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  1. Hope she heals fast! BTW props for the Packer and Badgers face mask!! My wife is from WI so we are on your side! Oh and the "J"Agaur" looks great!
  2. Welcome! Epic truck and Adam's collection!
  3. Welcome! I too used to not enjoy washing my car/truck until I started doing the detailing. Now I'm somewhat obsessed and wash it every other weekend. In between I touch it up with Waterless Wash or CS3. Since it stays in the garage and I work from home it really does not see to much exposure to elements but I still always want it looking sharp. My wife has a white SUV that only sees about 1k miles a year so it typically just needs a waterless wash touch-up.
  4. Great tip RayS! I've moved my black SUV over to ceramic so I have PS and a gallon of HGG. That's going to be used for my wife's MB GLK350 in the next month. She does not drive it much and it spends most of the time in the garage. This combo will last a long time.
  5. Looks great! Yet another example of why do always do a two bucket wash and stay away from the scratch tubes
  6. Damn! What was your prep process?
  7. This is a great discussion. I'm stripping/claying my SUV this weekend. It spends most of the time in the garage and is not exposed to much in the way of harsh environments so I plan to use a fine claybar. I do have a mitt also so I'll probably use that at a later date for my wife's car.
  8. Thanks for the clarification Dan! I've been thinking the same thing but wanted to check. BTW I'm loving CS3!
  9. A clarifying question. If I have a ceramic base (CSC) is it better to use DS or CS3 as a drying agent? Overall does using CS3 provide a better shine in the end as a drying agent? If so then I need to order another gallon
  10. Thanks Adam and team! I find it amazing that a company completely focused on detailing products is really stepping up! Thanks!!
  11. This is so great what you guys are doing! I needed to order a 64oz Ceramic Boost refill kit anyway so I ended up picking up hand sanitizer also since it's impossible to find in our area or even online.
  12. This is a great thread! I have a black SUV that I'm moving to ceramic once the weather is a little bit better. Not doing the full ceramic paint coating but CSC instead simply because it looks easier I just ordered 64oz of Ceramic Boost so I can work that into the regular maintenance along with the CS3. By the way the comment above of not touching the black paint too much is a good one!
  13. My wife and I went for a drive in the light rain today. When I pulled into the garage she said why is there not one rain drop?? CS3 is really great stuff.
  14. Welcome aboard!
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