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  1. M3Eric

    100k Detail Spray Value

    Would you ever consider selling/trading it? What would it take for you to let go of that bottle?
  2. Yeah its funny how my mind works. My gf is like "you ordered MORE Adams stuff" and my reply is.... "oh baby I had to order that stuff, couldnt possibly pass up the opportunity to make us hundreds of dollars. These 5 mystery boxes will save us about 50%, plus I got these other items on sale so I saved us a ton of money, plus free shipping! I saved us hundreds!! Your welcome."
  3. This is the reason I end up doing big orders every single time. I refuse to waste money on shipping when that money could be used for more product, so I place an order big enough to get free shipping! This is probably why I have spent $4k on Adam's products this year!
  4. M3Eric

    100k Detail Spray Value

    Yeah, so I guess it was good for both of us that I was at work when the auction ended. I want to say I would have stopped @ $150, but in the heat of the moment.... I probably would have kept going too!
  5. M3Eric

    100k Detail Spray Value

    Dammit! I was at work and I didn't realize the auction was ending! I really wanted that bottle!!! Im just curious, how high were you willing to go?
  6. M3Eric

    100k Detail Spray Value

    I was one of the people bidding on this. I lost because I was at work when the auction ended so I didnt realize I was outbid. Honestly, I would have went to $150...that was what I decided early on, I just never thought it would actually get there. I think my max bid was set to $125 or something like that. Oh well, if anyone out there has a bottle they can spare, plz message me. Cash or trade, I can work something out, im sure!
  7. 100k Limited Detail Spray was only 100 bottles! This is why I now order 2 bottles the moment they go on sale. 1 to use, 1 for the collection
  8. M3Eric

    Texas Member Here

    Welcome Andy! Nice rides!! You made the right choice, as you will be extremely happy with the results you get from Adam's products!
  9. M3Eric

    Hey from Atlanta Ga

    Welcome! As tlbullet said, 15mm Swirl Killer is a great way to go. Watch some videos and ask questions if you have em. With Adams tools and products, you will be able to pull it off no problem!
  10. M3Eric

    New from Belle River, ON, Canada

    Welcome Joe!
  11. M3Eric

    Eric's E93 M3

  12. M3Eric


    Welcome Charles! Yes, it started so innocent for me, with just one mystery box, and has now snowballed into a full blown addiction! Welcome to the club!
  13. M3Eric

    Arsenal Pics

    Shots from my Garage Arsenal. Its a work in progress!
  14. M3Eric

    Polishing Station

    Thanks! Its a work in progress... Yes, the light definitely helps a lot. I am thinking about adding a second one as well, or at least ordering one so I have it on hand if I were to need it!