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  1. Thanks for the info... I'm planning on doing my normal wash this weekend as the weather is looking pretty damn good and will no doubt clay & wax, I'll assess the paintwork a bit more then. I don't think the 110% guarantee will carry over to sunny old England? If I really feel unhappy, I sure ask the re-seller the question!
  2. Perhaps I used poor technique thinking back about it now...I did my best to make sure each swipe was using a clean part of the towel, but I'm sure I slipped up in places! Don't think I'll use again, but I reckon it will do a good job of cleaning all the matte plastics under the hood! Is it safe to use there? Or should I be using APC?
  3. I folded the WW towels in a way that gave me 16 surfaces - about hand sized. Did the hood (Mustang) with 4 clean surfaces. Watched plenty of videos haha. I used both towels and even broke out a separate mf towel for the glass. Pretty sure it was just a case of the paint being a little too dirty for WW to handle. If you think of light dust on the paint, or pollen, then you can't really feel it when running your finger through it. Mine had enough build up "stuck" to the paint to the point where you can feel it when dragging your finger on it. Looked again with a colleague from work and he struggled to find one light scratch - he did in the end though. Again, good product, but not one for me - I'm far too precious about my paint and would rather spend the time with the best methods
  4. Don't get me wrong - I think it is a good product. Thought about trying it many times, and finally did. Let me set the scene; Car was washed 12 days beforehand. Normal 2 bucket wash, with foam spray. Detail spray on to wet paintwork & dried. Virtually no rain since then, so all I had was a good layer of dust - when I say "good layer", i'm talking more than light dust but not what I would call heavy, or as soiled as it would be in other conditions. Seemed like a good time to try WW, even it it was a tad dirtier than I would have liked. Also bear in mind I had a light machine polish done professionally about 9/10 weeks ago, after which the paintwork was flawless. I ended up using 2/3 of the bottle! as I wanted to be sure I had enough product to get the best results possible. Was a pleasant product to use and the WW towels picked up a decent amount or crap from the paint. Results looked good initially but bear in mind this was nearing sunset & I was working in the shade. Skip to this morning - nice sunny day, and I could have a good look at the results. This is where it gets disappointing. Although I can't say for sure that before my WW adventure there was ANY scratches, there now is - admittedly its minor, but in particular on the hood - it's noticeable to my eyes. I wiped up & down in straight lines and the scratches match that pattern. Roof seems ok, or should I say, not as bad as the hood. I must say that I'm no expert when it comes to paint correction/polishing/observing minor defects so a lot of this may just be bad timing and I'm looking more than I normally would. That said, I like to think I have a pretty good technique when it comes to washing/detailing. So the feeling at the moment is that I did some damage So...is it fair to say this product is not great for those who have a flawless finish? Or was I simply impatient and my car was simply too dirty? Must admit, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself right now... Nothing that I light polish won't fix, but still.
  5. I haven't really tried to look close enough to see if there is any marking, but judging by how much dust/dirt build up was on the paint at the time I'm sure there is some damage, even if it's invisible to the naked eye. As a matter of principle, I'll see to it that at the very least a light machine polish is done, Ford owe me that much for the trouble. Adds some peace of mind for me as well
  6. According to the manager, they can't prove it - but it happened whilst it was there. So I'm holding them responsible! Very poor behavior. Ford don't sell Mustangs everywhere in the UK - only at select dealerships, that are supposedly the "best of the best". Not this one obviously ?
  7. Well yes - it's the polish step. I'm a real newbie when it comes to polishing - my car is coming up to a year old so hasn't been in desperate need of a polish. I don't even have any kit! (yet). Probably worth mentioning now the reason Ford are forking out for this polish/detail. After a long warranty issue (3 separate visits, 9 weeks in total) I was very clear with the dealership not to wash the car, and after a staggering 5 weeks with the dealership it looked pretty nasty, having been stored outside. In that time it had been subjected to water tests too - my warranty issue was a small leak, so there was watermarks all over the paint/glass. Imagine the horror when I walk up to the car and see this. Not a happy boy! Fortunately, the service manager was stood next to me & was very apologetic! Anyway, I stress my original concern - I washed the car last night again and see that the layer of protection I added was doing a good job. I don't have experience of removing protection before a polish which I know is an important step. The detailing service on offer is an individual who will attend the workshop i am taking the car in to (for a service and a bumper repair), and I have faith that he is probably better & more experienced than me! Just want to be sure the pre polish preparation is done and done well. Pretty sure I will take along my paint sealant and americana wax too so I can get it back to where it was. As I said - poor timing; my many hours of hard work wasted Appreciate all the replies
  8. Cool thanks. Didn’t consider taking my own products along, would be nice to get it back to where it was...
  9. hello, As per my lengthy detailing write up on another thread - I did what was my best/longest detail session a week ago today, which saw a full layer of paint sealant & americana paste wax - looked damn fine! Seems I have bad luck for some reason this year, and only the next morning did I wipe out a pheasant on the motorway, cracking the bumper! Requiring a repair/respray. I already have a quote from a very reputable specialist garage for the bumper repair, so I know it will be done to the highest quality, I even booked it in for 19th May, as I want to get it sorted asap. On an unrelated subject, I got a call from Ford today regarding a rather major complaint about some warranty work I had done, which I won't go in to. Result being, they have asked me to get a quote for a paint correction/detail which they will cover the cost of. Turns out, the place doing my repair can also offer detailing services - so two birds, one stone. Happy days. My concern here is with the level of protection I have on there, is it going to cause they guy doing the correction/detail any trouble? Do I need to make them aware of exactly what I did so they can adjust their methods? Or am I worrying about nothing & I've basically wasted a day?! Seems a waste Anyway, I was just curious because I don't quite know how to approach the topic of detailing with this place... Thanks
  10. Kristian87uk

