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  1. Paint Correction Steps/Swirl Killer

    Just used the Marker on the backing plate. What a great tip. It really helps. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Paint Correction Steps/Swirl Killer

    I think I'm following. So I should be able to look down and the marked polishing pad or backing plate and see the marked line as I'm polishing and whether it's spinning or not? Another Question- There are six speed settings on my swirl killer, and for the heavy correcting and correcting polish I used speed 5, and for finishing I used 4, and for the sealant I used 3. I was planning on using 3 for the buttery wax as well. Once again, I appreciate all the input. Kevin
  3. Paint Correction Steps/Swirl Killer

    Thanks Shane, Your answer is helpful, and thanks for taking the time to respond to each question. What I learned from your answers is that experience is the key. I’m going to do the correcting steps in sequence, and not skip a step (at least this time) to gain experience. The correcting, polishing, and sealing is making a noticeable difference. At least on the hood Thanks again, Kevin
  4. I pulled out my new 15mm Swirl Killer this evening after washing my 2003 Blue Eurovan with strip wash using my foam cannon. I only used the polisher on the front hood and took my time. After claying the hood I started with the heavy correcting polish and blue pad, then I used the correcting polish with the orange pad, then finishing polish and white pad. I ended with sealant and the grey pad. I plan on using buttery wax to make it really shine. So far it looks great, and fun to do. My questions are- Should I take every step that I did above? Can I go from heavy correcting polish to finishing polish, and skip correcting polish? Should I make more passes with different polishes? How many passes should I make? Should I apply pressure to the polisher with any of the polishes? Thank for the help, Kevin
  5. Hey Guys!

    What an awesome ride, and a great piece of history!
  6. The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Fortunately it was only on the passenger window last night. Then I read this tonight, and went out to the garage to check for the plastic. Yep, sure enough there it was. Glad I read this before the weekend, or I would have been bummed. I'm sure I will have other bonehead moments, but this forum and the Adams videos should help minimize my mistakes.
  7. The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Glad I read this, although a day late. Don't clay with the plastic wrap on.
  8. Ok, I have a sense of what the responses are going to be, but I have to ask. We live close to the ocean (coastal fog) and we have a 2003 Blue Eurovan Weekender (non-pop top) that I use to camp and take surfing. It is in great shape and I get compliments and comments all the time. I have a nice outdoor cover I have used in the past when I know it is going to sit for more than a few days. I only covered it after it's washed. This weekend I am going to do a full detail, correct (has swirls and light scratches in some spots), polish, seal, and finish with buttery wax. This will be my first go with the swirl killer. My gut says not cover it after all that work has been done as to not introduce new scratches, but then I consider the elements around the ocean and I think maybe I should cover. Either way, now that I'm excited about detailing our vehicles, the Eurovan is going to get a lot more love, so maybe the additional care will negate using the cover. By the way, is it just me, or are others constantly observing paint imperfections (not just our cars). I found so many new defects in my wife's beautiful sapphire black Volvo than I ever saw before I started my rookie year in detailing. Thanks for the input Aloha, Kevin
  9. Waterless Wash Questions

    I will give the Rinseless Wash a try once I get through the gallon of Waterless I just purchased. I have a feeling with three cars I will move through it pretty quick. What are your thoughts on doing some correction, and or buffer polishing after using the Waterless Wash, or the Rinseless Wash?
  10. We recently had our 2017 Toyota Highlander ceramic coated with a 9h coating by a professional. Last weekend I did the first regular wash using a ceramic coating shampoo and a ceramic boost. It looks great. I want to maintain the look and keep it clean using the waterless wash in between full washes. Is the Waterless Wash safe to use on Ceramic Coating and Ceramic Coating Boost? The opinions out there vary on what you can and can't use on ceramic coating. Any recommendations on how often a full wash should be done, or could you use waterless wash exclusively? Can you do a full correction and polish after using Waterless Wash (Non-Ceramic Coated Car)? I know this is a bunch of questions, but I live in CA and we go through phases of water restrictions, and I am trying to conserve the water I use. Aloha, Kevin
  11. New guy from CA

    You can never be too careful when using an orbital polisher.
  12. New guy from CA

    It started raining here today and it's 60 degrees (feels like 58). I joke now, but I may only be using waterless wash if we don't get more rain. Thanks for the tips Kevin
  13. New Member from Texas

    Wow, great looking ride!
  14. New guy from CA

    Strategically placed buckets to see if detailers are paying attention to the details. Yeah, my wife was blown away by all the detail products that came while I was out surfing. She asked me if I was starting a detail business. I told her we would go go broke due to the fact I'd get about one car done a day. Thanks for the response to my questions. Aloha, Kevin
  15. New guy from CA

    Received my order on Saturday and tested a bunch of the products out on two of our cars. A new 2017 Highlander with ceramic coating and my wife's sapphire black Volvo 2006 V70R. Used the foam cannon, wash buckets, red wash mitt, wash pad, detail spray, ultra plush towel, sidekick blaster, double sided detail towel, eco cleaner, tire cleaner, tire and wheel brushes, interior vinyl and leather cleaner, cockpit brush, window cleaner, and some other items. Everything I used was quality, and useful. Definitely going to need to get a gallon of Detail Spray and Eco Cleaner. It took me a bit of time to finish the washes, but it was enjoyable and I know I will get quicker as I perfect my process. Next weekend I am going to do a full detail on our 2003 blue Eurovan weekender. If I pass the full detail test with my wife on our Eurovan I get to do a full detail and correction on her Volvo. Can't wait to use the swirl killer, polishes, and pads. Wish me luck. A couple questions- How often do you wash your towels? (drying, glass, utility, etc)....and do you wash them together. How about your polishing pads? I washed my detail towel by hand with revitalizer, and along with the ultra plush towels I let them hang out to dry. Are there any products I should worry about staining our driveway? Everything I used today seemed fine. Aloha, Kevin