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  1. @Team Adam's can we get an update list, there have been multiple reformulation and new products released since this was written
  2. I have several of the following available: 2019 Cinco DS 2019 Valentines DS Tire Brush (unused) VRT (and application block)
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I'm bet a mystery box will be released though.
  4. Rumour has it a new site is under development. Anyone know when it will be launched?
  5. @DetailedbyTate Do you still have the BF Holiday DS?
  6. It really depends on how many they sell. The last Mystery Box was available for about a week.
  7. Looking for Cinco, 100k, Spot DS. I mostly have the normal supplies (almost to the point I could create a detailing business). In addition, I have some CG, Mckees, and Poorboys World (NOS) products that I can trade. Depending on how sweet the deal is I may have a brand NEW 15mm Red Swirl Killer.
  8. @falcaineer usually updates and posts this history in the Official "Mystery Box" Thread
  9. They were available as of last Thursday. The sale ended at midnight PST.
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