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  1. These pictures are very satisfying and I'm sure very gratifying for you as well. Great job! Amazing restoration
  2. I have no idea what this discussion is about all I know is I want more pictures of this car
  3. what are the chances this will last until Friday? I really want a mystery TO along with a clear bucket and the new wheel woolies but won't have the benjamins until friday. Crossing my fingers
  4. Do you have a steam cleaner? That might help soften and loosen it up a bit. If you don't you could try hot water
  5. What about an adhesive remover? or something like a paint thinner? They won't hurt the paint just make sure to wipe clean after applying. Obviously try it in an inconspicuous spot first
  7. Nice, that's a great idea! I'm gonna try this next time I detail the engine bay with maybe some rubber and tire cleaner.
  8. I forgot what FNG was at first then I remembered we recently got a bunch of new guys in at the shop and I knew right away haha 😂 Adams has a clear mystery bucket sale at the moment, maybe a good time to pick up a few things if you need them. Welcome to forum, you'll find some pretty good info and help here
  9. This might help with dilution ratio's. It's helped me
  10. ^^^Well since my wheels are pretty much new and still have the original weights from the factory, could I still coat the whole inside of the barrel? I added pictures to my previous post to help better understand.
  11. So I picked up a set of new wheels and have not had the tires put on yet. So far I have thoroughly cleaned the wheels with Eco wheel cleaner and Eco APC. After that I went at it with my clay bar and some DS. I have a new Wheel ceramic kit on the way so I won't be applying that until after the tires are mounted. Is there anything I can add while the tires get mounted for added protection from the tire machine and easy clean up from the tire lube. I'll also be buffing and polishing them as well, should I do this before or after the tires are installed?
  12. Ok yea, didn't realize this was the same car. I remember going through that thread and looks like I missed a few updates, good to see you got it back from the paint shop. Looks great!
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