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  1. M3Eric

    proper detail process ?

    Hey Keith, welcome to the forum! Glad to see you chose the right products! Adam's has some amazing stuff...I wouldnt use anything else! Yes theres tons of information on here...if you look in the detailing library you will probably find most of what you need...you can also find tons of how to videos made by Adam's themselves on just about every topic as well. I can tell you from experience, you will probably wanna start off with a clay mitt and probably some Iron remover, then move on to a 3 step polish to perform a full paint correction before applying ceramic coating. You always want to start with a fully corrected finish before coating because once its coated any correction will be considerably harder. Theres tons of way more knowledgeable detailers here than me so Im sure they will chime in soon and give you more details than I am providing! Post up some pics of your ride, we love pictures around here!
  2. So I used Brilliant Glaze on the inside of my windshield and I absolutely love the results! Amazing! I am thinking about doing the inside of all my windows..(doors, back glass) as well...is this recommended? I do have tint. Not sure if that makes a difference, since it didn't seem to matter on the shade band portion of my windshield?
  3. I have a black car and live in Florida so I deal with this regularly. I usually do a waterless wash, very carefully. I will use multiple towels , using the waterless wash waffle towel first. After one pass I flip to a clean side, etc. Then I usually will come back after I have cleaned the pollen off and hit with a coat of detail spray, of course using a new clean towel again. This seems to help keep the pollen from sticking to the paint as much. I have not had any issues with scratches. I also wash my car twice a week (once with foam gun and once with foam cannon) so I am only using the waterless wash in between washes and only if theres a light pollen or dust on the car. The car is garage kept, so let me clarify this is pollen thats accumulated during the day only. Also, I use ceramic boost once every few weeks. This also seems to keep things like pollen and dust from sticking to the paint as much....As you can see in the pic below, my paint has stayed looking glossy and purdy!
  4. microfiber revitalizer is amazing! Not only good for polishing pads...If you havent tried cleaning your Adam's towels with this yet, please do yourself a favor and get some. Its the ONLY way I clean my towels now...they come out like brand new every time!
  5. They are great about emails....I have used email in the past and usually get a response quickly
  6. M3Eric

    Eric's E93 M3

    Photos of my BMW M3
  7. M3Eric

    Hello from PA

    Welcome to the forums! You made a great choice by picking Adam's to keep that sweet ride looking good! You won't regret it!
  8. M3Eric

    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome to the forums...
  9. M3Eric

    New Car , need new detail products

    Welcome to the forum! Glad to see you have chosen the best products for your new car! I personally have the 15mm swirl killer and I love it! If your gonna start with one and get another later down the road, I would start with the 15mm....looks like Shane has already covered your questions in detail! This forum is a great place to get guidance from experienced people who are always happy to help! Post some pics of that new whip once its home!
  10. M3Eric

    Good Evening from Denver!

    Hey Bryman! Dont worry, a mystery bucket or mystery box will be coming along soon enough! Be careful, they are extremely addictive! I buy at least one or two every time they come available! Some great products you will want to add to your arsenal would be....Detail spray, H20 Guard and Gloss, ceramic boost, Ultra Foam Shampoo, Waterless Wash, and thats just a few of the "must haves" in my opinion! If you have a pressure washer, be sure to pick up a Foam Cannon! If not, get yourself the foam gun. They both work great, I use them both. Dont be afraid to ask questions or for advice, everyone here is extremely nice and love to help!
  11. M3Eric

    Which product should I buy?

    Welcome! Yes, as the guys have already said....detail spray is for the outside so dont use on your interior! The Interior Detailer spray is great for inside though...spray on all your trims, dash, etc. It has an awesome scent leaving your interior smelling "minty" clean!!
  12. M3Eric

    New to forum from New England

    Welcome! Sweet ride!
  13. M3Eric

    Hello from WI - product question

    Welcome! Sweet ride!
  14. M3Eric

    Hi, newbie from the nation's capital.

    Welcome, Isma!
  15. M3Eric

    Hello from Florida

    Any time! If you need any help or have any other questions, just ask. If I dont have the answer, someone else will....This is a great forum, everyone here is always happy to help!