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  1. I would have to say what a great idea. Post to potentially win. I’m in man
  2. I remember way back when that I had gotten several and they leaked. I use the boxy style ones and pass along the rounded ones I have, not a fan of them.
  3. That there tire armour looks really good. Not much shine but hopefully one could apply a tire shine over the armour.
  4. Try to keep it off the gravel and looking sharp. Looking good
  5. My tire shine has been spoken for. Thanks for all the interest
  6. Not at this time. I have accessories and several waxes. Thank you.
  7. I currently have all of them as well. You have and new pumpkin spice?
  8. What would you have in return by chance? I just have 1 as well not the 2 your wanting
  9. What’s everyone use for detailing steps from washing to waxing or the proper order of Adams products. I’ve seen it on here before but can’t find that link.
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