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  1. Hookem06


    I bought 2 @ $19 and was going to purchase 2 more for $19 ea, but price was $29 then, so I didn’t get them.
  2. Hookem06

    New Detailing Stool

    I’ve got 2 of them my brother in law is 6’6, 330lbs it supports him w/ no problems
  3. I’ve got a lot of items for trade: all items/products are brand new. Not out of date or old products sweatpants (black w/ gold lettering) americana wax 2- charcoal bags 6.5” orange foam pad finishing polish 8oz 2- 16oz tire & rubber cleaner 2- wheel cleaner tire scrub brush trim & lug nut brush red foam cannon 10- great white drying towels 4- ultra plush drying towel black trim restorer 16oz ceramic boost looking for gallons and other specialty items blueberry detail spray, etc Black Friday detail stool
  4. Hookem06

    SK mini

    The mini is more powerful than the GG3
  5. Hookem06


    I clean a lot of Utvs polaris ranger, Rzr, general, can am, etc ive used Matte detailer and h20 gng to clean the plastics, etc
  6. Definitely empty the foam sprayer after you are finished with it.
  7. Hookem06

    Which Order?

    Sealant, glaze & wax
  8. Microfiber revitalizer is your best bet
  9. Same here. I threw about 30 brand new towels away, stored in plastic containers in my shop.
  10. Hookem06

    Orange Towels

    Still have any left?
  11. Hookem06

    New Wheel cleaner

    New eco wheel cleaner , I use for American force & specialty forged wheels.
  12. Ordered the same kit and added a few sprayers
  13. Hookem06

    Food Thread

    Crab legs one of my favorite. Shrimp, & fish too. But it all was delicious. Lol
  14. Hookem06

    Food Thread