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  1. Yesterday I rinseless washed the wife’s Beast. I used the many MF towels in a bucket method with ONR. Each panel was wiped twice and after second pass I hit the surface with Adam’s clay mitt. Each panel was dried then treated to a spritz of Adam’s Ceramic Boost. Trim was scrubbed with Adam’s APC, rinsed then given a wipe down with a competitor’s black trim restorer. Wheels got Ceramic Boost and tires got Adam’s Tire Shine. Under the hood I used the remaining rinseless solution in a sprayer and wiped everything down. Mrs. Captain Slow is very pleased to say the least. 😁
  2. ^ This. ^ Swirl/scratch free equals utmost reflections.... That being said I’ll NEVER have a black daily driver again, garage queen mmmmmaybe.😁
  3. Yesterday I rinseless washed the SS using Adam’s Rinseless and several MF towels in a bucket. I used Ceramic Boost after I dried the vehicle because why not? Plus I have a gallon of it to use. 😁. Wheels and tires were cleaned with same wash solution after the car was clean. All wheels got Adam’s Ceramic Boost and tires got Adam’s Tire Shine. I hit the side marker doodads with In & Out Spray as they were starting to look grey instead of black. Sadly what with this Wuhan Corona virus quarantine our parking lot which usually has about two dozen vehicles in after I leave the office only had one other...😢. That just kills me. Those are not just my coworkers, they’re my friends, some of whom I’ve known for almost forty years. This s*** can’t get over soon enough.
  4. I only regret selling this one: My beloved 2009 SRM G8 GT. While my 2017 Chevy SS is far superior in all performance categories it doesn’t have the place in my heart that the G8 does. Started it up one morning to the sound of the dreaded DOD lifter knock. At the time I didn’t have the $$ to fix it so I traded it in. Little did I know two months later my financial situation would improve drastically. I had the chance to buy it back from a dealer in Wisconsin that bought it at auction but didn’t pull the trigger. 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s been in two wrecks since then so the thought of hunting it down is now a long lost one...and no, another SRM G8 GT couldn’t take her place.
  5. I got two gold, two silver, one Interior Detailer but only four sprayers. I have plenty of extra sprayers so no biggie. It was the first error in my 11 years of buying Adam’s and not worth an email or phone call to send another sprayer when I have a half dozen in the basement. I also got four stickers and four mints. The wife, daughters and I enjoyed our mints. Stickers were added to shelves in basement and on towel cabinet in garage.
  6. That’s the best feeling after a day in the garage. 👍🏼👍🏼
  7. After church services today mom's 2016 Toyota Corolla got a quick wash. I foamed the car using a competitor’s foaming surface prep wash. While that dwelled I cleaned the tires with some TW tire cleaner that had been hiding out in the basement for a few years. Wheels were cleaned with competitor’s foaming surface prep wash. After rinsing almost all visible dirt and road film appeared to have been removed. I washed it using several MF wash pads/mitts in a bucket along A competitor’s car wash. I rinsed it off then blew it dry with a leaf blower. Since it’s ceramic coated I gave it a layer of Adam’s Ceramic Boost. Wheels also got a layer of Ceramic Boost and tires got Adam’s Tire Shine. Mom is a very healthy 85 and as long as she’s able to safely drive I’ll keep her ride shiny and swirl free. She told her Toyota dealer service writer to not wash her car last week as I was doing it this weekend...and they listened!
  8. Placed order for 20th Anniversary Detail Spray and ceramic trim wipes for me & Almond Interior Detail Spray for Mrs. Captain Slow. Congratulations to Adam & the entire Adam’s family on a quick twenty years. May you have many many more.
  9. Rich, I did my survey today and am awaiting a response. The previous Chevy dealer I used had a mechanic who thought it was acceptable to light up the tires on the SS not once but twice. It’s sad I can’t trust someone with a simple oil change. My wife does recommend her Dodge dealership as the service bay and waiting room are separated only by a wall of windows and there is only one entrance. Perhaps I can go back to doing my own maintenance but that would involve improvements in my garage...🤔
  10. i spent the day yesterday with my 21MM Swirl Killer and old trusty PC for 3” pad duty fixing the mess my local Chevy dealer left on my SS. I totally brain farted on telling them NO WASHING the car so it went into the scratch tube. I felt sick when I went back to service department to pick it up and saw dirty water dripping off of it. 😳😥 Once I got home I pulled it in the garage as I didn’t want to see it in full sun.💔 I could see the damage under the garage lights so off to the basement I went for supplies. Adam’s Rinseless wash was used for preliminary cleaning. I clayed using ONR as a clay lube with Adam’s clay bar and clay mitt. Then it was polish time. Most came out with just one pass but I did need to compound the above section on the hood. Sadly this removed my application of Adam’s Coating so I used a competitor’s coating and topped it with Ceramic Boost both yesterday and today. Today I saw the March forecast and it’s upper 40’s to upper 50’s for the next few weeks so off went the winter wheel/tires replaced by the summer wheel/tires. Wheels were coated with a competitor’s wheel coating last fall with Adam’s Tire Shine on the tires. During the winter I frequently hit the summer wheels with Adam’s Ceramic Boost so we’re good to go. On a side note I’m done with that Chevy dealer but not because of the scratches. First I discovered this morning that after they pulled the car into scratch tube they turned off f my dash cam but turned it back on after they pulled it in to the service lane... 14 minutes later. 🤔 Second was the left rear lug nuts were all loose. I discovered this today while changing the wheels. Their oversight could have ended tragically. The first is suspicious the second is inexcusable.
  11. Today while my wife’s Beast was hogging up the garage getting its mid winter spa treatment I snapped a pic or two of the clean SS. Her Durango was first foamed with Adam’s Wash & Wax because why not? Tires and wheels cleaned with an OTC tire & wheel cleaner. Wheels each got a spritz of Ceramic Boost and tires got Gyeon Tire. Finish got cleaned with several MF wash pads in a bucket of warm water. After drying I gave each panel a spritz of Ceramic Boost but by the insane beading it was unnecessary. Thinking I may get her the Adam’s two part glass coating wipes as she sees a lot more driving than I do.
  12. Cleaned about a month’s worth of road chemicals, grime and grit off of the SS. I used Adam’s Wash & Wax for foaming and washing. Wheels came clean with just the foam from the iK sprayer, a boars hair brush and a wheel brush on the barrels. Coat your wheels folks, it makes them SO easy to clean. I hit them up with a spritz of Ceramic Boost after I dried them. I used several MF wash pads in a bucket of warm water then rinsed. I used no drying aid but did treat the finish to one spray per panel of Ceramic Boost, two for the hood and roof. No sun today so just inside pics. She’s staying put (and clean) until Monday morning.
  13. Maybe add “Adamsforums.com” on the product labels and stickers on the next go around?
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