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  1. Quite a collection! @TXRickC Looking great!
  2. The Girlfriend and I went up over Guanella pass a few weeks ago before school started and i got some pretty cool pictures with my Sony A7III. She is so beautiful...
  3. It looks like it could use a little bit of Metal Polish!! It would look brand new if you did!
  4. I am not sure that is wheel cleaner either, maybe a clay bar or some diluted APC?
  5. I have a gallon of rinseless wash that I thought I was going to use, but I have not ever opened it. I’m looking to trade, if you’ve got something if equal value (gallon size preferred) let me know! I’m not really looking for anything in particular but would be open to suggestions!
  6. https://www.theragcompany.com/ik-multi-1-5-straight-stream-fan-nozzle-kit/ this is what it says If you lost your IK 1.5 nozzles or just want extras, The Rag Company carries almost all IK Sprayer spare parts. This package comes with 2 nozzles for the Multi 1.5 Sprayer. Does not work with the iK Foam 1.5 Sprayer.
  7. The foaming sprayer is more for products that foam obviously, ie car shampoo, TRC, wheel cleaner, ultra foam, rubber mat cleaner, stuff like that. While the multi sprayer is more of a mist that is constantly sprayed. You could put iron remover, detail spray, glass cleaner, things of that nature instead. I have not been able to find JUST the sprayer tips to switch out but i would like to get both tips so i can switch out thee purposes for the sprayer itself.
  8. The Durango is such an aggressive looking car, I love it. Looks great!
  9. The ceramic spray works for all surfaces! I think you should take the wheels off the car and spray the coating into a towel and apply it evenly and thoroughly. they should be coated evenly after that!
  10. Welcome Paul!! Love the V8 Sports... so fast and sound so good
  11. I saw something on the news saying that in Chicago, they are actually setting fire to the railroad tracks so they don't crack...😳 https://www.cnn.com/videos/weather/2019/01/30/chicago-train-tracks-fire-newsource-orig.cnn
  12. I bought my sprayer from adams about 8-10 months ago and I just make sure to rinse everything and pump clean water though it after i am done using it. Never had any issues with it
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