    My first (planned) major detail of 2018

    What a weekend...my efforts were spoiled in less than an hour on the road! Wiped out a pheasant on the motorway @ 70mph. Absolutely gutted after my Friday session. Crack in the bumper and some light scratches. Could have been worse but now I'll need to get it repaired see very last pic below. Anyway, the session on Friday... As always, it took me far longer than I would have liked but it was well worth the effort. Even on Saturday when I got to this event at a race circuit - which was dusty/muddy! It really stood out. The finish was like a mirror and close up, with the sun overhead, there was not a swirl in sight. A few people made that comment First time using the visco clay bar and impression tool, i found it a little awkward but it did the job well. The paint sealant and wax went on really nice - not at all chalky as I've had with previous waxes - even ones at a similar price point to the Americana. Wheels really do need removing and a clay/polish but did get a thorough clean, really stood out once the guard & gloss was added - which was a bit fiddly. Can't say I saw any major benefit with the VRT as of yet, my trim is relatively new & clean anyway so I wasn't expecting much. The tar & adhesive remover did seem to clear up the marks I had on it though so that was good. My non adams glass polish was horrible, even if did clear the windows fairly well. The glass was warm when I applied it and there was white chalk/dust everywhere! Won't be using that again in a hurry. Glad I left the clay/sealant & wax until the end. I'll say it again - the ultra plush drying towel was like nothing I have used before, well worth the investment! Did a superb job & I know it will save me time & effort going forwards. Few pics that I feel show off the results quite well. Thanks for the input
  11. Kristian87uk

    My first (planned) major detail of 2018

    Well, i actually did it. Remind me not to attempt that again lol pretty much a 12 hour session if i include set up and clear up time, stops to eat etc. Absolutely exhausted, but glad I did it. A clay and a protection was long overdue so that in itself was worth it. i have a few more comments and some photos but for now, i’ll just say i absolutely loved the drying towel - pure magic, and the american wax was indeed beautiful. @Kristian_s550 if any of you are on instagram, few photos on there. for now, i need to hit the hay - 6am i’ll be on the road!
  12. Kristian87uk

