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  1. tlbullet

    First time using CC-review

    It finally rained..pretty neat how the sides of the car were bone dry within minutes of it stopping. I washed the cars too. The time alone that the CC will save me from drying will pay for itself within a few months. I literally walked around it quickly with a blower and it was bone dry.
  2. tlbullet

    Ceramic paste wax application?

    Im a big “numbers” guy..now i can see that CW has 3 times more si02 than the CB. Now i must buy it. 🤑
  3. Whoa whoa.....Kyle if we are going to be testing the product I believe it should be tested at different altitudes..not just in CO’s high altitude. And maybe try someone on the east coast..just in case it reacts differently. 😜
  4. Dam..just bought a gallon of Wash n wax!! Wonder how quickly i can use it up??
  5. tlbullet

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping and FLASH SALE

    Thnx!! I saw a IG post on about it yesterday..then it was gone. Been watching all day for it to pop up.
  6. Oh im not familar with “liquid glass” product.. i assumed it was a differnt companies name for their cermaic coating!! Had me sold.
  7. Adam’s liquid glass is called Ceramic coating. I just applied to both my cars. Easy to use and looks great. I havent had to remove a coating yet but from what i have read on these forums you will definatley have to use a machine, such as Adams swirl killer w/ a finishing polish. The dawn soap will do nothing to remove the coating. It will remove any waxes ontop of the coating (alhiugh adams recommmends only cermic wax ontop of the cermic coating!!).
  8. tlbullet

    First time using CC-review

    CPW..im sure it will end up in my arsenal. But my wallet was still hurting from the SK and Cc kit purchases and most of products on the Adams website!!!
  9. tlbullet

    what should i use

    I thought i had light swirls and beleived the FP w/white pads would have worked...turned out i need CP w/ orange pad first. Like falcaneer said try white first. Bring it out into different types of lighting and see if its corrected enough. Dont do what i did...i did the entire car w/ white FP first then realized it wasnt corrected enough. Had to hit it with orange pad and Cp then again with the FP and white pad!
  10. I just wanted to give members a brief review of several Adam’s products ive purchased and used. In February of this year I discovered Adam’s. After reading the forums I formulated a plan for my DD. Ive always been careful being a weekend detailer but these forums took me to a new level and made me realize i was doing it all wrong! I decided i needed to do full corrections and then was going to CC both my cars. (13’ Acura Tl 6speed manual,white and 17’ MDX sport black). Both stay garaged as often as possible. I also realized my black MdX had a pretty decent amount of swirls and was in need of correcting. I first purchased the 15mm SK kit. I patiently waited for winter to pass and attempted my first full correction. Before: After: Ive had zero experience with any type of polisher so I was extremely nervous to introduce swirls into the paint. For those hesitant—make the purchase!! Its a great product. Basically this SK was pretty much idiot proof and worked great. All you have to do is take ur time, moving the SK slowly across the paint. I was hesitant to use the blue pad w Hc, but hit a few spots quickly; before taking my time and using the orange pad w/ CP. then finsihed with FP. I actaully had to do this process twice because the first time i went too quickly and didnt let the product do the work. There were still some swirls visible after the first attempt. Others have said this but lighting is key!! Soo true. I had every LeD light I owned in my garage, looked great. Pulled it out of garage and the sunlight showed some swirls. After another round, i was content. It wasnt perfect but near perfect. I could only see some swirls if i was leaning at a 75 degree angle and the sun was reflecting perfectly off the panel!! I figure thats about as good as im gonna get!!! I then ordered the new CC kit. I prepped car as directed and attempted the Cc on my white TL first. I was extremely nervous about attmepting CC. I had read about “high spots” and the coating being tacky and difficult to work with. I applied as directed (and as Adam did in the video). I was able to see the Cc flash pretty quickly. I waited around a minute and then wiped off excess. The white paint made it pretty difficult to see any high spots. I found that the Cc was somewhat slick and not tacky like other members said of the older 7H CC. I completed the whole car and let sit about 3 hrs. I then applied the CB. I used a few sprays per panel and found it easy to apply. After CC and CB I waited a week to see if I could find any high spots or streaking. So far nothing!! Surpised myself!! Somehow i havent been able to test the hydrophobic properties yet because it hasn’t rained!!!!!! Unreal. This week i completed the CC on my black MdX. The CC was still easy to apply. you definitely have to be more careful with the dark paints. It was much easier to see the Cc flash. I waited about a minute to wipe off. You can actually see where the Cc was applied; it left the paint looking deeper and darker. I did feel like I used the Cc a little more liberally this time around. The high spots were visible and inwas able to take them down right away by wiping with Mf. I pulled the car out into the sunlight and did not notice any high spots. I let the car sit for 24 hrs and applied the CB. Im not sure if it was the dark paint or me using a little more CB then i did on my white car but the CB was a little more difficult to use...but not bad at all. I did notice some streaking from the CB but just took my time to work it in with a MF. Here are the finished products: And thanks to you forum members my Adam’s collection has quickly grown..of course i needed every product thats made. I hope this is helpful to members either thinking about CC or full correction their vehicle. I was very worried about screwing up both my cars. But im very OcD about my cars and Im actaully very satisfied with the results. 👍🏻👍🏻Sk and CC kit well worth it and easy to use!! Good luck
  11. tlbullet

    Bottle reuse

    Lol. It was just an example!!! I do use the LC inside pretty often too. I was going to use the diluted VRT for the plastic side steps on my SuV and any other exterior plastic trim. Anything with a hint of the og WC is not a good thing!!
  12. tlbullet

    Bottle reuse

    Thanks. Ill just have to wait a few weeks more to empty out my next bottle. I did purchase the new eco WC and i hear it smells great. The smell of the original WC gets stuck in your nose hairs!!
  13. tlbullet

    Bottle reuse

    I emptied a bottle my first Adam’s product, (original wheel cleaner). I want to reuse the bottle to dilute VRT. I rinsed the hell out of it using soap then APC. The bottle still has a hint of the hair burning WC scent. Is it safe to use the bottle and refill w dilute VRT or will I burn the trim off my dashboard???
  14. tlbullet

    Ceramic Paint Coating Kit Questions

    You shouldnt need any drying agent. I just coated my car..i have a cordless blower (E go-from box store) and water shoots off. Pretty awsome. I spoke to Adams this week, u can use detail spray with No issue if you choose.
  15. tlbullet

    Ceramic application

    Looks great!! I just completed my first CC on Tuesday. I was able to wait about 30 hrs before applying CB. I too was concerned about the wait time or not using enough. I feel mine came out nice. This newer version seemed more forgiving..thats just going on what previous members have posted. Appearently if you put a CC on a car it prevents rain. Zip. Not a drop this week (which is a record this spring). Seems to rain ever other day past few months!! I too am still waiting for first rainfall!!!