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  1. Anybody having issues with these icons being blank? I reloaded and cant seem to ge them. Its been a few weeks like this. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. I agree with @falcaineer I have RW and used it to make 16:1 WW mix. Works great and saves a few $.
  3. “Default” was the fix for me! Thnx
  4. Did they change the mobile version of this forum this week? I cant see the icon for my messages or email in box. Most likely user error but cant figure it out!
  5. I have had the Untamed Shoe cleaner eat through a bottle quickly. But not APC..yet😬.
  6. Was it streaking before the CB? I love the CB but have found that it tends to streak for me...i noticed that less is better. Although i havent used the Graphene CSC i have used the regular CSC and have had zero streaking. When I use CB, I quickly hit the car with minimal sprays...it tends to looks streaky at this point..then turn the MF over and lightly go around the car again..usally takes car of the streaks. All on a black car too.
  7. tlbullet

    BBQ detail

    Quick update. I used my 15mm SK with Mp 1 and MP 2. I didnt spend too much time, just a few quick passes. this stuff worked well. Left side is after Mp 1 and 2. Right side is untreated (approximately 4-5 year old BBQ )
  8. Welcome..here are my thoughts... i would skip step 7 bc any polishing you do will remove hard water marks. i would think 2 pads pads will get the job done. You do not need to rinse after you finish polishing just wipe the polish residue off..the surface Prep spray will do its job just fine. As far as curing time..they say 4 hours to cure. So i dont think waiting overnight will give you any better results. Just try not to do it on a windy day where dirt/debris can get introduced in the first few hours after application.
  9. Graphene detail spray just went live.
  10. tlbullet

    BBQ detail

    Im sure the SS cleaner will work well as a maintenance product. Im gonna see if i can reduce some of the swirls. Ill give the Metal Polish with the SK a shot. Ill post some pic for the forum. Thnx guys!
  11. tlbullet

    BBQ detail

    Chris its Like u made it just for me! Thnx. I stink at searching🤷🏼‍♂️ I found another older Adams video where he used Metal polish and the headlight restorer kit. But nothing mentioning the use of the SK. Cant wait to give it a shot! Thnx👍🏻👍🏻
  12. tlbullet

    BBQ detail

    I was just given a lighlty used Weber grill center. It has some light oxidation which i started to removed with Metal polish 1 and 2.... seems to work pretty good. But i then noticed heavy swirling (definitely caused by use of an abrasive) throughout. Anyone ever try the blue pad and heavy CC on stainless steel??? Would i go blue pad then Metal polish? Just curious.... this is before... and after..thankfully these swirls are not on my car 😳
  13. You let family members buy non-red vehicle and park them in your driveway???? Shocked !!!!!
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