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  1. @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin terrific write-up. Its awesome to see the time our members put in to this forum to help out other members!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  2. Although i just CC both my cars this summer/fall, i did purchase the large bottle of CSC during the black friday sale! Ill prob use it this summer even though the CC should last well over one year. Why not!!πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
  3. I agree with Chris on the ceramic paint coating. I had zero experience with coatings until last year. I have now applied it on 4 cars and it works wonders..looks great too! Im actually going to try this spray coating in the spring on another car. I just don’t have the time to keep a car out of service for 24 hours as it’s recommended by the instructions I top my vehicles off with the ceramic paste wax twice a year. And use the ceramic boost about once a month. The brilliant glaze I received an a mystery box and I use that for my interior windows.
  4. Wow. Great work. Paint looks dripping wet! I must say the front license plate looks great.πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. 2 towels is fine. Fold it into quarters...that gives u 8 clean sides per towel..for a total of 16.
  6. I wouldn’t toss them.just dont use them for any exterior jobs...i moved mine over to interior jobs or door jamb chores drawer!
  7. I too love the CpW...bad part is I have nearly a full container left and would love to try the new CCW!!
  8. @falcaineer is on point as usual! I Have only used the correcting and finishing polish, but i hear the one step is great. The Ceramic Paste Wax (cpw) was revamped and renamed to Ceramic Coating Wax last month or so. I assume its very similar and just an improved version of the cpw. I have topped off my ceramic coated cars with the cpw and are very happy with the results! Looking forward to the pics too! And if you have never used a polisher before there is plenty of info on this forum in order to do it properly.
  9. @Brewder welcome! I too made the switch from Zaino a few years back. I used APC and CS mixed into 5 gallon bucket. It removed the Z5 easily. I did use the Iron Remover after the stripping then moved onto claying. I then did a full correction and sealed it with the ceramic paint coating topped off with CpW.
  10. Only area i use the BG is on the interior of the windshield. Works great. If its filthy i would give it a quick wipedown (i dont let my personal car get that dirty!!😜). All I do is apply a generous amount to a Mf applicator and evenly apply to the inside of the windshield. I let it dry for about 5 minutes then wipe off with any clean MF towel. Comes out streak free.
  11. tlbullet

    Food Thread

    Jesus...i couldnt draw that let alone bake one out of cake! Great work
  12. Once u try BG theres no turning back. Sooooo easy.
  13. What products are you using? My preferred method is a light coating of BG, then wipe down with a MF. Comes out streak free everytime. I dont even clean the glass first. Just Bg.
  14. Love the colors too...awd is a necessary option in Chicago I would assume. one of my other dream cars is a M3..but it doesnt come in Awd..i guess ill keep dreaming about a 911 4s!! 🀞🏼
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