the next few hours, we're enabling a coupon code that gives you $25 off any order over $50 on the staging site. In return, give us your feedback, or any errors you see with formatting, text, checkout etc. Discount Code: At checkout, please use the code BETA to activate your discount. Good for $25 off any order over $50 (limit 1 per customer). Staging Site Domain: https://adamspolishes.myshopify.com/ Password To Enter: shiny Thank you for your feedback, and we look forward to providing a better user experience very soon.
  2. Thank you for the write-up, Chris! Looks great and laid evenly for application! Preparation is key to this process, just like in a ceramic coating procedure. I have 1 coat of Tire Armor on my Colorado Tires and we've been hammered with rain and sleet the last couple days here in Boulder, I'll be doing a follow-up video to show the sheen of the tire after a quick wash! Here is my original after picture with one coat.
  3. Not a bad start! We did the Red drawstring Adam's bags not too long ago but we're more focused on a hardshell case you can be heavy-handed with rather than a soft sided bag that may damage the polisher. I would consider maybe a sleeve that's more form fitting just for the polisher itself, to then put inside the polisher bag!
  4. Canda DS was limited in a 55 gallon drum and gave us 440 bottles, just to give you an idea-- smaller market base. USA Detail Spray was a 330 gallon tote and yields over 2000 bottles, and we're pretty much sold out. Just to give you an idea!
  5. Thanks, Julian! I am working on more as we speak, but polishing is a bit more complex as every vehicle is different. Jim, thanks for the feedback. This flowchart explains the basic application process-- Scientifically, Ceramic Boost isn't necessary for the actual application of the ceramic coating. I can add in a maintenance/washing process separate to help better explain!
  6. Hi All, After seeing a need for some flowcharts and more "processes" for overall detailing, especially Ceramic Coating and maintenance, I've developed the roadmap to Ceramic Paint Coating! Let me know what you think and how this can help you-- Also, If there are any processes you are confused by, list them here and I'll consider them for future flow charts!
  7. All great feedback! Coatings/Protection for interior components are coming soon. In regards to the mystery boxes, we keep the mystery box a "mystery" because of simply the name! We have done a polisher mystery box and it was well received, we'll do it again soon as it's been a month or so since the last one. The wish list is one thing we're considering implementing again, but there are a few bugs we need to fix first! Thanks.
  8. CPW is a unique, front runner on it's own-- You're combining silicas that are found between Paint Sealants and Coatings, with a synthetic carnauba that is to the longer end of the spectrum for wax. So I would say 3-6 months for it's stand alone longevity-- If you re-up it with Ceramic Boost, you're extending the life time of it!
  9. We are scheduling videos to be done on a weekly basis! Keep your eyes peeled for more!
  10. For One Step Polish, it also has 6.5-7% SiO2 in it-- not much, but enough to help with sealing the paint temporarily! As for LPS, it's going to last significantly longer than a carnauba paste wax like Americana/Patriot. It's polymer based and utilizes a blend of resins and polymers that usually last 4-8 months. Waxes last between 1-3 months depending on how much you build up the film during application!
  11. These are great! Thank you all for the feedback-- We are in a constant growth phase, but the only way to get even better is through constant change! Let's keep this post rolling and see even more!
  12. Calling All Adam's Enthusiasts and Shine Freaks Alike! It's time for your voice to be heard louder than ever-- Coming from HQ in Denver, we value each and every one of the members on this forum and look to it for improving not only our product line, but overall path for creating the greatest products for our customers. With that being said, I'd truly appreciate any input from you guys personally on how we can improve in the customer experience. Furthermore, I'd like to know what you love about our website and can't stand at the same time-- What could be improved with our checkout process? How our dealer locator could be elevated to the next level? This quest for information can include sites from which you shop frequently and like a particular feature about, or even a product that you (painful to say this) purchase from a competitor because you feel ours is obsolete/not aware enough. Too Long,Didn't Read: What do you (the customer) want and how can we help? Let's stir up the information bucket! ?
  13. Hi Allen, Ceramic Paste Wax is a pretty unique product for us here at Adam's. Not only are you combining the ease of use of ceramic properties into a wax, but you're also using a wax that has no natural carnauba in it whatsoever. To elaborate on levels of SiO2 in our product line: Finishing Polish: 2% SiO2 Ceramic Boost: 12-13% SiO2 Patriot Wax: 6% SiO2 Ceramic Paste Wax: 34% SiO2 Through the proper use of this product, you can expect to outlast an Americana or Patriot Wax significantly. Application is the same whether on a Ceramic Coated Car or a Non-Coated Vehicle. Get Ready though because just at it is effective, theres a reason we sell Buttery Wax for easy on easy off application as this product takes a little extra elbow grease if left on for more than 6-7 minutes.
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