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  1. Bikes need to be polished too!
  2. ADAMS COLOR CODED IT for u.. white pad w/ FP. Orange pad with CP and blue pad with HC. I used the Mf pad with the HC when i had a swirl/scratch that the Blue pad didnt correct. I would start with white pad and FP to see if that does what your looking for. If the white od doent do it, then step up to orange pad/CP.
  3. Picture 10 elementary kids throwing sponges at each other landing on the pavement, picking them up and rubbing them on the panels of the car..maybe, just maybe some soap on it!!!!! Non-stop for hours...definatley feel bad for the next owner of this car
  4. I had a guy pull up to an elementary school car wash fundraiser with newer Porsche 911...i told him this probably wasnt a good idea...i told him my thoughts and .he couldnt have cared less....i got light headed and had to walk away, could not watch!!!! ๐Ÿคฎ So u never know who will let u work on their car!
  5. I definatley dont walk thru parking lots talking to myself saying โ€œim glad thats not my car...or that one...she must use a drive thru daily...โ€๐Ÿ˜œ
  6. Like Falcaineer said,..its preference..if ur happy with the paint the CC is awsome. Water shoots of the paint and, at least for me, easier to maintain. No need for monthly, bi-monthly coats of wax. Some people(like myself!!) can barley breath at the site of swirls!!!! If slight swirls dont bother u go for it.
  7. You definitely dont have to do a paint correction. If you are happy on what it looks like just know that the Ceramic coating/spray just locks the paint in. It does not reduce swirls. If ur happy with it thats all that matters. The claying could introduce some swirls, Would members recomend Revive hand polish after claying? If he doesnt want to use a SK??? As far as your Mb..the DS can def be used in betweeen washes and as a drying agent. The BG shouldnt be used on paint if its cermic coated (some may argue othetwise) but a neat trick the forum has exposed is using it on interior windows. Leaves them near invisible! gooD luck
  8. Ha .. i called!!!!.poor guy had no idea what i meant when i said Limited Sprays...looks like they only had PS and CArs n coffee
  9. Im def not a tv expert but i do enjoy crisp picture and sound..i would not recommend an expensive hdmi. For the past 10 years or so ive been using a site called Monoprice.com. Dirt cheap cables...tv mounts...have not noiticed any degradation of picture. Maybe another tv expert here can say otherwise.
  10. tlbullet

    Food Thread

    Not sure if im more jealous that ur outside wearing only a tshirt or that ur making a dozen pizzas!! Looks great.
  11. U can also use DS without any effecting the coating
  12. I dont think the SS will be defrosted by then!!โ›„๏ธ
  13. I would have washed in 24*, but the wife would not be too happy about the ice skating rink that follows the wash!!!
  14. Quick update/pic first applied on 1/1/19. 3 coats. Since application, i havnt had a chance to wash. A few snow storms and bunch of road salt.....looks decent
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