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  1. Hi from Nor Cal

    Have fun.
  2. Paint Correction Steps/Swirl Killer

    Sorry I forgot to post the polisher mark. Thanks for covering it for me. I marked mine in the same manner, based on the excellent instructions by you all. Very helpful
  3. New to Adams

    Make sure you renew your budget to include Adam’s product. It is addictive and fun.
  4. Paint Correction Steps/Swirl Killer

    Here are a couple "ok" photos of the finished product. I missed a few areas due to lighting, but I felt pretty good about my first shot at paint correction using the swirl killer. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Car Cover(s) outdoors

    Oh Yeah, Here's a couple photos of the finished full correction. I missed a couple spots due to lighting. I worked on the Eurovan over a number of days after work and ran out of light and pulled it in to the garage which I could use some better lighting. Plus my eyes need correcting as well. I appreciate all the assistance.
  6. Car Cover(s) outdoors

    Thanks for the tip. Sure would hate to put a bunch of new scratches and swirls in the recently corrected paint.
  7. Detail Spray or Waterless Wash?

    Our new Highlander is ceramic coated and I used the WW after a road trip to our daughters. I only used it on the front where all the bugs hit. It worked well.
  8. Paint Correction Steps/Swirl Killer

    Just used the Marker on the backing plate. What a great tip. It really helps. Thanks, Kevin
  9. Paint Correction Steps/Swirl Killer

    I think I'm following. So I should be able to look down and the marked polishing pad or backing plate and see the marked line as I'm polishing and whether it's spinning or not? Another Question- There are six speed settings on my swirl killer, and for the heavy correcting and correcting polish I used speed 5, and for finishing I used 4, and for the sealant I used 3. I was planning on using 3 for the buttery wax as well. Once again, I appreciate all the input. Kevin
  10. Paint Correction Steps/Swirl Killer

    Thanks Shane, Your answer is helpful, and thanks for taking the time to respond to each question. What I learned from your answers is that experience is the key. I’m going to do the correcting steps in sequence, and not skip a step (at least this time) to gain experience. The correcting, polishing, and sealing is making a noticeable difference. At least on the hood Thanks again, Kevin
  11. I pulled out my new 15mm Swirl Killer this evening after washing my 2003 Blue Eurovan with strip wash using my foam cannon. I only used the polisher on the front hood and took my time. After claying the hood I started with the heavy correcting polish and blue pad, then I used the correcting polish with the orange pad, then finishing polish and white pad. I ended with sealant and the grey pad. I plan on using buttery wax to make it really shine. So far it looks great, and fun to do. My questions are- Should I take every step that I did above? Can I go from heavy correcting polish to finishing polish, and skip correcting polish? Should I make more passes with different polishes? How many passes should I make? Should I apply pressure to the polisher with any of the polishes? Thank for the help, Kevin
  12. Hey Guys!

    What an awesome ride, and a great piece of history!
  13. The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Fortunately it was only on the passenger window last night. Then I read this tonight, and went out to the garage to check for the plastic. Yep, sure enough there it was. Glad I read this before the weekend, or I would have been bummed. I'm sure I will have other bonehead moments, but this forum and the Adams videos should help minimize my mistakes.
  14. The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Glad I read this, although a day late. Don't clay with the plastic wrap on.