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  1. Welcome aboard! Pics of what the three orders are being used to keep shiny please.
  2. Today I rinseless washed the SS with Adam’s Rinseless Wash. When I was done I was going to do the wheels with the remainder of the rinseless wash solution. I was then going to give them a shpritz of Ceramic Boost but had left it in the basement. I noticed I had the bottle of CS3 with and got the bright idea to use it as a wheel cleaner. Wheels had about a weeks worth of rain, road grime and brake dust on them. I hit each wheel with about 4 sprays on the face and about 6 sprays in the barrel leaving it dwell about 15 seconds. I then went at the lugs first with an old Adam’s boars hair lug nut brush on the face and a competitor’s slinging wheel brush on the barrels and calipers. Tires were just scrubbed with rinseless solution and a tire brush. I could see it go to work on the grunge, good start! Wheels cleaned up very nicely and while rinsing the beading was off the charts: The finished product was more than acceptable for what was not a bucket and hose wash of the wheels. I’ll add this to my winter rinseless wash regimen, but I’ll have to order a gallon before then. 👍🏼
  3. My wife grew up on Warren, north of and just across the street from the RR tracks.
  4. Thursday I rinseless washed the SS using Adam’s Rinseless Wash and a stack of soft plush MF towel. Yesterday we decided to go up behind the cheddar curtain and stock up on Spotted Cow. We also got some more cheese while we were there.🧀 Four hours of country driving meant that the clean front end was now populated with the remains of hundreds of splattered bugs. This morning I got out the electric pressure washer, several MF mitts, competitor’s bug cleaner and Adam’s Car Shampoo. Front end was soaked twice with bug remover then pressure washed. I then rinsed the SS off followed by foaming it down with iK sprayer and Adam’s Car Shampoo. Rinsed off then washed followed by a sheeting rinse. I used CS3 as a drying aid 😍❤️ then dried it off. Aaaah, that’s better! 👍🏼 Car is now in the garage until Monday morning.
  5. Saturday I washed the wife’s Beast using Adam’s Car Shampoo and several MF wash mitts in a bucket. Wheels and tires cleaned with Adam’s Eco wheel cleaner and Adam’s Tire cleaner. Tires got Tire Armor and wheels a shpritz of Ceramic Boost. I used my new Adam’s CS3 as a drying aid, very impressed. Even though I was done by mid morning I was soaked in sweat and tired of the idiots blasting off the house shaking kaboomers. 🙄. After dinner last night I washed the SS using the same method. Sheeting rinse left almost no water though. Misted towel with the hose then with CS3 to remove what little water was left behind. No pics as I was soaked in sweat and headed in for a well deserved second shower of the day. Instead of pics of our clean rides which we’ve all seen numerous times here’s what I’m looking at while posting this: This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24 Weather permitting this is where I can be found every morning having my cup of coffee, observing nature and getting my mind ready for the day ahead.
  6. We’ve had dry weather this past week so the recently coated SS is still clean. The wife’s Beast was a different story though. I washed it using several MF wash mitts in a bucket with Adam’s Wash & Wax. Pretreated the bug guts with a competitor’s bug spray and foamed the Beast with the same wash product I used to clean it with. The two part glass coated windshield resisted soap. I’d spray it on then watch it immediately start sheeting off. Needless to say the bugs came off the glass with a blast from the hose. Great stuff! Beast was dried using Detail Spray as a drying aid. Wheels got cleaned with soap and water, tires with Adam’s tire & rubber cleaner. They got a shpritz of Ceramic Boost as a drying aid. I noticed a few spots of rail dust so next wash will feature a chemical decontamination and perhaps a clay mitt wipe down. Of course no sooner than I get done when the Beast had to go out and be shown off to the world.
  7. I treated the new deck box to VRT. I’m off today with the family celebrating the twin daughter’s 12th birthday. Where the heck did that time go?!?
  8. I strip washed, chemically decontaminated, clay toweled and lightly polished the SS using all Adam’s products. Today I wiped it down with Adam’s Coating Prep then coated it with Adam’s Ceramic Paint Coating. After I was done I pulled it out in the sun and saw that the hood which looked great under LED garage lights had numerous high spots only visible in the shade. I got out the Adam’s miracle product AKA Brilliant Glaze and lightly massaged the high points off. The rest of the car was fine, go figure. Tomorrow morning before I go to the office I will give it a coat of Ceramic Boost. On a side note, I got my Adam’s shipment today. For the first time since my first order in 2009 I received damaged product. I’ll email them tomorrow for assistance. Packaging was good and intact so not sure what happened.
  9. Great turnaround Chris! 👍🏼
  10. I watched them all right before bed last night. I attribute my good night sleep last night to them.😄👍🏼
  11. ^ What he said, x 10...and that Riviera 😍❤️👍🏼
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