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  1. Sorry im a guy, I dont read instructions
  2. Since the video does not address using Ceramic Boost my question is ,is it still necessary to use CB as you recommend with the more traditional ceramic product?
  3. You keep polishing a defect in the paint when you finally realize its a shadow from a tree.
  4. So does this take the place of the more expensive difficult to apply ceramic coating in the little bottle? How are they different?
  5. Morning What size is the orifice on the Adams foam cannon? 1.1 or 1.2? As it seems to make a difference if one is using eclectric or gas power washer.
  6. Ive used Adams VRT,before it was super, and APC since 2009. Good results but I am looking for more permanent actual color coatings which then can be enhanced by VRT
  7. Has anyone used the more permanent trim dye products as opposed to the dressings?
  8. It is a Craftsman Lithium 20volt I used the M heavy duty restoration with the yellow wool pad and their headlight polish. I have not been able to get crytal clarity using the Adams methods Sand paper is 1000 and 3000 I dont think the oxidation is inside Maybe I am not polishing long enough Thank you all
  9. Does anyone know how to replace the wall charger for the Brinkmann Xenon light? For less than 20.00? When I try to restore my headlights, I first sand with two grades of paper ending with 3000. When I polish with a drill and wool pad the lens gets clearer but never back to crystal clarity. Am I missing something?
  10. I used to go to the clinics in Torrance but they were always done inside, The one in Anaheim also inside.
  11. Since this isn't a suggestion for a product I thought Id put it here. I would like to see a video of a paint correction outdoors in the elements. I never quite get to get the polish to flash due to sun and breeze and extra Detail Spray doesn't do it. Anyone else like to see a technique or problem in video form. Remember without pictures its worthless.
  12. Just ran across a method of restoring faded black trim using a heat gun. Old wives tale? Or legit? Its all over YouTube
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