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  1. VetteDream

    Help Us Help You

    +1. I live in the Charlotte area, and may latest order will take about 10 calendar days from order date to be received. On the mystery box/bucket front, I think it would be incredible if you were able to look at order history and mix in products a customer has never ordered directly from you and products that are ordered regularly. Almost like a semi-personalized MB. I love it when the included products are complimentary, such as glass cleaner with the two pack of glass towels, or Revive Polish with a blue applicator, etc. This would take it to a new level.
  2. VetteDream

    CC - Car Show touch up?

    Thanks - this makes perfect sense, and is close to what I did before I coated the car.
  3. My car is coated with Adam’s CC, and I have applied CPW and used CB within the last 2 weeks. When I drive to a car show, what is the suggested product(s) for getting the road dust/dirt off from the drive to the show? I am also looking for the last minute shine/pop - like I would do with BG/DS prior to coating the car. Should I use WW and/or DS, or perhaps more CB instead of DS? Any other suggestions?
  4. VetteDream

    Ceramic "Crazy slick"

    ^^^^ Ceramic wax will add the slickness you are used to. I recently applied it over the new ceramic coating and it definitely adds the slickness to it.
  5. VetteDream

    Ceramic paste wax application?

    I love this as well. It does take a little more work, but as long as you don’t do too much at a time it really isn’t any more difficult than Patriot Wax to remove. I love the shine it adds!
  6. VetteDream

    First time using CC-review

    Looks great - nice job! And just when you think it can’t get any more shine, add Ceramic Paste Wax - you will be amazed ?!
  7. VetteDream

    Waterless Wash

    I love Waterless Wash, and am considering buying a gallon. I have seen that Rinseless diluted 1:16 is a suggested Waterless Wash solution. Has anyone here compared the diluted Rinseless to the actual Waterless Wash product - are they actually the same product - one concentrated, one diluted? I am wondering if RInseless has the same lubricants and whether it adds shine at all. Rinseless gallon would obviously go farther and be a better buy, especially if it is essentially the same.
  8. VetteDream

    Bottle reuse

    I just did my Tahoe side steps - if you use VRT, even diluted, they can get very slippery. I use diluted VRT to restore the deep black color, then knock the slickness down with Interior Detailer, which leaves the black in matte finish without leaving them dangerously slick.
  9. I finally got to use some products I have ordered or received in MB’s recently and thought I would give some feedback. Ceramic Paste Wax - Love it! Put it over a CC, and it provides fantastic shine and is easy on/easy off. A little goes a long way. I give it a 10/10. Now one of my favorite Adam’s products. New Small Wheel Woolie - love this as well. I have the standard wheel woolie, but it will not get behind the calipers of the front wheels on my Corvette. The new one is small enough to get behind the calipers and clean the barrels without moving the car. I would also give this one a 10/10. New Detail Seat - received this for early Father’s Day yesterday. I used it all day today, while washing and detailing two cars. Assembly was easy (you need a hex wrench and a 10mm wrench). It is sturdy, rolls well, and the center tray underneath is good for a couple of MF towels. My only complaint is that the trays on either side are not exact fits for Adam’s 16 oz. bottles. One bottle holder is too big for a 16 oz, the other is too small. (You can possibly force a 16 oz. in the small holder, but it doesn’t fit well). The Adam’s Polish size bottles fit the small holder. When you put a 16 oz bottle in the big one, they tend to fall over/out when rolling. Just a little disappointed that the bottle holders aren’t made exactly for the products you are going to be using with the seat. I would give this an 8/10. Clay mitt - I used this for the first time today to quickly clay my daily driver. I used it while the car was still wet after washing it, using DS as the lubricant. It was super easy and quick to use, and results were decent. Maybe not quite as great as a regular clay bar, but the product still cleaned the surface nicely. I would give it a 9/10. One step polish - I received this in a MB a couple of months ago. I used it today to do a pass on my DD before a coat of Patriot Wax. I applied using the SK and orange pad. The car was fully detailed and paint corrected about 6 months ago, so I was looking for the best results I could get without spending a ton of time. The results were great! I would give this a 9/10. I do not know if I would use it as a substitute for correcting polish, but for what I did, it was effective. I likely would have seen similar results with Finish Polish. Eco Wheel Cleaner - also received this in a MB. Smells much better than standard WC, and worked good on wheels that did not have a lot of build up. I haven’t tried on really dirty wheels. I give it a 9/10. Truck brush - used this for the first time today on my Tahoe. Works great and I have no concerns about scratches from the bristles. My only concern would be the top is a hard plastic, like the wheel brushes. In certain spots on the car, the top of the brush can hit an adjoining part of the car and potentially mar or scratch it if you are not careful. Too bad there is not felt or something around the edges for that. I would give it 8/10. Curious to see if others have any thoughts on these items...
  10. VetteDream

