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  1. Thursday night we had a downburst that took out my back yard flag pole, the neighbors fence and numerous branches in our end of the subdivision. Today I picked up a made in the USA flag and pole set to replace the damaged one. Before I assembled and mounted it I treated the pole, plastic flag retaining rings, plastic screws and eagle to a generous coating of Adam’s Quick Sealant. Please note the flag is illuminated by a solar powered light.
  2. My lovely wife and I picked yet more raspberries from the bushes next to the deck... and yes, they’re delicious!
  3. In honor of our neighbors to the north I put up the Maple 🍁 Leaf for the day then started the day off with a Tim Hortons K-cup out on the deck (in my Adam’s Polishes coffee cup.) Happy Canada Day.
  4. While fishing the local pond I was also watching the clouds boil higher and higher. Was that thunder??? I called it an early night, went home and parked in the garage. Got the wife’s Beast in there too just in time. That blue dot is my house, the pink is quarter sized hail. Storm movement was due west. We got 60 mph winds, quarter sized hail and 1.3” of rain in under 20 minutes. 33294016-B4D8-4DD2-8AF2-368D64599D5D.MOV
  5. Yesterday my Panther Black Metallic Chevy SS got washed, clayed and partially polished. Today I finished polishing the SS and I must say that the Swirl Killer 21MM LT polisher is a BEAST. I was doing this in preparation for applying Adam’s Paint Coating but we’re heading out of town (into rain🙄) so it got a competitor’s spray sealant to tide it over to Saturday when it WILL get rinseless washed, quick polish then coated. Sunday it will get Ceramic Boost and then it will sit until Monday AM. Tonight I will do an interior wipe down including the glass which I can see is in need of cleaning.🤷🏻‍♂️ Sorry no sun shots, it’s raining!
  6. My 10 year old twins turn 11 tomorrow so we had a party for them today to accommodate guests working schedules. After their cake and ice cream they presented me with handmade Fathers Day cards.♥️ I am so humbly blessed to have these two as my daughters. Happy Fathers Day fellow fathers.
  7. Standing in the parking lot in the rain snapping pics of beads on my SS. That’s Adam’s Spray Wax doing the beading.
  8. I’ve used both ONR and Adam’s Rinseless. Love them both. I have Optimum Spray Wax as well. I’ve used Adam’s Spray Wax as a drying aid and am happy with its performance. See below: OptiSeal I would compare with Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating in terms of durability but not ease of use. I’ve used OptiSeal as a drying aid but I don't know if Adam’s Ceramic Spray Coating would be conducive to that type of application. These three listed you will be happy with changing over to Adam’s, I know I am.👍🏼 Only used Meguiar's Endurance Tire stuff once, didn’t like it and gave it away
  9. I WAS going to start the SS Adam’s Paint Coating process today but got called in to the office 8 AM to noon. After I got home I did dishes and changed the internals on the daughters toilet. Rained the whole time so humidity is very high. Then I just checked out the forecast for this coming week ( my vacation week.) Are you ******* kidding me?!? Yes I can wash the SS in the garage but I was hoping for some pleasant late spring weather to make the process a tad more comfortable and enjoyable.
  10. When I do get time to visit the Mother Ship I’ll let you know and I’ll bring something with... After all it’d be rude to show up empty handed...
  11. Late last week while fishing the local pond I slipped in a muddy spot and my knee landed in goose s*** and cut grass. What a funky, stinky stain that was! Got home and tossed the jeans in the wash but the stain didn’t budge. Out with Adam’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and a good soaking spray. Tossed jeans back in the wash and after another cycle they were clean. Liquid Tide has met its match.
  12. Yesterday my manky SS was crying out for some much needed attention. I started with the last of my Kangaroo Cleaner from Dylan (old red Adam’s Car Shampoo) in my 2 iK sprayers. Small sprayer was used to foam up wheels and wheel wells. Wheels were cleaned with Adam’s Turbo Stick and my old trusty Adam’s Lug Nut brush. Tires were cleaned with APC and a stiff bristle brush. Rinsing revealed extraordinary beading on the wheels. I love coated wheels. On to the paint where the large iK sprayer covered my SS in Adam’s Car Shampoo goodness with near shaving cream consistency. While entranced watching the soap globs slowly removing nasties from the finish I noticed the SS’ exhaust tips were embarrassingly dirty.😳 I blasted them with APC and scrubbed them to near new appearances. Just to make sure they stay that way I coated them with a competitor’s wheel coating after I finished the rest of the car. I rinsed the SS of soapy goodness then did a sheeting rinse. I plan on polishing the SS this coming weekend so I applied a competitor’s iron removal product to the paint and license plates. Another quick rinse and it was time for a quick wash using several wash mitts in a bucket. I used Adam’s Spray Wax as a drying aid. ♥️♥️♥️ Tires got a competitor’s shiny tire stuff wipe-down. My trunk which contains almost a sporting goods fishing department inventory got some Adam’s Odor Neutralizer, trust me, it needed it. Scent is pineapple orchid. I like it and recommend it. Finished up with previously mentioned wheel coating on exhaust tips. I have only a few minor spots to correct this coming weekend so it’ll be wash, clay polish and coat. I’m on vacation next week so if needed the SS can cure in the garage the whole week! As you can see I have just a little polishing to do.😉. I’m quite happy with the finish after two years. Ninety or so percent of the washes on the SS have been rinse less. E4B387EC-B4BD-4761-A65D-ECE706063B5B.MOV
  13. My wife’s Beast was covered in about eleventy million bird bombs...well maybe not eleventy, but there were a lot! I first foamed her Durango R/T with a competitor’s foaming prep wash in the jumbo iK sprayer. While that was dwelling I quickly hit the wheels and tires with a MF wash pad and a tire brush. A quick rinse revealed wheels and tires beading water quite nicely, so no LSP for them. On to the paint which got rinsed then washed with Adam’s Blue Car Shampoo using a couple of wash mitts in one bucket. I love that Microfiber Wash Mitt I got in my mystery bucket. Finally a wash mitt I can fit my big hands into comfortably! That area between the middle and ring fingers that is sewn together is brilliant. No hand slipping in the wash mitt exposing the dirty side. Vehicle was then rinsed off and I used Adam’s Spray Wax as a drying aid. No pics as it was dark out when I finished and an icy cold diet Sprite and Whiskey Acres Bourbon were calling my name. BTW: this was also my first time using Adam’s Blue Car Shampoo and I must say I love it. I have about 16 oz. left of the old red Adam’s car shampoo from the days DVK worked there the second time. It’s been one of my two favorites and now I must say I have a third.
  14. Welcome back Charles. Thank you for your service to our country. It is greatly appreciated. Im with you on the limited edition products, I don’t buy them. I stick to what I need and want, leaving more for those that want to buy them.
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