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  1. Adams did change the formula this month. I believe it now includes some sio2. The first batch was released during the BF sale. And from the pics I saw on the site, it does appear to be lighter in color as well.
  2. Some new doorbusters live..24 grey borderless mf..$91 after discount.
  3. Anybody know what the kitchen multi surface cleaner would be closest to in the Adams lineup? The sealant i assume is CB. These products may make it easier to get my orders approved through my “boss”!😜
  4. @Wy_detailing bad news...:u need room for these newly listed products...although wouldnt be surprised if you already had them en route!!
  5. Also just saw gift cards are back in stock too!
  6. Snow hoodies back in stock fyi
  7. @Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin they are definitely functional. Those particular tiles (im guessing they are the Racedeck brand) snap Place. There is no need to waterproof underneath. I can only assume most garage floors are pitched towards the opening so any snow melt drains. I just recently used a floor jack and jack stands on them without any damage to the tiles. My OCD then kicked in and realizes that that all the dirt and debris will sit on the floor under the tiles..... with you then can do is the floor pulls up in two large pieces. you could drag it outside power wash it. Blow and/or mop the garage floor then drag it back in and snap it back together.
  8. Not sure if im jealous of the size, the cars or the design/decor!!!
  9. Awesome work. About how long did it take u to to accumulate that collection??
  10. Love it!! 2 questions for u....whats the open spot for between the 4th july and Memorial day spray? And was it you that paid $600 for the Champion set!!!!??????? I see you have your Champion sign waiting for its set!! Looks great
  11. I placed my BF order 11/22 and it arrived here in Ny today. Def the fastest ive ever received an order. I used the free shipping and did NOT pay the “skip the line” fee. 👍🏻 It is usually on average 7-9 days for the free shipment for me.
  12. 4-5 Adams t-shirts just added to site.
  13. I would say it would be 100% beneficial (pet hair removal and really anything else that you guys do). The more videos that become available to members the better IMHO. .but only if you have the available time and its not costing you Too much $$. I don’t have half a clue on how to remove any dog hair..let alone that much. And thnx for the Porsche pic!
  14. Im still looking at the before pictures in disbelief.....
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