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  1. catman600

    Washing Detail Order

    Anyone know where you find this info?
  2. What’s everyone use for detailing steps from washing to waxing or the proper order of Adams products. I’ve seen it on here before but can’t find that link.
  3. catman600

    Ceramic Wax VS Patriot Wax

    I’ve Used Adams strip wash followed by their paint sealant. I’ve added the GNG buttery way brilliant glaze etc...
  4. catman600

    Ceramic Wax VS Patriot Wax

    Looking for that extra protection on the corvette with added shine and reliability of the contents I apply. I use almost every Adams product as well.
  5. My vehicle is not ceramic coated. Which option would be a better choice? Thank You
  6. catman600

    Strip Wash Gallon

    It’s funny how this thread was about strip wash gallon and turned into an ON thread. I would say everything should be offered in gallon sizes I’m all hands in....
  7. catman600

    Inside of Windshield

    I took the advice as well and it’s literally the best. All 3 of my vehicles have a glaze on the inside with glass sealant and boost on the outside. AMAZING RESULTS
  8. Both carts Adams sell are enough to hold a lot of arsenal for most of us that have a surplus in detailing supplies.
  9. catman600

    Good Evening from Denver!

    Welcome to the forum
  10. catman600

    New to forum from New England

    Welcome aboard. Nice ride
  11. catman600

    1965 corvette. After repaint

    Sweet 65 and 02 vettes. Sure do look pretty.
  12. Brilliant Glaze sure has a magic touch
  13. catman600

    Hello from WI - product question

    Nice rides. That black shies like a bright star
  14. catman600

    Hi, newbie from the nation's capital.

    Welcome to the shine
  15. catman600


    Welcome to the shine