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  1. Thank you Dan! They’re all gone. Thumbs up to the Marketing team.
  2. Almost everything on the “Specials” and “Flash Sale” is out of stock and has been that way for quite some time. Somebody at HQ has to monitor the forum. Pass this on to the correct person in Sales or Marketing. Thank you SIM CAMARO for posting this.
  3. Daniel, you inadvertently answered your own question. You don’t need a different light source you need a darker background to contrast the light reflected off of silver paint. When I work on my wife’s silver Beast I will turn off all the lights in the garage and use a hand held LED flashlight to check my work. My previous ( and next!) vehicle was pearl white and I learned quickly to do what we do in our optical lab when we’re inspecting lenses for cosmetic defects. This lens looks pretty good, right? Guess again. Same lens, same old man hand but with a black background providing contrast just like your security light at night. Perhaps a pop up shade or parking under a tree if you have no garage. You may also need to get down closer to the paint and change the angle of reflection to help see imperfections.
  4. Rinseless washed the SS using Adam’s Rinseless Wash followed by a competitor’s bead making wipedown. We’ve got two to three inches of rain in the forecast from tonight through Thursday so I’m not sure what I was thinking but for now it looks nice. Looking forward to correcting the paint then coating it next month. I found a couple love marks on the hood and trunk lid probably from snow removal that need addressing. Touched up the windshield with Glass Sealant after a good scrubbing and clay bar.
  5. Captain Slow

    Happy Easter

    Yes, ELEVEN! I don’t know where the time went, seemed I was just holding them and rocking them to sleep and now they’re almost as tall as I am.😳
  6. The ophthalmologist my wife works for closed his practice and retired March 30th. I was honored to be his last patient; no visual field changes and excellent eye health considering my glaucoma diagnosis almost twenty five years ago. Anyway, he let us have four giant cabinets that housed some of his patients medical files. One is in the basement now full of detailing supplies and the other three are in the garage. I removed the doors from the one in the basement but I’m leaving the doors on the three in the garage. Note: Waterless Wash, Detail Spray, Microfiber Revitalizer, Tire & Rubber Cleaner, Turbo Stick, old wooden handled lug nut brush and clay bars were on different shelves when I got the itch to snap these pics. They are now all reunited and happily living on the same shelf away from the influence of Barry Meguiar, Richard Griot, Jim Lafeber and Bob McKee. Today before the family came over for Sunday dinner I rinseless washed the cabinets then dried them. They were then treated to Adam’s Quick Sealant followed by a competitor’s paint sealant. Yes, the spray head popped off and I had to go chase after it but that’s the fun of using Quick Sealant! 😁👍🏼 Tomorrow everything on the garage shelves is coming down and going into those same cabinets. Best part is the price: free for the hauling! Worst part is I’m now down to three full cans of Quick Sealant.
  7. Captain Slow

    Happy Easter

    Last night I had the talk with my ten, soon to be eleven year old twin daughters regarding the easter bunny. They both admitted the idea of a rabbit bringing eggs full of candy was somewhat sketchy. We then discussed the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and what it means to us and our Christian faith. This morning when they came downstairs, separately, I greeted them with “Hallelujah, He is risen! “ They responded with “ He is risen, indeed.” A Happy Easter to all.
  8. I can’t find the video on YouTube, but I remember Dylan whispering “soap soap” while describing soap soap.
  9. Last night I gave the SS a quick rinseless wash so I could see if I received any damage from these and many others like it that fell from the sky yesterday afternoon. Nope! No damage. This morning I drove in the rain to go get the tires rotated and an oil change. Tomorrow morning she’ll get another rinseless wash. The wife’s Beast though will get a real bath. That thing is nasty right now.
  10. I rinseless washed the SS using a competitor’s discontinued product. Drivers side WeatherTech mat got rinsed then scrubbed clean.
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