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  1. ObsessedDetailer

    New here

    Welcome Connor!!
  2. ObsessedDetailer

    I'm a Newbie

  3. ObsessedDetailer

    All of our latest work

    Looks Great Marcus! Instead of that use the In and Out spray! Perfect for getting hard to reach places!
  4. ObsessedDetailer

    The two word game.

    Pencil Sharpener
  5. ObsessedDetailer

    What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    Looks great Ryan! I love the wet finish!
  6. ObsessedDetailer

    4 year Adam's veteran

    Wow thats a great looking truck!
  7. ObsessedDetailer

    New Year's Sale!!! 20% off Chemicals & Towels

    i got the white, red and the mystery from the mystery scent in 2018! I already have one so if someone would want to trade that would be up for grabs!
  8. ObsessedDetailer

    All of our latest work

    Haha. Very fair Ray. I know you love your red cars
  9. ObsessedDetailer

    All of our latest work

    Definitely! I would love to see it. You always have great shots. Thank you for the compliment on mine!
  10. ObsessedDetailer

    All of our latest work

    Wow Shane!! These are awesome looking cars!! I just cleaned my friends Mustang today and he got an exhaust on it today too! We went to shoot it with my new 50MM Lens UV9MhNkrRMmA+pnGC1LnXg.MOV 3j9z9vGzSmGxrXL%9Q%yxw.MOV
  11. ObsessedDetailer

    Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating

    Here it is from Kyle!
  12. ObsessedDetailer

    Need help with order of using products

    You and me both Chris!! Been too cold to do anything!
  13. ObsessedDetailer

    another N00b

    Wow That looks sweet!!
  14. ObsessedDetailer

    New H20 Guard & Gloss????

    Nope! The new formula doesn’t separate!