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  1. JoeyD0831


    Darn, I don't have anything you need
  2. JoeyD0831

    Cleaning up the garage a bit!

    One pumpkin ID and Illest kit traded
  3. JoeyD0831

    2013 Tahoe

    You weren't the only one
  4. Darn detail spray is the only one I don't have a duplicate of
  5. JoeyD0831

    eBay: Adams collection 😳😳😳

    He could probably liquidate it pretty quickly if he sold it individually or in smaller kits. It's a killer deal for anyone trying to start a small business being an Adam's distributor.
  6. Yeah I read that one first. It says it's okay to keep in the garage as long as it isn't over 90 degrees (my garage doesn't face the sun so it's never "direct" heat). But then Chris says 80 degrees. As an addict, my collection will take up a decent amount of space inside. I've been wanting to invest in garage door insulation for a while just for general energy savings. I think this might be a good time to look into it again.
  7. JoeyD0831

    20% off Select Items

    Just tell her you need to snag the deals when they come up and in the long run you're saving money. As an accountant, she'll understand
  8. JoeyD0831

    Cleaning up the garage a bit!

    One Canada and St Patty's traded away!
  9. What are the benefits to having some of these products having a foaming action instead of the usual liquid spray?
  10. I've read most of the information here about how to store Adam's chemicals and I'd just like some clarification. I live in Las Vegas and the average temperature in the garage during the summer is around 90 degrees. This is my first summer using Adam's and I've noticed some condensation on the tops of the bottles. I'd hate having to store all my stuff inside but I also don't want to ruin my investment. Does anyone living in this climate have any pointers?
  11. JoeyD0831

    Cleaning up the garage a bit!

    If I had a pressure washer I'd definitely take you up on that! First post updated.
  12. JoeyD0831

    Cleaning up the garage a bit!

    I'd prefer to trade the limited editions for other limited editions that I don't have. I've got a ton of HGG at the moment pirahnah
  13. JoeyD0831

    Please delete all are traded!

    Sent PM
  14. JoeyD0831

    Cleaning up the garage a bit!

    No thanks, buttery wax is the one product I don't use. I prefer just HGG