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  1. You let family members buy non-red vehicle and park them in your driveway???? Shocked !!!!!
  2. I second Chris@Adams. Ive used langka for a few chips and spots. Easy to use and affordable. My car is Tricoat as well and i havnt perfected applying the top coat..usally just do without it😬. It will keep the scratch from jumping out at you when u look at it. One tip would be to make sure you overfill the scratch so the langka system can knock it down flush with the original paint level.
  3. Adams makes some great scents....Im tempted to throw a shot of tequila into My cinco DS 😜!
  4. @Mantis im am a weekend warrior and have been following the Adams product line closely the past 3 years. It can be overwhelming but ill give you my opinion. I have only daily drivers, no garage queens ...yet🤞🏼👏🏽 I have tried several of the waxes then gave it a shot at the full Ceramic coating. I was able to get a full size suv and sedan completed with one bottle. I was extremely happy with the results and longeivity. Out of boredom I tried the CsC earlier this spring. The ease of application was impressive. Results have been very good thus far. If you gonna compare pricing, keep in mind that the sealant is about the same price as the CSC. (I have not dxperience with sealant) and i beleive the CSC is rated to last much longer. Also, considering the full CC was about $100 per bottle, remeber that you are not waxing it or applying any sealant over that vehicle for at least 2 years...soalthough larger up front cost it may be cheaper in the long run. Also, the hydrophobic properies with the ceramics are awesome. It makes Weekly cleaning a breeze. I also use the older version of the ceramic wax...i think the csc is better. I use it just because i have it..its not necessary on a cermic coated vehicle. Thats just my thought..im sure someone else will chime in shortly!! Good luck.
  5. Welcome! Looks like your previous owner knew what he was doing..hopefully some light maintenance is all you need!
  6. Yet another flavor that Im tempted to take a sip of! Looks delicious! Grabbed a keychain too!
  7. I used CSC for the first time last month and was seriously shocked at how easily it was removed....it may even be easier To remove than a detail spray.
  8. Another perk of working at Adams..getting to stare at a Mclaren all day!! Does a local dealership lend them to the warehouse for display and demos??
  9. Oh man. Hope everyone is ok! I feel for u.
  10. Congrats on the baby! I can only assume time is precious...if I were you i would just wait a few months for the CSC to wear down then apply the CC. The last thing you need is your child’s mom yelling at you for detailing your car for a full day!!
  11. @BacktoGM i feel for you. Absolute nightmare! Its amazing how far the pine tar travels while airborne! My neighbor planted a few pines about 30 ft from my driveway 10 yrs ago.....im trimming my side as much as legally possible. They are only about 15 ft but soon enough im in trouble. keep us posted on results.
  12. I would like to thank you guys for helping out the country and especially sending much needed supplies out east to the NYPD!👍🏻
  13. Thats awesome! So is one a daily and the other a garage queen???
  14. NY Post reported that the owner of this rare (1 of 25..24 now) was involved in several accidents this AM in mid-town. Thankfully no reports of injuries. The owner was allegedly intoxicated...but this poor car is wrecked. It literally hurts me to look at this pic. Its a customized Porsche carrera GT....😳😬😭
  15. @Junior I would be ecstatic just to work in that “garage”!
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