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  1. Last night I gave the SS a quick rinseless wash so I could see if I received any damage from these and many others like it that fell from the sky yesterday afternoon. Nope! No damage. This morning I drove in the rain to go get the tires rotated and an oil change. Tomorrow morning she’ll get another rinseless wash. The wife’s Beast though will get a real bath. That thing is nasty right now.
  2. I rinseless washed the SS using a competitor’s discontinued product. Drivers side WeatherTech mat got rinsed then scrubbed clean.
  3. I’m adding pics to illustrate my point. First pic is one of my dash taken with my iPhone 6S. The second pic is of the same view, same iPhone, but taken through my Maui Jim glass polarized lens.
  4. Rich, Two things. First is I have no clue on resizing pics on my iPad so I just deleted it. No worries. Second is how does one undo message block. I looked and didn’t find that setting. Can you point me in the right direction? Or I could ask my ten year old twins who’ll find it and fix it in seconds then roll their eyes as they walk away whispering to each other how dump Papa is...😅😅😅
  5. ^ (Scratches Chris off of Lou Malnati’s Surprise birthday pizza delivery list.). ^. 😁😅
  6. Polarized sunglasses are the solution to dash reflections. The above certainly will help with better driver visibility.
  7. https://www.tastesofchicago.com/ I’ve used this to send Lou’s to family members in Florida and California. Tonight we have a tough decision to make: Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s? 🤔🤔🤔 Sorry Chris (Falcaineer)! 😁
  8. Let’s not forget Chicago dogs. Yummmmmmm!
  9. I have a heated & insulated garage plus I use a portable pressure washer to rinse off the vehicle. It holds just over three gallons and I fill the sprayer with warm water from the tap. Usually can do my SS using 6 gallons through the sprayer and three in the wash bucket. The wife’s Beast (Durango R/T) takes a couple more gallons. It beats breaking out the hose especially in colder weather.
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