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  1. Eric Leicht

    New Guy Here

    Welcome to the forums Connor!
  2. Eric Leicht

    New guy here in Washington

    Welcome to the forums Devon, the Oakley display case is sweet.
  3. Eric Leicht

    New Guy Here - Should I buy 2 of the bucket deals?

    Welcome to the forums......and yes! Buy all the buckets lol
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    New Guy Here from New York

    Welcome to the forums....cool vette!
  5. Eric Leicht

    New from South Florida

    Welcome to the forums!
  6. Eric Leicht

    New here!

    Welcome to the forums and your new addiction, sweet truck. To answer your question about which Adams products to use....All Of Them lol.
  7. Eric Leicht

    New From Nashville, TN

    Welcome to the forums!
  8. Eric Leicht

    Hello from South Florida

    Welcome to the forums and love the car. I've got a 13' G37s sedan with 43k miles on it and love it.
  9. Eric Leicht

    First Time Adams User

    Welcome to the forums and the "Adams Addiction"
  10. Eric Leicht

    hello people

    Welcome to the forums and the beginning of your new addiction!
  11. Eric Leicht

    new to the detailing community

    Welcome to the forums and your new addiction!
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    Stuck in Montana

    Welcome to the forums and your new addiction Barry!
  13. Hi everyone, I've been on the forums since February this year but never formally introduced myself. Been using Adams products for several years now, my father introduced Adams to me and I've been hooked ever since. I'm just a weekend warrior that's obsessed ( or OCD ) with taking care of my car and trying to learn all I can. Cheers!
  14. Eric Leicht

    Hello hello!

    Welcome to the forums, Zman024 is right. The "Adam's Addiction" is a real thing. Once you start ordering mystery boxes, you wont be able to stop. 😁
  15. Eric Leicht

    Glass Sealant

    I dont have any Glass Boost at the moment, hoping to get some in 1 of the 8 mystery boxes on the way. A couple days ago I cleaned the windshield with GC then sealed with GS using a microfiber applicator pad. I took a spray bottle with just water in it and sprayed water on the windshield about an hour later and used H20 G&G to give it a little extra protection. Water runs like Usain Bolt off the windshield now. The GS is more than enough but hey, why not throw some more at it right? I clayed all the windows and polished them using my SK 12mm MIni 2 months ago and that made a huge difference with the GS curing to the window and lasting longer.