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  1. I agree with Nickfire and Rays!!. I was against it too. I CC both my vehicles last year and love it. Like Rays said you can use Either of the new Ceramic waxes to keep yourself medicated!! The coating just makes things easier. I highly recommended it!! Watching the water bead and shoot off the car is pretty relaxing too!!
  2. Id say i have received the best value on my MBTO compared to Mystery boxes/buckets. Go for it
  3. Pretty sure its in Adams User agreement that members NOT use California Dusters!😰. 😜
  4. Def using too much product..i find it better to apply lightly, wipe with MF. Do the whole car then return and wipe car with another clean MF. Usually does the trick.
  5. I believe they did, the 2018 4th July air freshener. I just opened up yesterday!! Should have bought another!
  6. Bogo is what put me over the edge last year!! Great deal. Cant go wrong.
  7. CnC is probably my favorite DS scent too...i just have waaaay to much DS ..or do i?..πŸ€”
  8. Looked like fun!! Did anybody spy any upcoming products???
  9. Im sure someone on this forum uses a humidor for their Adams chemicals!! 😜
  10. πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
  11. I dont mind the regular sized nozzles...its the 8oz bottle’s nozzles that my fat fingers doesnt work too well with. But i like ur creativity.
  12. I got a SK last spring. Never used a machine before..just watch a bunch of videos and give it a shot. U will love it. Welcome!!
  13. Welcome...im no Camaro fan but thats a sharp looking car!! It just looks fast (and clean).
  14. Im was in same boat, completed my CC last year using single soft. I would go with the new suede towel for removal this time. Im was thinking of re applying my CC and def getting new suede towel. I dont believe everything i hear but it makes sense that the single soft was absorbing a portion of the CC.
  15. For me it doesnt last too long....its gone after i drop it which is usually halfway thru one car!!!!
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