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  1. Which Pressure Washer

    I have the 2800 bought from fleet farm and that washer is by far outstanding. Be careful as it could take the paint right off the car. If your into bigger jobs go with the bigger unit. Honda motor is the way to go as well.
  2. What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Those are some really nice clean rides. With snow rain ice in our forecast my washing is being put on hold.
  3. Bug Guts

    I spray eco on the big guts and let that soak in a bit. Take a sponge and usually wipes off on first wipe unless your vehicle has an over abundance which might need to apply a second eco application. Works wonders
  4. Neutralizer Gallon

    I will definitely be reaching out to them for a gallon refil. No label needed on my end just the good stuff. Thanks
  5. The new Ceramic Wax

    I myself would like to pull the trigger on this wax as well but 250 seems high on a 10 dollar budget. I have almost everything else Adams has and have extremely awesome results. 250 nope. Something without the bells and whistles I’m in.
  6. Anyone think Adam’s will come out with a gallon size of this stuff? I myself would be all in for one.
  7. A little almond smell with a awesome cleaner.

    It sure is but it’s a buddies ride. I just have the 1vette myself. We were out visiting in South Dakota.

    Love to shine my ride. Looking forward to NEW products