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  1. If you are new to Adams and looking to start getting a bunch of their products i would highly recommend it. The more money the Mb is the higher the guaranteed product amount is. Did you scroll through the MB pics page? Sometimes its just basic stuff (thats always usable and great for a newbee) or you could get lucky and get a huge haul. Ive ordered numerous boxes, bags organizers last year or so and have never been disappointed. I def have received products i would not have normally ordered and now use everything!! Go for it.
  2. Not a doubt in my mind that the foam cannon is twice as clean as those baby bottles!!!! 😜
  3. For the rock chips i would recommend the Langka touch up paint kit (langka.com). Another member mentioned it on forum few months back. You can either buy it with or without touch up paint. One of the kit comes with a clear coat bottle. I watched a few videos and tried it on a few chip i had. Its simple. IMHO it works well. Barely visible to the eye from a few ft away. And it definitely beats respraying the hood!
  4. Lukester, im in same boat. I had spoke to CS at Adams. Their answer was start with the MF pad with HC polish. And use a water bottle to spray water on panel every so often, when it stops beading then u removed the coating. I haven’t tried it yet!! So keep me posted!!
  5. Self-restoring? Def sounds interesting! Ill take a coating of that!!!
  6. Its the exact same process. I wouldnt skip any steps. Do it all over again. Clay, maybe even polish, then use prep coating/IPA. We Only difference is in the method the ceramic coating is applied. The CC is supposed to last years (depending on a variety of factors) as opposed to the spray CC which is to only last months. I assume people use the spray cc because its easier to apply....but the prep work takes the longest so why not lock in your hard work for a longer period of time?? Im half an idiot...rolled to dice And applied the CC to both my vehicles last year. Watch a few videos and give it a shot!!! I had no issues. Good luck
  7. Did you check under your profile? I had several orders this week. One out of the 3 I failed to receive a shipping notification email. I went into my profile and found the tracking number in my “orders”. Few months ago i placed order, package just showed up ...no notification
  8. Welcome. Adams has some great products..but your on your own for that repair! Repaint..sorry!!!!
  9. Welcome..so bought a $69 mystery box and got the 12’mm??? If so thats a rarity!!!! Take it and run..then detail ur car!
  10. I guess no point in creating more work by attempting to cut corners (not using proper lubricant) thus creating more swirls and more time polishing.....
  11. yO-yo ma...def forgot to menrion spray libricant..i went off on a tangent and forgot to mention that! I also noticed he didnt have too much DS...i was hoping other members could recommend other options for clay lubricant...so that he could start his process with the products he has. Such as ULtra foam mix in water??? Any thoughts??? I have enough dS to flood my garage so i will def use DS ..but was thinking of saving his to use as DS!!
  12. Hey Marcus, ill give you my opinion..everybody has their own method!! Find what works for you. I would clean wheels n tires first. Then... 1. Wash car 2. Iron remover (can use diluted WC) 3. Clay bar vehicle 4. Polish. (I see you have all 3 polishes, if you want to correct swirls/scratches i highly recomend using SK or similar machine). U may not need to start with CP, depends on how perfect you are trying to get ur paint but def finish with FP (white pad). 5. Ipa/prep wipedown 6. Protective layer (wax, lps or CC). I see you have spray wax, would def recommend another longer lasting option). I love the CC. Def more involved for application. Good luck
  13. Ekim716....I could use a kit myself! Im in the same boat, have a few tiny dings..would love to get them out. Looking forward for responses!
  14. Mystery DS was definitely Hawaiian punch....and I definitely wanted to take a sip.
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