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  1. tlbullet

    Post clay bar haziness

    Welcome. I need pics of my fav car asap!!
  2. tlbullet

    Glass Sealant vs Ice Scraper

    Is it just me or does the rainx smell exactly like GS? Obviously it has to made from simlar chemicals but the scent seems identical.
  3. tlbullet

    Taking Adams to work with me

    Careful u dont blind co-workers!! Its already shiny as hell
  4. tlbullet

    Wanted: Old bottles

    Leave Vm. He did call me back.
  5. tlbullet

    Another one on eBay..

    The 8 oz bottles i first assumed was a typo when i saw it listed!! I figured even at $39.00 was outrageous. But after seeing the $999 listing...someone is dreaming.
  6. tlbullet

    Wanted: Old bottles

    Reviving an old post...not sure if im even allowed to promote seller but its an authorized Adams dealer. The site is http://stores.shopthompsonracing.com/clearance-items/ he has a good amount of old labeled bottles still in stock (and good prices). Unfortuantley NO DS or shampoo left. Also has some older labeled bags, brushes and T-shirt. He did say he had one old labeled DS used sample bottle and would throw it in with $100 purchase. (Im passing that along to u guys..i have enough product for quite a while!!). He also had Adams pop-up tents and table clothes collecting dust. (-avail for pickup only). He Said he used to do the Corvette at Carlisle but just got busy with other endeavors. Here is a list of exactly what he has left in stock: Severe Swirl Remover 16oz 4 x Finishing Polish 16oz 2 x Revive Polish Gallon 8 x Blue Clay 3 x Brilliant Glaze 2 x Americana 2 x Microfiber Revitalizer Gallon 3 x Microfiber Revitalizer 36oz 21 x Undercarriage 16oz 15 x Metal Polish #1 16oz 20 x Metal Polish #2 16oz 5 x Metal Polish #2 4oz 8 x Leather Conditioner 16oz 11 x Glass Sealant 4oz 4 x Glass Cleaner Gallon 1 x Glass Cleaner 5 Gal 2 x Leather Cleaner 16oz 1 x Leather Cleaner Gallon 1 x Leather Cleaner 5 Gallon 2 x Carpet Cleaner Gallon 4 x Rinseless Wash 16oz 3 x Rinseless Wash Gallon 2 x Waterless Wash 16oz. Hope this helps someone with their collection!!
  7. tlbullet

    Another one on eBay..

    Whos the high bidder here?? $122! Crazy indef thought color was off. I emailed seller, seemed like he just found it in his garage and has no clue the bidding would go that high. He said it was all original.
  8. tlbullet

    Another one on eBay..

    Which one of u bid this item up?? Has to be one of u!!! I threw in a $40 bid early. Then it jumped to $87. Im out. The guy selling it was probably just cleaning crap out of the garage and found this. I checked out other stuff he sold/selling. Nothing Adams.
  9. I didnt rec any confirmation for 2 orders last week BUT both shipped, and recieved today. U just have to look under u account orders. The link is in there.
  10. tlbullet

    The "Don't Do's of Detailing" Thread

    Whoa..why are we using a HD bucket withan Adams bucket sitting by itself against the wall???😜
  11. tlbullet

    What did you do today?

    $400 ????? Great deal!
  12. tlbullet

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Looks great. Makes sure he holds on tight! Those seats look slippery!!
  13. Ha. Ur right. Im Not even close!I always thought that number #posts!
  14. I was waiting for Falcaineer to do his thing and attach the corresponding article!! I have no clue how....congrats on 2,500 posts!
  15. tlbullet

    New H20 Guard & Gloss????

    Oh man loved the grape scent!! The original HGG is definitely a little difficult using it “dry”.