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  1. M3Eric


    Welcome! Great arsenal! Im all about keeping things organized too!
  2. M3Eric

    Hello from Alberta!

    Holy crap its still like 150 degrees here in FL. We arent even in the realm of starting to cool off yet .... Welcome to the forum by the way!
  3. M3Eric

    Old CG user converted!

    Either way, you cant go wrong. G&G is one of my favorite products that Adams makes! I went with the CPW topped with Boost because the hydrophobic properties that come from the silica based products are just amazing! I actually had Americana topped with G&G initially and it looked great! Just wanted to change it up... Ceramic Boost is actually the very first product of Adams I ever tried, and after that started my whole Adams addiction! This pic below is Americana with H20 G&G every 3rd or 4th wash, this was BEFORE I did any paint correction.
  4. M3Eric

    Spot Meets DS/TS

    I really need the Spot Meets bottles if anyone has both or even 1 they would be willing to sell or trade. Plz let me know....
  5. M3Eric

    New From ND

    Welcome to the forum Susan! Gonna make a confession...I cant stop buying MB's either! Its an addiction fo real! Nice rides by the way!
  6. M3Eric

    Old CG user converted!

    Welcome! Beautiful rides! Your not gonna regret the switch. As far as the waxes, I am running paint sealant topped with Ceramic Paste Wax and Boost on top of that. I can tell you the ceramic paste wax will also make that black really purdy. The ceramic wax is supposed to have a longer life span than regular carnuba based wax, and topping it with ceramic boost will extend that life as well. Also patriot with G&G will work beautifully as well, its really just a personal preference.
  7. M3Eric

    Expanded workspace

    I need to do some lighting like this in my garage! So badass!
  8. M3Eric

    New from AZ!

    Welcome to the forum Trent!
  9. M3Eric

    Greetings from Charlotte

    Welcome to the forum! Yes, definitely post some pics of those clean rides!!
  10. M3Eric

    Washer Fluid

    Oh yeah, didnt think of that....lol. So everyone else doesnt have 80++ degree weather year round? This is news to me...
  11. M3Eric

    Washer Fluid

    I have wondered this exact same thing! If we can make washer fluid with GC. One thing I can say for sure, if your running sealant and using boost in addition, the windshield cleans very easily with just water in the washer tank so having a washer fluid isnt really needed. Just some good ol water, then you dont have to worry about decreasing the life of the sealant
  12. M3Eric

    Foam Gun Trouble

    Honestly guys I never ever have this problem. I have quick disconnects as well but I always attach/remove the sprayer nozzle onto the foam gun. Are you attaching yours while water is pressurized in the hose/nozzle before attaching? Or are you connecting with no pressure, then once connected turning on the hose?
  13. Brilliant Glaze is a super versatile product. As we all know, works great as a glaze on your paint and works amazing on your inside glass as well. Mirrors around the house, glass shower doors, etc. Love the stuff....
  14. M3Eric

    Hello from KY

    Welcome Carol! As the others said, your in the right place! Adams products are gonna make it a lot easier to keep that OCD under control! I know from experience as I have the same issues! Plenty of knowledgeable people here who can help guide you!
  15. M3Eric

    Hey Guys! New from Central FL

    Hey Tommy, welcome to the forum! I am a Central Floridian as well, residing in Daytona Beach!