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  1. Raige93

    End of Summer cruise in New England area?

    Central PA here I could perhaps make it!
  2. Welcome to the forum! The following is from DuPont's website (I've never heard of them so I had to look it up) Can I wax over the Exterior Protection? Yes, however please wait 24 hours after the application of the Exterior Protection so it has time to fully cure to the surface. Not sure what the coating is actually made of, but you could use H20 G&G on it, any of Adam's waxes, Ceramic Boost, etc... It does not sound like any of those things will cause harm. Really good quote from a MB forum I found follows:
  3. I don't see why not, but if you want to be safe and if you just use readers you can buy a cheap pair at your local pharmacy and try it on those first, or perhaps you've an old pair laying around?
  4. Raige93

    Strip Wash Gallon

    Strip wash gallon would be fantastic!!
  5. Raige93

    Steps for shine

    If you've corrected the paint already I'd go for a ceramic coating, you've already done all of the prep work, that's the hard part! It'll last longer than any of the other options.
  6. Thanks for the responses! May come out Friday night or Saturday morning, wish I could make it out for more of the show! I have yet to make it to a Carlisle event.
  7. Aw man I may actually be able to make one of these events finally.. Does it cost to go to the event? Where can I find out more info? I live rather close.
  8. I hear good things about those towels, I think you will be good to go, it last's longer than the H2O that I can tell you from experience. H2O is really made to be used post wash, so if you're going to wash and decon, you'd almost have to wash again to use it, and, while there are some work arounds to this, if you're going through the trouble you may as well use the paint sealant, especially if you have it. I use a red hex-grip applicator (Adam's sells these) and apply a few drops at a time to until and work it into the pad with my fingers until the majority of the pad's face is grey, then I'll put 2-3 pea sized drops and blot it around a panel (or half a hood or so) before working it in in a cross hatch pattern. Move onto the next section, 2-3 more drops, etc. Once I'm done I go back to where I started and start buffing off. Usually one towel will suffice to remove all the left over Sealant but having an extra one to buff over after your first pass probably wouldn't hurt if you're afraid of leaving some behind. Let me know if I can help any other way!
  9. As long as it's not heavy it's not difficult to remove at all. Even if it is applied heavy it still doesn't fight you too much. Just have some good microfibers on hand for buffing and you'll be fine, at least that's been my experience. Especially if you're topping it with Buttery, you'll be buffing the entire car again anyways
  10. If you're going to go through the trouble of a thorough decontamination, I would skip the H2O and apply paint sealant by hand if you don't have a DA. Even if you do have a DA I'd still do it by hand, I have always applied LPS by hand and it has been trouble free. Hope this helps!
  11. Raige93


    No problem @josefdoc! Let us know if you have any other questions.
  12. Raige93


    Chances are if you used a carnuba wax it has worn off already, if you used paint sealant it may be going strong still. It depends a lot on maintenance routine as well. If you want to be safe you could always wash first with strip was or an equivalent type of product.
  13. I would follow the manual just to be safe. I for one don't use the onboard soap tank of my pressure washer, maybe somebody can chime in who does, but if you have a foam cannon, there is really no need.
  14. Raige93

    High spot in ceramic coating

    BG indeed fixed the high spot on my C pillar, however didn't do much in the way of fixing the spots on my hood. Do you folks reapply the coating after fixing a spot with BG? Forgot to take a picture of the C pillar unfortunately will try to get some of the hood later.
  15. Raige93

    High spot in ceramic coating

    No kidding, I knew it was great for windows I didn’t know that it’s solvent was so useful though.