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  1. So I do have Canadian and International DS, but as I’m not a collector, would gladly trade them for usable product. Heres the hitch: I’m in Canada. Anyone ship chemicals over border? Is there challenges?
  2. I also use 6000K, 4’ LED lights mounted on wall. Found them on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price, and pulled the trigger. This pic was taken (during construction) without the overhead lights on. Overhead I switched the old 4’ fluorescent tubes out for (16x) 6” round LED pots, 6000K. (That said, I still have the big 500W halogen tripods on standby, and an assortment of handheld units to chase the “finer details”) Lots of solutions.
  3. Enjoying the benefits of spray wax on my device screens. Big difference!
  4. DanITD

    The two word game.

    There there (as in I missed the syrup)
  5. Wow, you have an eye for detail..... (also speaks to the quality of image @shane@detailedreflectionsthat we can zoom in enough to catch that.) Well done.
  6. DanITD

    The two word game.

    I’m gonna refrain from posting for awhile, cause my next post will be 50, and I want to think about it to ensure that it’s something special.....
  7. DanITD

    Random Thoughts

    sew eye have a six Entz of Hugh more, end remove doll the calm on righting practice says. If won care sea ‘nuff two reed this non cents, eye fined it hell fall too Reid a loud, listen Ing two yore voice in stead of fore sing you’re braying two knot bee litter all. Ken take sum get tin you stew, butt even two ally, yule ketchup. Ran dumb four Shure.
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