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  1. I recommend the E-go cordless leaf blower. Its Real light and easy to maneuver while drying. I can dry one car along with wheels and tires per charge.
  2. Dam, I feel smarter after watching that! Although i only understood every 3rd word! Pretty neat to see how much science goes into these products
  3. Sgtlip...i was once like you..i asked why? I said that’s ridiculous!! Although i dont know why, I cant stop! Its “only” $10 or so per bottle so not that bad of a habit. I do consider it “art” for my garage. And yes, pretty much every person that walks into my garage thinks im nuts. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Those 12% should have their licenses revoked!!
  5. Welcome! Awsome garage! Id be careful how much shine u out on that yellow paint..may blind other drivers! Love it
  6. Looks great..i think you need to make him your apprentice! Always easier with another set of hands! Too nice of you of do the whole detail yourself! I wish i had the time to do the whole family!!👍🏻
  7. Once this addiction starts there is no known way to stop spending ones money.....im sorry. The only thing you can do is rationalize each purchase. That works every time. Best of luck. We are here to support you.
  8. New sale just posted on the site..”buy a gallon get a 16oz and save 15%”.......i think i bought 4 gallons last time!!!!
  9. I actually assumed it was a collaborative sticker..i scrolled right by it!!
  10. Im glad im not the only one that had that thought!! I was thinking Adams Fabric Protector..but thats hard to come by. Ceramic Spray coating was my second thought...but i dont think that would be a good choice bc the coating hardens..would most likely look like crap when dry. I just ordered a rain repellent online. Assuming its similar to Adams Fabric protector.
  11. I found this Rhino shelf with a bar to hang additional bottles.
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