    Ceramic Coating on Vette - New Coating Formula

    Sorry for the delay - finally got time to do a mid-season detail on the Tahoe. This is my daily driver and sits outside. 2015 LT with 47,000 miles. Wash, clay mitt and DS while still wet, One-step Polish with the orange pad and SK, HGG on the wheels, then a coat of Patriot Wax.
  11. After doing my first CC a few weeks ago, I decided to also put CC on my daughter’s Honda Accord (yesterday) before she goes off to school in the fall. The second time around, my experience was similar to yours when I leveled it relatively quickly - it was easy to do. However, if I waited 30-45 seconds or longer, it was very tacky, and difficult to level off. After 24 hours, the applicator was almost rigid on the side used to apply the coating. I think humidity and temperature can impact all of this. I applied in a garage that was at least 80 degrees with near 100% humidity. I had a few streaky spots or high spots in both cases, especially where I overlapped on large panels or door edges. However, I had to be out in the sunlight to spot them the day after coating. I used BG to remove nearly all of them, and in a couple of spots I used finish polish. Ceramics Paste Wax topped both of them off. It came out great, as I suspect yours will.
  12. For me CB is sticky/tacky and not easy to work with. I used it after CC, as suggested, and it does leave the surface slicker. However, it streaks, and is so tacky that it leaves sticky lint along the edges of panels after you wipe it off. Admittedly, I used too much after ceramic coating, spraying several times directly on each panel. What I have found is that if you spray a little bit onto a MF towel, wipe it on, let it streak, then use a second towel to wipe it off, it is easier to use. Even doing that, I still get lint residue after using it. You will immediately feel how sticky it is when your towel sticks to the surface the first time you use it, and you have to apply a lot of pressure to keep that from happening. Again, that happens with light misting onto the towel or panel. Don’t get fooled by the video of Adam doing the Porsche, where he sprays CB 3-4 mists in the small 2x2 area. That amount will be very difficult to deal with. Others really like CB and even use it on non-coated cars. I just don’t like any product that requires so much pressure to work it off. I would think that its nature would introduce fine scratches if there is any dust/dirt present at all, since so much pressure is required. It is nothing like working with DS or WW, for example. BTW, I used new Adam’s single soft MF towels each time, so it wasn’t the towels. As I said, it does leave the surface slick in the end, and it may add a little gloss as well. EDIT: I am in SC, and temps have been high 80’s to mid-90’s with very high humidity.
  13. VetteDream

    got ceramic paste in, now what?

    I just received the ceramic wax to use on my recently coated car. I added a coat of wax last night, and love it. Why did I buy it? I was looking for something other than CB to add protection over the coating and prolong the life of it. I also enjoy maintaining the car and I simply do not like CB. How will I use it? I will use it after decon washes a couple of times per year - strip wash, clay bar, possibly CB if surface is tacky, then CPW over the top. In my opinion, it adds gloss as well. I do not have any plans on layering it, other than using CB occasionally between applications of the wax.
  14. LSX, I just coated my C7 a few weeks ago and am very happy I did it. Great questions you asked, as I was wondering about a few of the same things. As you mentioned, the tedious prep was the biggest part of it, and took many hours. As far as maintenance, I would add that I just received Ceramic Paste Wax, as I took advantage of the sale last week. I know opinions vary on Ceramic Boost and the jury is still out on Ceramic Paste Wax. Based on my personal experience, I dislike CB, but I find CPW to be easy to use, and it appears (at least to me) to add a little gloss. Throw in the protection it adds on top of that, and I think the combination of the new 9H formula and CPW adds up to 2-3 years or more, depending on conditions. I may use CB after several washes, before I wax again, but I am guessing the wax will prolong the need for it quite a bit.
  15. VetteDream

    Ceramic Boost - opinions?

    So it has been a few weeks since I coated my car and used CB for the first time. After washing the car this weekend, I tried Ceramic Boost again. This time, I followed some advice given by others and sprayed CB directly on one MF towel, then applied to the car, as opposed to spraying directly on a panel. I let it streak up and waited a moment or two, then used a second MF towel to remove it. This worked way better for me than spraying directly on a panel. It still is not “easy” to work with, but it did not leave streaks after the second towel wipe and it did not take too much effort to wipe it off. It added slickness to the surface and some gloss. I am liking it better now that I have found a decent way to work with it.