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  1. Anyone have interest in ST Paddys LE DS? Lookin for other LE only. (I have CnC, 4th july, & Mystery DS).
  2. tlbullet

    Am I being too OCD or what

    Great results! My dream car!! I just spent the last half hour on Cargurus resesrching prices on 911’s (a turbo isnt even close to my price range!!). Enjoy the car. Cant imagine how it sounds or drives..but I can tell u it looks sick. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
  3. tlbullet

    Am I being too OCD or what

    I see its a Turbo..my dream car.🤤 Lets see the whole car!! I agree w Falcaneer..90% perfection or u will drive urself nuts. Plus the more time u spend correcting, the less time ur driving it!!
  4. Im Having a Captain n coke as i type this...im in great idea
  5. YOU may not need to do the entire car using the blue pads but great for fixing small areas or scratches that the orange pad cant correct.
  6. tlbullet

    Ceramic Paste Limited Edition

    Are u still looking to trade the CPW? If so DM me.
  7. tlbullet

    MTM Foam Cannon

    Dm sent
  8. tlbullet

    Stripping Ceramic boost

    The link didnt work for me
  9. tlbullet

    Honest opinions wanted

    I agree w Shane..for $60-full correction—give me the first appointment u have!! Assume ur gonna need at least 2 pads which cost about $30. Plus the polishes. -CC kit gonna cost u $115- leaves you $185 for other supplies/labor. Basic detail seems priced right. But upgrade to “pro detail”. differences includes clay, strip wash and polish.. grest deal for customer for only $50 more. Seems like a lot a labor for u for only $50. Best of luck. 👍🏻👍🏻 Just my non-professional opinion!! Dont want u to lose money!!
  10. tlbullet

    Green with Envy

    Holy crap. The before pics made me sick!! How the hell do u let any car (especially a Lotus) get that bad???? And what detailer did that for her?did they use 60 grit? Great results!
  11. tlbullet

    Hello and lil advise?

    Shane and the others know a lot more than me about machines so take their advice!!! ...but Im Newbee , ive Only used a machine once (was the SK)...it was easy and effective! Go for it.
  12. tlbullet

    Washing a ceramic coated car?

    Hi, im new to the CC (just did my cars in june). From what ive learned u can wash using the normal CS or use the Wash n wax. U can also use DS to assist in drying or light cleaning but i dont know about u..i use a cordless blower and the water shoots 98% water off the car. adams rep also told me u can use CB as drying agent as well. I have one white and one black car. The Cb can be a little more time consuming to apply to the black paint. If i dont have too mich time i hit it w DS. Also was told WW can be used without issue too. Bad news about the CC is that theres not much to do!! I want to try the CPW ontop of the CC but its the only thing i dont have..yet. So just sit back and watch the glare.
  13. tlbullet

    Beginner Paint Correcting

    Def great advice.... I attempted my first full correction w my SK in June. I didnt do any test areas..i did the whole car and after completing it realized i need to go more aggressive. So had to do it all over. But needless to say my first completed correction camE out pretty good. I was always against even Attempting using a machine for fear of ruining the paint. But the SK is great, even I didnt damage the paint!
  14. tlbullet

    1981 Ford Fairmont Detail!

    Wow. What a difference.great owrk! Im not familar with single stage paint ..but are u going to use the finishing polish? I see u only listed the CP. just curious to see what the FP would do.
  15. tlbullet

    A day of therapy with my Acura....

    Love the car and color..as soon as Acura makes that in 6 speed manual it mine (im hoping a type R).