    My first (planned) major detail of 2018

    Thanks for the input... I had actually considered doing the wheels separately, and there may be a window of opportunity this evening so I am tempted to do that now, would certainly save me a lot of time on Friday. What I don't like about that idea is then doing my normal wash around the wheels and trying not to splash with water/soap, because I'll be sat there afterwards rubbing off all the spots! I guess I could always try to cover the wheels with some plastic sheets/bin bags? More questions from the neighbors lol Skipping the drying step makes sense too, although I'll probably do it anyway so I can try out the new drying towel Re trim - certainly may move that up the list, would save me having to tape the trim off if it's well protected
  13. Hey all, First off – enjoying this great forum, been lurking around since I introduced myself a while back & soaking up all the info. I had a rough start to the year with a warranty issue that Ford managed to stretch out pretty much from Jan to April. Nothing serious, just a small water leak but Ford being Ford! Anyway, that wait gave me a chance to stock up on a lot of Adams products, quite a bit of which I haven’t used yet, so I’m all excited :D I have my first big meet/event this Saturday & I’ve been itching to give the Mustang some proper TLC. It’s an ambitious plan that will take up most, if not all of Friday for me. I wanted to share this on here, in the hope of some feedback & to (hopefully) show off my results & comment on the products afterwards along with some photos. Any hints & tips, do’s & don’ts or general feedback on my methods and the ordering much appreciated! I thought a lot about this, in particular the order in which to do it; First up, I’m replacing my number (licence) plates for some nice pressed metal ones (an unusual sight in the UK), so my first task will be whipping those off & pulling the sticky pads/residue off with a non Adams “intensive tar & adhesive remover”. At the same time, I plan to hit parts of my plastic trims with this as I still have some dried on waxy stuff that I’ve been unable to remove so far (since new). Hoping a utility cloth and this stuff will get it off! Then it’s on to my normal wash routine; spray down with pressure washer, snow foam with ultra foam, let it sit, then rinse off Hit the tires with tire & rubber cleaner and agitate with brush to clean the tires, then rinse off I would like to hit the wheel arches at this point, but even though I have the wheel arch brush and some Eco APC, I don’t have much of a gap between the wheels & the arches due to lowering springs, so may skip that step. I do have a trolley jack which could help, but I’m not that fussed. Appreciate any words of wisdom here! 2 bucket wash; I like to hit a panel/section at a time, then rinse off as I go round. More time consuming, but super hard water here so I’ve found it to be a necessary step. Dry with the ultra plush drying towel. Car is pretty clean so I’m not planning to change the water in the wash/rinse buckets, but I may do. Hit the wheels; good ol spray of the wheel cleaner, let it soak, then a thorough cleaning with my arsenal of wheel woollies, which includes the angled one for the barrels (ashamed to say, I haven’t done this yet!), rinse off. Without drying, I’m going to apply H20 G&G to the wheels – sprayed on to a damp utility/mf towel and wiped in, then buff off with another drying mf I have. Worth mentioning my wheels are a pain in the a$$ to clean, even though they are beautiful (see pic). Many spokes & many small edges – always adds significant time to my routine Exhaust tips - hit with some wheel cleaner & then clean with wheel woollies. I have some non Adams metal polish and steel wool too, need to figure out the correct process for this. Clay the whole car – got the new visco clay kit, and hoping it will make fast work of my usually slow claying! Apply paint sealant as per the website video – I have the mf applicator pads. Buff off with plush mf cloths. Potentially masking off the trim & windows beforehand, depending on time. Windows – I have some non Adams glass polish which I used on my daily at the weekend & seemed pretty good. My glass is pretty riddled with water marks (after Ford had it & abused it with their water testing) so hoping this will solve that. Also apply my normal non Adams glass cleaner to remove any polish residue. One day I’ll properly seal the glass. Wax; brand new Americana paste wax ready to go! Looking forward to using this :) Dress the tires in tire shine, with the tire dressing applicator Dress all the plastic trim, inc rubber window surrounds in VRT – apply with dressing applicator block, wipe in with utility towel. Interior is pretty clean, but if I have time, I’ll hit it with some interior detail spray. Re install my plates! Must not forget this lol Remember to stop for food & a couple of beers! So there it is. As I said – an ambitious plan for a single day, but at the moment, the weather & temp is looking perfect so it should be doable. I’ll no doubt be rushing around like a mad man as I normally do, but I’ll enjoy it all the same :)
  14. Kristian87uk

    Hello from England :D

    Thanks for the warm welcome Certainly picked up a few tips here & there from reading what's on this forum. Got a big 2 day full detailing session in mind which I've started to plan, the UK is currently under a few inches of snow so it may be a while before I can do it I'll more than likely outline my plan on here somewhere before I do it, then do a full write up - because I like that sort of thing!
  15. Kristian87uk

    Hello from England :D

    Hey, Kristian here from the UK. Should probably explain what I'm doing on an American detailing forum! Having always adored the American car scene, I picked up my dream car in 2015 - a Mustang Ecoboost, in "Magnetic Metalllic" (dark metallic grey). I decided from day one that I'd take good care of it & my detailing obsession has grown from there really (and still growing!). Through social media I gathered that Adams was a great brand & although it's not big over this side of the pond, we can now get Adams products, so I tried a few. I always had in mind that I would stick with a single brand, one that made awesome products whilst being good value. Well, what can I say - I'm hooked on Adams products! I like the simplicity of the product range, the videos are brilliant & Adams seem to do everything I would ever need. It's also great to be able to support an American brand Anyway, enough of my life story! Looking forward to reading the forum, gaining more detailing knowledge & perfecting my game... Oh, one more thing - as great as the turbo engine was, I upgraded after 18 months to the V8 this colour looks so pretty in the sun!