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  1. JoeyD0831

    Gift cards

    I don't know about that; I had a family member get it for me as a Christmas present last December lol.
  2. JoeyD0831

    Gift cards

    There used to be a $100 GC kit; I wonder what happened to it.
  3. JoeyD0831

    Looking for gallons

    I've got a spare VRT
  4. JoeyD0831

    Spot Meets DS/TS

  5. JoeyD0831

    Looking for gallons

    I may have a gallon or two I'd be willing to trade but I'm not sure that I need anything. Have an arsenal pic of what you're trying to trade off?
  6. Yep, for 4th of July. I use mine constantly
  7. JoeyD0831

    would like to trade

    It's already out though: https://adamspolishes.com/shop/interior/cleaning-conditioning/adam-s-multi-use-foaming-cleaner.html
  8. JoeyD0831

    Please Delete

    Untamed set for the 250k and the Vossen?
  9. JoeyD0831

    Spot Meets DS/TS

  10. JoeyD0831

    new sticker pack

    I wish they would change up the free sticker in the orders every quarter or so. I have two dozen or so of the current stickers and I'm running out of places to put them lol.
  11. JoeyD0831

    Spot Meets DS/TS

    Did anyone pick up some extras at today's meet? I'd be interested in trading for a set.
  12. I took a look at this video linked below. Is this still the best method of cleaning the current gen pads and applicators?
  13. JoeyD0831


    My trades have all been equal value and I'm very pleased with those I've traded with.
  14. JoeyD0831

    100k Detail Spray Value

    Would I like a bottle? Yes. Would I pay more than double the retail price? No.
  15. JoeyD0831

    Clay lube ... so many options

    That's how I do it as well