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  1. tlbullet

    FNG checking in!

    Welcome..ur car will love u finding Adams products—but ur wallet wont be so happy!
  2. Ive noticed u listing bunch of ur limted DS on ebay...too bad u have to downsize...nice collection.
  3. tlbullet

    Just saying hi!

    Welcome. Def one of the better colllections ive seen!
  4. tlbullet

    Car Show Shenanigans.

    Great hat..and ur steering wheel is blinding! Nice shine
  5. tlbullet

    New member, new Adam's fan...

    Welcome.. 2 quick things..1st i dont see any pic the other guys says looks good!! I would oime to see too! 2nd..sincd when does Adams use BG on a CC car? My car is CC and i dobt have much use for the BG i have (other than interior windows!!).
  6. Have the same thing..quick and light weight. Def recommend it.
  7. tlbullet

    Ceramic boost, shaww

    Looks good..u know we have problems..pre-Adams customer i would be to ticked it rained after a wash. ...now i cant wait for rain-for one to see the beading and running and the second reason is i get to use up my stock pile and order more!! 🍺
  8. tlbullet

    What did you do today?

    Ha. That makes sense. Thought it was personal collection/use!!!!!
  9. tlbullet

    What did you do today?

    WTH u gonna do w all those!! Love it!!
  10. tlbullet

    2019 Tahoe RST

    I dont know much about body work but can thye remove the bumper to spray it? The last thing u want is overspray on the whole car. For resale reasons and well as ur own well being! Ive had local car dealers use horrible shops to fix 2 of my cars they damaged over the years(similar damage) . One the overspray was so bad i had them buy the car back from me. I think as long as thye remove if i would re paint. Good luck
  11. Thanks Shane for a terrific and time consuming write up! Thanks for answering a bunch of questions i had as well..one more follow up..my car is CC, lets say i decide i needed to re apply theCC and i give it a quick polish first. If i didnt polish long enough to remove the old CC, will the new coating still adhere to the partially polished older CC???? Assuming i use coating prep??
  12. tlbullet

    Nav Screen Scratch Removal

    I assume this is the result of a unsupervised child? If not, I’d love to know how that happened....
  13. Its my first time with the ID but i def thought the scent was more chemical than PS. But the DS is def PS..not a doubt on that.
  14. tlbullet

    New Member from Indiana

    Welcome Jeff..ur wallet will hate u.
  15. tlbullet

    Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

    Just got my order. Never ordered the PS before. The DS odor is no doubt a nice , strong PS smell. The ID didnt really smell like PS...could be because I opened the DS first or my terrible sense of smell. I opened the other ID i recieved as well..not too much of PS odor. (Imho). To be fair..i havnt used or sprayed either of them. Keep u posted.