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  1. Umm...the last one was mine: ðŸĪŠ range top This thread never updates correctly for me 😂
  2. Problem child 😂
  3. @shane@detailedreflections Good deal, thanks! I should know in about a month
  4. @shane@detailedreflections Just looked up Colchester and it turns out it's only 300 miles away from me, I thought it was going to be much further than that. Hell I'm driving 320 miles tomorrow to speak at an engagement in NY (not detailing related). When do we need to RSVP by? I may actually be able to attend this year!
  5. Full time student studying mechanical engineering. Currently working full time for an engineering/consulting/commissioning firm. Wonderful opportunity that essentially fell into my lap. I also detail part time when it's nice, as my garage isn't heated.
  6. I buy 10 at a time it is by far the best air freshener in the world.
  7. Hey friends, not sure if this is in the correct section, if it isn't, could somebody please move it? On the website it recommends dry cleaning the hoodie, on the physical tag however, it suggests tumble-dry, low heat. Has anybody washed one of these things yet that could provide feedback as far as shrinking, or damaging the material? Thanks, Raige
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