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  1. Speaking of IG followers...Adam’s needs 15 more to break 350k! Early congrats!!! And when does the 350k get released?
  2. perfectly stated @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin My only other thought to help you decide, do you Detail weekly (or more), monthly or at longer intervals?? Because I feel that Eco Wc works great if you are cleaning weekly. If your going longer between washes, reg WC is probably a better choice. The WC is support strong and works well esp if wheels are real dirty
  3. I have been using 16:1 as directed. I feel that it works well as a RW. So yes, you should get around 250 oz of RW.
  4. @RayS hit the nail on the head! Cold is the key! And on serious note..I believe pacing yourself is important.. you definitely cannot rush a good detail.
  5. Looks awesome/Great write-up but I hope you forgot to list one more point...I dont see where you cracked open a cold beverage!!
  6. I have used any clean interior towel. Its quick, easy and effective.
  7. I don’t think covering it is nec. BG inside of the windshield is a gamechanger!! I do it often and have never seen fallout from removing it.
  8. “Hand grenade”..lol. Its close to that, I love that car...Id just remove that “bumper” and side trim..get it back to OEM. Thats an awesome car!!!
  9. I had to read ur post a few times..its already that cold in IL already,?????!!!! SMH!!
  10. Also adding LC, BG and small WW to the list of possible trade bait.
  11. Awesome! Def interested in 16oz DS if u got it! The gallons would great too but I have to minimize the space... This is getting out of control quickly!! I said I wouldn’t ever collect this stuff.. and the shelf is growing a little too fast!!
  12. 🔼i agree w yo-yo ma. At first i was disappointed when i began my car..but after FP i was blown away. Although my paint was much newer...good luck. Send us pics either way!
  13. Yo-yo ma’s is correct. I had spoken to Cs after an issue with the untamed shoe cleaner. Certain chemicals will be in the new bottle.
  14. After completing a correction, I was leaving work one night..the LeD lighting must be different than what I have in my garage...I noticed a ton of swirls that I couldn’t see during the day or in my garage. Obviously not practical to detail at night!!! But just crazy how everY light is different. angles are also kEy .. The more ways you can look at it the better
  15. As stated..ISO Cali DS or old chrome label (would prefer EMPTY old label so i could purchase for fair price)..I have a few of the newer LE DS to trade and decent amount of everyday stuff that im looking to trade (BF, H20 1.0, TS to name a few). Thnx!
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