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  1. Ok yea, didn't realize this was the same car. I remember going through that thread and looks like I missed a few updates, good to see you got it back from the paint shop. Looks great!
  2. Sounds similar to the way I do it, good to know. I'm always looking for new ways or ideas that others may do that I wouldn't think of. I'll have to get some in and out spray for those hard to reach areas
  3. Wow, that looks 100x better! If you don't mind me asking what method/process do you use for cleaning the engine bay? Pressure washer? regular hose? steamer?
  4. HAHA I know if I owned one of these, I probably would have done it by now. I know myself well enough to know that I can spend an hour washing and cleaning my wheels before I even begin to load my foam gun with shampoo
  5. I had been using my steam cleaner until it went out on me. I've never really felt comfortable with hosing down the engine bay but until I get another I'll have to play with the different nozzle settings on the hose and adjust my technique. My biggest issue with detailing engine bays is that I'm never satisfied because I can't get to every crevice, If it were up to me I'd pull the the thing out and clean every nook and cranny
  6. I'm a simple man, I like the old body styles of the early 2000 cars and trucks. Probably why all 4 cars I have owned are between 98-01 . These new cars have some crazy body lines/panels now.
  7. I can relate. My mom asked me to wash her new highlander the other day. Thought she'd never ask. She took it immediately after I finished drying it, never even got to apply all my products I wanted to try out. Oh well she was happy to say the least.
  8. Adam's has great tools for getting the job done like blowers, vacuums, polishers, the foam cannon gun, seats, sprayers, carts but I feel there is one very important multi-use tool missing from the arsenal. A portable steam cleaner would be the cherry on top. It serves many purposes and I consider it to be an essential for almost any detailer. I'm not sure if Adams has a R&D team but I believe it's definitely something to like in to. I believe there is a good market for it and with the amazing sales and marketing team you guys have it would be no problem getting these off the shelf. Just to give you an idea, Griots offers one from their site and while I've been dying to get my hands on one and I've yet to place an order. Why? because they don't have the same level of customer service as Adams and don't offer anything to loyal or frequent customer who shop them.
  9. Just placed an order for one and some Eco APC can't wait to try it out
  10. Hello and welcome, I will be your inspector
  11. What's going on everyone? New clean freak/perfectionist here. Glad to see this forum is more active than some of the other detailing forums I frequent. Lots of great info and articles to learn from.
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