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  1. ObsessedDetailer

    Official Garage or Detail Shop Picture Thread?

    This is awesome!! Can’t wait to build my own garage one day
  2. ObsessedDetailer

    Winter prepped the wifeys Hatchback

    I agree! Pic 5 is awesome!! Good job man!
  3. ObsessedDetailer

    Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

    This edit is so cool... what did you use to edit it? I’ve got a buddy coming tomorrow for me to clean his Stage 2, Bagged, GTI. I’m gonna take some shots after and would love to know what you used to edit. I use polarr but there’s not much you can do on it
  4. ObsessedDetailer

    Fine Nappa with Diamond Stitching care

    The leather cleaner brush should be fine I would think. Maybe just don't apply full pressure
  5. Hi Jeff! welcome! These products will not disappoint. I assure you they wont You have come to the right place. It depends on what you are looking for when you polish. Do you have a polisher? If so, to get the most out of products you'll want to do each and every step individually. It will last much longer than it will if it were just the "one Step Polish" but that is also not by any means a bad product. You'll just get more protection, improvement to the finish if using individual products. What I do is i will start earl yin the day like 6 AM and really break the car down step by step if im doing a full wax. I Ceramic waxed my car about 3 weeks ago so i just to regular washes about every 2 weeks or so. But when i do get the car ready for waxing here is my process: 1) Clean tires and rims 2) strip wash 3) Clay Bar entire car 4) Shampoo wash 5) Pull inside and dry completely 6) Polish using whatever steps 7) Wipe off residue 8 ) wax car(the ceramic wax is what i use) 9) buff off residue And about every 2-3 weeks ill just clean it normal wash with tires and rims and clean the inside. I keep it pretty clean so the maintenance wash never takes long Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with
  6. ObsessedDetailer

    Help Us Help You

    I had the same problem. A lot of my stuff was forgotten. I talked to Tyler today and he said that the packing line tried to get stuff out fast but they forgot to pack a lot of stuff for a lot of people.
  7. ObsessedDetailer

    New Brushes/Hand revive polish

    Hey everyone I just got the Light up Adams sign and I have an insane amount of brushes that I don't use. They are basically brand new. (Orange ones are brand new un-used) Nothing is wrong with them, Just taking up space in my garage. I would pretty much be open to trading just about anything. I would love to have someone take them all off my hands but if you would like two please pick to at minimum. Don't want to ship just one brush if that makes sense. Here they are, Let me know if you would be open to trading anything I also have a full unused bottle of hand revive polish plus the blue applicator pad that has not been used. Bottle is 100% full!
  8. ObsessedDetailer

    What did you do today?

    Went to Adams, Got a few things including this light i have been wanting for a while now!! Really makes the garage much sweeter.
  9. ObsessedDetailer

    2019 Tahoe RST

    That’s sweet!!! I like the rims a lot!! Good choice!
  10. ObsessedDetailer

    New Member from Indiana

    Oh darn really? Ask around! I’m sure people might be willing to trade or something!
  11. ObsessedDetailer

    The Sticker Trading Thread

    Not necessarily for trading obviously but got the decal sticker and I put it on my detailing cart and it looks so good! Though that everyone should be able to see the coolness of this sticker! The little details are what count!
  12. ObsessedDetailer

    2019 Tahoe RST

    This is an awesome looking Tahoe! I love Tahoes!
  13. ObsessedDetailer

    New Member from Indiana

    You should have gotten the candles! Pumpkin spice candles!
  14. ObsessedDetailer

    Tire Shine Question

    That is terrible haha. I hate the greasy slickness of it. You shouldn't slide all over your sear while driving after a car wash. I have never used their products. Not a fan.
  15. ObsessedDetailer

    Tire Shine Question

    I will not ever use armorall on any cars of mine. It is a very bad product. It will dry rot your ties and same with your interior. Definitely don't use it in the interior. Your dash will crack and dry rot as well.